Apple devices are all about user experience. And what better way to make your experience truly personal than to customize your iOS with some essentials? Yes, we’re talking about iOS apps everyone should download and use in 2023 and beyond.

Even if you’re new to iOS, you can use this article as a starting point and check if you’re missing out on any great apps around the world. The standard app package iPhones ship with is fine, but these phones have so much more to offer!

The iOS Apps You Love. From a Place You Can Trust…

For ten years, the App Store has been regarded as a secure source for discovering and purchasing apps. The App Store is not merely an online retailer but also an exciting destination devoted to delivering amazing experiences. And part of that process involves ensuring that the app meets all security standards.

iOS Apps You Love

Let’s dig right into the iOS apps now!

1. Socials and DM Apps for Your iOS Device

Smartphones are turning into social media machines, there’s no doubt about it. iOS has support for virtually every social media app. The amount of security that SSL pinning in iOS makes buying iOS devices worth a shot.. However, we sometimes don’t get to pick the messaging app we want to communicate through. Instead, people tend to go with what’s popular because it’s widely used by users around.

If you want to cover the essentials, you’ll most likely go with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Most major video chat and communication platforms, like Telegram, iMessage and FaceTime now offer end-to-end encryption, which is a big win in terms of security.

2. iOS Apps for Media and Editing

Utilizing the camera of your iPhone will only get you so far in terms of photos and media creation. iOS has some of the best camera software out there, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to spice things up.

Apps like Instagram and Snapchat come with their own editing software, which you’re probably well aware of. But you can get far more done with apps like CapCut or SnapSpeed. For people that like to draw or just doodle, Procreate is a must!

Lastly, if you’re looking for more features, an advanced editing toolset; and are willing to pay a price for it, Adobe has a lot to offer.

3. Password Manager iOS Apps

Since the number of accounts we collectively have is growing by the day, having strong and unique passwords is becoming a hassle. Memorizing complicated phrases is not an option due to the high number of passwords we need to keep track of.

To offload this pressure, you can get a password manager app for iOS. It will allow you to create complex and unique passwords, which the cloud will then remember for you and apply when needed.

4. Fitness iOS Apps

From calorie-counting to tracking steps and monitoring sleep, your iPhone can turn into a personal medical data center. With all your fitness, nutrition, and sleep data in one place, you can measure your actual progress.

People who like outdoor activities (like running and cycling) can benefit from apps like Strava. You get to keep track of your runs, from total distance to GPS location, with the option to share it on socials as well. Famous sportswear brands have running apps as well, but their functionality is somewhat limited.

On the other hand, for calorie and workout plans, MyFitnessPal is a popular choice. It allows you to track your meals in terms of weight, calories, or macronutrients. It takes your life habits into account, as well as how much you work out.

However, staying physically fit is only one side of the coin…

5. Wellness and Meditation iOS Apps

The digital life we’re all living can take quite a toll on our mental health. Sometimes, we all need to take a moment to relax and re-centre. This can be done via Yoga, meditation, soft music, healing music, etc.

iOS supports all sorts of wellness apps. But, the best wellness app is the one that suits your personal habits. Practicing mindfulness surely takes more than an app, but apps can certainly help you get started.

It takes time to learn how to meditate efficiently. Apple’s wellness apps offer you short guides on this, as well as tips on what to focus on to improve. We, as a species, are just beginning to understand the importance of mental health, and these apps are here to help.

Awesome iOS Apps – To Sum It Up…

What good is a powerful brand new iPhone if you don’t customize it to your needs? Sure, it requires some experimentation, but it’s always worth it. Isn’t it? Take some time and figure out what kind of iOS apps you need to make your phone truly yours.

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Don’t let the choice paralysis scare you away. Use this short guide as a starting point, and build up from there. Good luck to you!

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