How can technology save my trucking business? That is the question that many trucking business owners ask themselves when they hear about advanced technologies like a cloud-based best truck dispatch software for the transportation & logistics industry.

That is exactly what we’ll be talking about in this blog.

The trucking and logistics industry is a very big and competitive industry. With your competitors pouring money into advertising and other business expanding ideas, how can you get an edge over them?

Enter Cloud Based Truck Dispatch System.

The Best transportation dispatch software has changed the face of the cloud-based fleet management solution for good. Gone are the days when dispatchers had to shout into their phone receivers to convey details to the truck drivers.

How does Cloud-Based Truck Dispatch Software Work?

Before learning about the Top truck dispatch system, first, we should know how the cloud Computing works? Let’s begin with a quick introduction:

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a network of shared computers. Storing your computer data on to a cloud means uploading that data to a remote server.

Now, these servers can be set up by you as a trucking company. If you are not a big enterprise, then you can rent 3rd party servers like Amazon Lambda servers.

All your truck dispatch app data and more can be stored on such servers so that you can access your data from any corner of the world.

So using cloud-based dispatch software will let you control your supply chain management even when you are traveling or resting.

What is an automated truck dispatching system?

In layman’s term, this solution combines mobile devices in the trucks with the dispatch system in your base office. The enterprise fleet management or logistics management software tracks continuously all the trucks that are en route using the GPS devices setup in the trucks.

You receive real-time location and give in-vehicle navigation to the drivers so that they don’t get lost. The dispatch software for transportation aims to provide a flawless application in communication, reporting accuracy, facilitating quick financial transactions, manage routing, invoicing, asset tracking, recycling and much more.

Benefits of Cloud Based Dispatch Software

There are many benefits we have talked about in this blog, but now it’s time to take a peek what the best drop and hook trucking dispatch software is packing under the hood.

  • Full Access Using Any Web-Enabled Device
  • No Add-ons or Updates Required
  • All the Data Is Backed Up and Secure
  • Ease of Data Analysis and Sharing
  • Increases your Company’s Visibility
  • Flexible, Dynamic Scheduling can Reduce your Operating Costs
  • Cloud Improves the Resource Allocation for Truck Dispatching
  • Better Routing Reduces Drive Time Between Jobs
  • Reduces the Response Time by Approximately 95%

Why the Trucking Businesses Prefer to Build Custom Truck Dispatch System?

The market is overflowing with cloud-based dispatch software. But trucking businesses are looking for a reliable logistics software development company to build their own fleet management software, and the following are the reasons behind this:

  • One time investment: No need to pay monthly or yearly fees.
  • Data security: The data of the company will remain on its own servers
  • Independence: For any changes or upgrade, the company doesn’t have to ask for support or permissions.
  • Brand identity: Companies are now launching an app with real-time updates for their customers.
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What We offers with the Cloud-Based Dispatch Software?

Excellent Webworld has a long and successful history developing enterprise mobility solutions like best truck dispatch software. We have excelled at all the enterprise projects we’ve done with 100% satisfaction ratio from our clients.

We offer automotive software development solution and also customized solutions according to your requirements. Some of the features that we offer for truck dispatch software development are:

For Logistics

  • Fleet Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile Wallet

For Communication And Utilities

  • Resource monitor
  • Smart meter
  • Field sales assist
  • Incident management

Advanced IoT & Connected Solutions

Cloud Integration Services

  • Third Party Cloud Integration
  • Cloud API Integration
  • AWS IoT Cloud Consulting & Solutions

If you are more interested in what we will be offering as a real time App development solution for cloud-based truck dispatch app, then here are the features of the app:

There will be 3 unique panels in the app for Admin (Dispatcher), Driver and Customer.

Admin features

  • Full access of the app to Admin.
  • Assigning trucks, daily schedules, and choosing routes quickly.
  • Accounting software integration that runs reports, analysis, generate invoices, and tax records.

Customer features

  • Instant scheduling, recurring, and canceling for customers.
  • Live-tracking of the shipment.
  • Getting cost estimation in advance.
  • Notification and update facility.

Driver features

  • Receiving complete information for each trip in detail.
  • Getting continuous assistance all through the trip.
  • Live-tracking enables GPS navigation.
  • Keeping track of vehicle and driver performance.

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Still Confused on How to Build the Best Truck Dispatch Software?

If you are interested and wish to catch up with your competitors, then you must not just think but act upon this thought.

Get your own owner/operator truck dispatch software to receive what technology has to offer for your trucking business. In this digital age, if your business is not using fleet management technologies, no one will use your business.

Contact Us to know more about how to build your own Pro dispatching software for Transportation & Logistics Industry.

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