With the rage of COVID increasing consequently for two years, many markets have ceased to function due to major losses. But, with the immense growth in digitization and increase in mobile app development, businesses are ready to hire app developers for developing an app and adapt top-notch technologies to come back and attain profits.

Where mobile app development is becoming a trend, businesses are progressively searching for skilled and experienced app developers. This is because having a business app has become a need of the hour, and developing an app can add tangible value to maximize profits and retain customers.

“The estimated value of the mobile application is estimated to reach $407.31 billion by 2026 with a growing CAGR of 18.4%.”

Many companies would have sketched an outline of an app and estimated a ballpark figure of how much their app would cost. To execute the sketched vision into reality, you need to hire someone to build an app. This article will help you decide how and why you need to hire a mobile app developer.

Are you thinking of digitizing your business by developing a mobile app?

Do you have an app idea? Or how to build an app for my business?

Have you worked with a mobile app developer but had a bad experience?

To answer all these questions, you need to hire the right app developers for your business. First, let us understand why you need to hire an app programmer.

What is the Need to hire app developers for your business?

Now that consumers use smartphones, creating an app for your business is a great way to reach out to them. Considering how companies are growing digitally, they have started to hire app developers who envision your app design and develop the app accordingly.

Having a mobile app on platforms like Android and iOS can significantly raise your business profits. In addition, developing an app can create brand awareness, add more value to the consumers, maintain the business reputation, and offer an exclusive experience to the consumers.

Furthermore, before understanding the hiring options, let us understand the factors to think about before you hire an app developer.

What are the things to consider before you hire a mobile app developer?

Many businesses are trying to develop an app. Where mobile app developers are trying to build innovative applications the time, building an app should be well-designed and organized. If you are not an expert, it may be challenging to find the right app developer. We can help you out with a few pointers to understand what to know before you finalize a developer.

Essential points to ponder while you hire an app developer

Identify the target platform

One of the most important factors to study before going further is identifying which platform you want to build an app for.

iOS, Android, or both?

Our iOS App Development Services can help you bring your app idea to life on the iOS platform. We can also provide support for both iOS and Android development, giving you the ability to reach a wider audience. Our team can assist you with important details such as design and budgeting, and we’re always happy to discuss our expertise on each platform. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions about our services.

Education and Experience

Learn about the education and experience of the developer you want to hire. More specifically, ask them if they have a valid bachelor’s in Computer Science or related degree and a professional experience of Android/iOS software development. Understanding more about the developers will give you a clear picture of what to expect from a potential app development company.

Check the portfolio

Before looking for an app developer to hire, look for their past projects to check whether they have the potential to develop an effective app for you or not. Download the developed apps and peek into its UX/UI design, reviews, and ratings.

Discuss the price

Look for the best services and not for cheap prices. There is no specific cost ready for developing an app, as there are a plethora of factors that are involved in it. Check out what factors include in the development of an app:

  • Developers charge differently as per their country
  • Are you looking for in-house, freelancer, or offshore
  • App platform
  • The complexity of the app
  • Hidden costs
  • Maintenance costs

With advanced technologies, even start-ups can hire dedicated developers at affordable prices. As mentioned, do not get attracted to the lowest cost structure, as they often end up providing low-quality app development services.

Communication and timeline

Communication should be the key to exchanging information related to the app. Lack of communication can lead to low quality and delay in delivering the project. There should be two-sided communication. So, hire an app developer who is transparent with communication in terms of development and post-app services.

Creating design & customization

Company/s involvement is important to share the idea or any change you need in the app. It will help the developers develop the app exactly the way a company wants it.

Post-development services

Let’s assume, while searching for “local app developers near me,” you have found the best team, and they have delivered an app that runs smoothly for a couple of months. Later, what if you find a bug or minor changes that need an expert?

In that case, we recommend you hire an app development team that provides post-development services too.

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Find the best app developer to hire – Choose the right option

For IT-related work, one always has a gamut of options where to get the app developed. But, without a preferred skillset, developing an Android or iOS application is complex. Quite a few alternatives like recruiting an in-house team, offshore development companies, or hiring freelance app developers at an hourly rate are always available.

Check out which option is the best to hire developers for a startup

Hiring a freelance developer

This is the first and the easiest option that comes to mind while looking for an app developer as it costs very less compared to any other option. Freelancers tend to work faster than in-house developers and do not occupy any space in the office. It all sounds rosy until you find the drawbacks of hiring a freelancer.

Gather in-house team

If a company is ready to pay wages and offer space to work in-house, then this option is suitable as it helps to communicate the ideas and innovations regarding developing an app. Well, managing this routine is not easy at all as it is definitely a time-consuming process to hire app developers at a cost. As a result you need to get more control over the entire process.

With all these difficulties and time-consuming processes, we have come up with the best alternative. Let’s deep dive into it for better understanding.

Hiring offshore developers

One of the easiest and best options to develop your app is to hire an app development company that provides top-tier services within your budget. These offshore companies have a pool of developers with sufficient experience and skill sets where they manage the team and product delivery.

If you are running on a fixed budget to develop an app, you may explore many offshore countries and pick the one that suits your requirements.


Let us look at the perks of hiring an app developer from an offshore company.

Quick process and increase in productivity

Why carry the headache of controlling an in-house team and managing them if you have an opportunity to hire an offshore Android developer or hire an iPhone app developer at an hourly rate who can manage themselves and complete the work? They don’t even need extra training, nor would they exceed the timeline.


If you hire app developers offshore, you may not have to take the burden of keeping the latest technologies updated; they can quickly move to various tasks and technologies, which prevents you from extra expenses.

Cost efficiency

Can you imagine how much of the cost you can save by hiring an offshore app development team? It helps to reduce the cost of buying premises, expanding your office, paying rent, paying employees, etc. Offshore employees will charge you a lesser rate when compared to paying monthly wages to the in-house team. Hiring offshore teams from the USA, Eastern, and Western Europe may be pricey, whereas hiring a team from India can save your pockets.

Well, I guess that is why we say- “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

Now that you have read the perks, I hope you would not wish to spend so much on a budget of finding locals. Instead, you can choose from the pool of developers available overseas at lucrative costs with all the expertise you are looking for.

As we all know, a developer possesses specific skills and qualities with which they tend to develop an app. Without any skills and experience, there is nothing that a developer can do. So let me help you with the skills that an iOS developer and an Android developer should have.

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Comprehensive list of hard skills of an iOS and Android developer

If you choose between Android and iOS devices and you need developers, respectively, look below at what hard skills each of them requires.

iOS developer

Programming languages: Swift, Objective -C

IDE: Xcode

Database for storing offline: CoreData, Sqlite, Realm

UI: UIKit, Core Animation, Auto Layout, Snapkit, Size Classes

Framework: MapKit, AVFoundation, StoreKit, CAllKit, SiriKit, Core Bluetooth, ARKit

Android developer

Programming languages: Java, Kotlin, Dart(flutter)

IDE: Android Studio

Database for storing offline: Room

UI: Xml file (Constraint Layout, Data Binding), All layouts, All widget with basic

Framework: MVC, MVVM, and MVP

If you find all the above skills in a developer, trust me, your app can attract millions of users. So let us get deep into the benefits of choosing offshore developers rather than searching for “app developers for hire near me.”

Benefits of hiring offshore developers


Hiring an offshore developer can save a lot of bucks. Thanks to the iOS and android developer cost, where you can find well-experienced developers at almost half the price of onshore teams. For example, India’s cost of living is much lower than that of the USA; thus, it is the perfect choice to hire app developers from India.

In comparison, an android developer’s cost is less in India than in any other country without compromising quality.

Quick adaptability

With offshore developers, you can get the work completed quickly, and there’s no need to hire someone full-time. Professional assistance and critical thinking is accessible globally.

Streamlining workflow without any infrastructure

Hiring in-house needs a working space, proper technologies, equipment, project management tools, etc. But, hiring an offshore team of developers will not require any of these. Also, overseas developers have experience in handling international clients and will deliver quality work without leaving room for errors.


Offshore employees have a different view of the project. They are updated with the new technologies and ongoing patterns, whereas an in-house team of developers will rely on the single technology stack.

For example: Moving from an iOS platform to react-native developers will be difficult with the in-house team, and offshore developers can efficiently perform the task. An offshore team can also give you access to the entire development team.

Expansion of business

If you hire app developers from other countries, they concentrate on the business procedure whereas, the companies or start-ups will concentrate on expanding their business.

With all the above top benefits of why hiring an app developer from another country is a better option, let me further explain how much it costs to hire a developer from different countries.

Cost to hire app developers

With all the above information, I am sure you can now gauge which platform you would like to develop your app and what skills you are looking for from an offshore developer. Let’s elicit the Android and iOS developers hourly rate in India and other countries.

Cost to hire app developers

The above image clearly states that the cost of hiring offshore developers from India is lower than that of other countries. To go ahead, we would suggest you keep ready a list of questions when hiring an app developer.

Looking To Hire the Best App Developers?

There are zillions of reliable options to choose from but, selecting the right app development agency worth spending on is what you should keep in mind.

In the above blog, we have provided you with the best information on how to hire app developers. Now that you know everything, it is solely on you to make a wise decision. If you have any app ideas and wish to hire an app developer, discuss it with us.

Final Thoughts – Hire App Developers

Hiring a dedicated app development team is far better than getting inclined towards recruiting an in-house team or working with a freelancer. The latter may look like the cheapest one, but the offshore development team outweighs the low cost if you are looking for an end-to-end app development process.

Besides, you can always find experienced and skilled developers in a mobile app development agency at an affordable price without compromising quality.

“A dedicated app development agency is always ready to work according to your concept and deliver the best app you have ever seen along with post-development services.”

Hire App Developers – Frequently Asked Questions

With continuation to our guide on hiring an app developer, here is a list of topmost questions that you may ask while hiring a mobile app developer.

Why should I hire an offshore team of developers to develop an app for my business?

Hiring a developer in-house can cost a considerable amount of money and requires a proportionate amount of resources. Hiring app developers from another country at an affordable price improves efficiency, and increases profits.

How many iOs and Android developers will I need to complete my project?

The developer count on your team depends on the scale of your project. Ensure that you discuss well with the company you hire and agree upon hiring a team of developers that have in-depth knowledge and experience.

How well-experienced developers should I hire?

You need to know if they have experience in similar projects that you want to develop. A genuine mobile app developer will be eager to showcase similar projects they have completed. Always hire developers with good experience in developing similar projects as yours.

Is it necessary to sign the NDA?

Signing the NDA is the most important aspect to ensure that every detail related to the app development is legally protected.

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