In this blog, you’ll get to learn how building a taxi dispatch app can boost your taxi business to new heights.

Why isn’t my taxi service enterprise making good money? This is a question that many taxi fleet owners are asking lately. If you own a taxi service business but are not satisfied with the returns, the problem could be in your taxi dispatch system.

Most of the taxi dispatch software that taxi enterprises use is outdated and lacks many features that Uber and Lyft offer to their drivers. Some taxi businesses still rely on telephonic taxi dispatch systems.

So if you are one of the antique following operators calling the drivers method or just lack the latest taxi dispatching software for small businesses, it’s time for you to upgrade.

Why Do You Need the Latest Taxi Dispatcher App Solution?

The dispatching system that you follow is hectic. The drivers need to be in continuous contact with the operator for updates and handling a large number of drivers is tough for a single operator. The salary of the operators also increases the strain on the company’s revenue.

This old taxi dispatch setup costs you around $25,000 to $30,000 in addition to the monthly salary of the operator.

But what if I say that you can own:

A Cloud-enabled Taxi Dispatch Software

+ Taxi Booking App for Customers

+ Admin Panel to observe and control your whole business

+ Driver App for all your Taxi Drivers

+ Online Payment Gateway for Customers

+ Several More Additional Features


= All in $30,000.

You can drop the heavy taxi dispatch system/software and all the maintenance costs for a slick and stylish taxi dispatch app solution. Get the best taxi booking app development company to build your own taxi dispatcher app to manage the driver operations as well as an inbuilt taxi-hailing app for customers to book rides.

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5 Best Taxi Dispatch App Features

Let’s learn more about the best taxi dispatch app features that you can add to your online taxi service app to increase its functionality and make the ride experience easier for your riders and drivers.

  • Pre-Booking Management

With the pre-booking feature of the taxi dispatch app, passengers can book their ride from a couple of hours to a couple of days in advance. The admin can plan the ride distribution amongst your drivers so that everyone gets an equal share of rides and no one has to sit ideal.

As an admin, you will have a full view and access to all the taxi bookings whether they’d be spontaneous or advance bookings. So you will know the total number of advance bookings and manage your taxi cabs accordingly.

  • Enabling Chat Feature

App-based taxi service startups are conflicted about adding this feature to their mobile dispatcher app. I believe that adding the chat option between the customer and the driver could be a handy feature that can improve the entire experience and work of the taxi dispatch service.

If the customer is stuck in a meeting, classroom, or some other place where phone calls are prohibited, they can send a text to the driver to wait, postpone, or cancel the ride. This will save a lot of driver’s time. The admin can overview the chats happening between customers and drivers to ensure the safety of customers as well as drivers.

  • Multiple Payment Options

People nowadays don’t carry a lot of money in hand; they prefer online payment. So it would be a great advantage if your taxi dispatch app integrated various payment gateways. With this feature, the passenger can pay the driver online via different methods like credit/debit cards, net banking, third-party payment gateway apps, or even an in-app e-wallet.

The multi-payment feature saves a lot of time and makes payment procedures more hassle-free for the driver and the customer. Also, the admin has more control over deciding the commission rates on each ride when the payment is made online.

  • Airport Pickup/Drop

In every city where there exists a taxi dispatch app, people generally bifurcate the rides into 2 parts; inside-city rides and airport rides. This is because the airport rides can sometimes be a very time-consuming affair and the driver would only finish one airport ride in the time that he could have finished 4-5 normal rides.

Charging the passenger the same for airport rides as the regular rides would run your business into a loss. You need to set different fares for both rides. So the taxi dispatch app would need a different billing strategy for regular rides and airport rides.

  • Alerts and Notifications

Many times the drivers are not free enough to operate the taxi dispatcher app while driving the car. Giving dispatch commands to the driver using Alerts and audio notifications would be very user-friendly for them.

Also, this same feature can be added to the passenger’s panel of the taxi service app to update them about their booked ride and other promotional offers and discounts.

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Choosing taxi dispatch app development rather than relying on the older taxi dispatch software has a direct advantage by saving a lot of money, but besides that, many other features make your customers’ and drivers’ life a bit easier.

This taxi dispatch system would be just one of the three separate panels for the riders, drivers, and the admin of the taxi cab service app. To know more about the work and the cost to build such a taxi dispatch app, talk to our experts.

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If you are thinking of starting your own taxi business, then building an app is the first and foremost thing to begin with.

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