Being the best Codeigniter and laravel development company, we are frequently asked about both the frameworks and which one to go for web/app development. So today we will be talking about the two most popular PHP frameworks: Codeigniter vs Laravel.

Let’s start the battle between the best PHP frameworks and find out who will win the title of the ultimate PHP framework.

Both Laravel and CodeIgniter have emerged through the years into the best framework build complex, secure, and expansive web applications quicker than ever before.

You need to consider several aspects while choosing between CodeIgniter and Laravel – aspects like levels of skills, framework features, development needs, and project timeline.

PHP Framework Usage

Google Trends:

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As you can see, the usage ratio of PHP and its frameworks, Laravel, and CodeIgniter are the two best PHP frameworks of the year.

What is Laravel Framework?

Firstly, Laravel is an MIT licensed PHP framework follows the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture for web development. Secondly, Its source code is available on GitHub. Also, Laravel is a very reliable PHP framework when it comes to security. Hence, Larvel takes quick and accurate actions in case of any security breach.

Laravel has a very expressive and accurate syntax pattern. So, most of the common web development tasks like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching are streamlined with Laravel development to save development time and resources.

Best Laravel Framework Features:

  • Modular Packaging
  • Simple-to-use Blade-Templating Engine
  • Built-in Caching & Authentication Mechanism
  • Offer Better IO Capabilities
  • Quality Session Control
  • Potential ORM Alternative in Query Builder
  • Easy Integration with 3rd Party Libraries
  • Fully Composer-based Dependency Manager

What’s New with Laravel?

Laravel Admin Panel Generator

With these offerings from Laravel you can generate fully functional admin panel in minutes. So, here are three tools to choose from:

  • Voyager: The Missing Laravel Admin
  • LaraAdmin: Admin Panel + CRM
  • Orchid

Laravel eCommerce Packages
Following the footsteps of WordPress (with WooCommerce), Laravel has also launched 2 eCommerce packages. So, using these packages you can build an eCommerce website with drag and drop process like in WordPress.

  • Bagisto
  • AvoRed

Laravel SEO Packages
Laravel is well aware that SEO is a very important module when it comes to increasing your site visit and ranking. As a result, they have recently introduced several amazing SEO packages.

  • Laravel Meta Manager
  • SEOTools
  • AutoMeta
  • Laravel Seoable
  • Laravel-SEO
  • Laravel CMS
  • October CMS
  • Asgard CMS
  • PyroCMS

What is CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is a very robust and powerful PHP framework. So, if you wish to create full-featured web applications, then CodeIgniter is the simplest and most elegant framework to do so. In other words, it’s the best PHP framework to create dynamic websites.

Unlike Laravel, CodeIgniter isn’t a staunch follower of the MVC pattern. Additionally, CodeIgniter developers can add 3rd party plugins for implementing more complex functionalities. However, the concern of security in CodeIgniter is similar to Laravel.

Top CodeIgniter Framework Features:

  • Simple-to-use MVC Framework
  • Advance Security & XSS Filtering
  • Offers Data Encryption
  • Search-Engine Friendly URLs
  • Extremely Light Weight Framework
  • Offers Form & Data Validation
  • Session Management
  • File Uploading Class
  • Error Logging
  • Image Manipulation Library
  • Offers Class for Calendar, Template Engine, & Unit Testing
  • Support for paging & Data Encryption
  • Hooks & Class Extensions
  • Inbuilt Class Support for Sending Mail

CodeIgniter Vs Laravel: Comparisons / Differences

Codeigniter vs Laravel Comparisons

Laravel Vs. CodeIgniter: Pros and Cons

Pros of Laravel Framework
  • Easy to learn
  • Good for building RESTful APIs
  • Comes with an excellent built-in ORM
  • Comes with its own CLI
  • Easy to write web apps with authentication
  • Can use Symfony Components
  • Beginner-Friendly Framework
Pros of CodeIgniter Framework
  • Open Source
  • Output Caching
  • It is Well Documented
  • Lightweight
  • Simple Templating Engine
Cons of Laravel Framework
  • Has a Steep Learning Curve
  • Laravel is Bloated in size
  • Difficult to use model properties
  • Doesn’t have Unit Testing
Cons of CodeIgniter Framework
  • Doesn’t have some basic functions
  • In comparison, CodeIgniter is Outdated

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CodeIgniter Vs Laravel: Which One is Better?

These were the comparisons between Laravel vs CodeIgniter PHP frameworks. Certainly, you’ve gone through all the pros and cons of CodeIgniter vs Laravel. Therefore, now you know about all the differences between CodeIgniter 4 vs Laravel. In other words, it’s time to choose the right framework and the right Laravel or CodeIgniter development company for your web development needs.

Whichever framework you choose, you would then need to find the perfect Codeigniter or laravel developers experienced in working with that PHP framework. Certainly, we could be of assistance with that; talk to our technical experts to learn more about web development.

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