The Latest App Trends In iOS Development

With the Every New iPhone series and the new iOS operating system, Apple is ready for the future of mobile technology. They build iOS apps with the latest ios app development trends in mind. We are going to pay our respect to the greatest innovator of the mobile industry, Apple. Let’s talk about the latest iOS app development trends.

With this blog, we will dive deep into the latest trends in iOS development. But before that, we got to take a slight tour of the iOS App Development world and why it should interest you.

Why go for Apple App Development?

It is obvious that new startups or established enterprises will go for app development in either of the two leading platforms (iOS or Android). However, there is a catch.

Well, the battle of iOS vs Android Development is very old and long-lasting If you want the number of users then go with Android, but if you want good revenue go with iOS app development.

  • Apple’s App Store has more than 2.2 million apps at present with an average of 2540 apps being added daily.
  • The average app price in the Apple App Store starts from $0.50 and goes as high as $1000.
  • Apple App Store made revenue of $31.6 billion in Q3 of 2022.
  • After the launch of the Apple Watch, the rate of apple app downloads increased by 75%.

It is clear from these facts that iOS is doing far better than Android when it comes to monetary factors.

What are the Latest iOS App Development Trends For 2023?

1. ARKit 2 in iOS 12

ARKit 2 is one of the most game-changing features of iOS 12. It has improved the whole AR app market with multiple access features where the same AR object or environment can be shared by many users all at once. So, with multiplayer now you can have all sorts of shared experiences with devices that can either be local or in the cloud.

ARKit 2 is not just limited to gaming but can be used for things like shared world experiences, viewing digital art projects, education innovations, retail advertising, etc. It is the beginning of the consensual large-scale AR experience and a step into the future of digital reality. A recent apple report has declared that 53% of users have installed iOS 12. This is proof of why you need to leverage ARKit2. If you want to launch an AR app then you will need expert iOS 12 developers.

What to Expect from ARKit 2?

  • The new ARKit 2 can work on anywhere from iPads or iPhones to maybe a thousand simultaneously working devices.
  • ARKit is also introducing a new measure app for iOS which uses AR to quickly gauge the size of real-world objects.
  • A new open file format with iOS 12 is launched, USDZ, to deeply integrate AR throughout iOS apps.

2. iOS App Security

iOS is considered the most secure platform and there are some strong reasons for such a claim. The constant OS updates are one of the main ways that Apple keeps its device and apps secure from all cyber attacks. Apple has an advantage over Android as there are fewer stubborn users who refuse to download updates.

Also, Apple has full control over how their device and iOS work together while Android has many devices to take into account while making any changes to their OS, increasing chances of error.

What to Expect from iOS App Security?

  • With security in mind, Apple has made App Transport Security (ATS) compulsory for every newly published iOS app.
  • Each iOS app in an iPhone/iPad is only allowed to access files and make changes to them in a virtual sandbox, and each app has its own sandbox.
  • Each app will have only a single channel to interact with each other provided by the device’s iOS.
  • The inbuilt app security features are regularly updated with new security patches.

3. Launch of Swift 5

Swift 5 was released in 2019 and became one of the most sought-after trends in iOS development. Since this version of Swift was announced, iOS developers are excited for the hot and booming version of the most beloved iOS programming language.

There are many new features in this version but the key feature is ABI (Application Binary Interface). Older features of Swift 4 like archiving and serialization, easier string implementation, maintenance of Unicode correctness, and compiler support till Swift 3.2 will be continued. With the introduction of Swift 5, it is necessary to hire Swift developers with knowledge of the latest Swift app development.

What to Expect from Swift 5?

  • Currently Swift is not ABI stable, so each binary (App), bundles its own version of the Swift Dynamic Library. This will change with Swift 5.
  • Due to ABI stability bundle sizes will reduce and language changes become smaller.
  • With a growing ecosystem of over 7000 packages on GitHub, Swift package manager is part of the open-source ecosystem.
  • By using Swift PM as a library this current trend has made progress towards making excellent Swift support packages within Xcode IDE.
  • Besides iOS, Swift 5 will also support Linux OS just like Swift 4.

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4. Apple HomeKit

Who doesn’t want a smart home that can do all the chores with a single command? The key to your smart home would be your Smartphone, your iPhone. There is a lot more to IoT than turning lights on and off using your iPhone or iPad and will be the year of such amazing discoveries.

Users can store all the device information in a single file that can be accessed from any device via cloud storage making Home automation features remotely accessible. IoT devices like Nanoleaf remote, iDevices Instinct Switch and Belkin WeMo Bridge are redefining the whole Home automation industry.

At the center of all this innovation is Apple HomeKit. As per Macrumours; the first quarter of 2018 witnessed a sale of 600,000 Homepods. This is proof of why HomeKit will be trending

What to Expect from Apple HomeKit?

  • A new section for notifications is available so instead of going into individual accessories to enable them, now users can control all the notifications from one spot.
  • Siri shortcuts can be tied to HomeKit so users can create shortcuts and do pretty much anything with just a Siri invocation. For instance, you can set up actions so that when you say “Hey Siri, I’m going home”, your bath water is already heated when you reach.
  • For outdoor HomeKit activities, iOS Lebanon brought several new types of accessories like sprinklers, orbit beehives, etc.

5. AI and SiriKit

Siri was originally a spin-off project developed by SRI International AI Center. Siri is not the exact example of Artificial Intelligence solution but probably the closest one that we have at present. Until now, Siri only used very powerful speech recognition and natural language processing techniques. But this is changing with the upcoming Machine Learning and deeper AI integration to Siri.

Besides the new Sirikit launched with iOS 12 is making Siri far more accessible. It enables iOS apps and WatchOS apps to work with Siri. All the services can be used in new ways like hands-free usage and app access from the lock screen. Siri Shortcut has another amazing integration that pairs a user’s daily routine with apps and suggests shortcuts to frequent activities. This is the true integration of AI with Siri.

What to Expect from SiriKit?

  • Siri will suggest shortcuts based on the time of day, the user’s location, and the type of motion. Siri begins to learn what is happening with the user and suggests relevant shortcuts.
  • All the learning happens locally on the device, so Siri creates a personalized experience without compromising user privacy.
  • To fact, Siri third party app integration has become easier with the latest update in SiriKit.

6. Get Ready for WatchOS 5

Mobile apps have gone beyond the screens of Smartphones. The Apple watch app development is gaining a lot of popularity among users and mobile app owners should be prepared for this. Do you know? Apple has sold more than 3.5 Million Smartwatches in the second quarter.

If you wish to improve your business revenues from this new trend then you need to design your mobile app for Watch Series 4 with latest WatchOS 5. The latest WatchOS 5 gives Apple Application developers access to Siri watch face, audio controls, and much more.

What to Expect from WatchOS 5?

  • Customized controls give notifications a more interactive medium without having to open the mobile app. This gives a better user experience.
  • Just as mentioned previously, Siri shortcuts will also be present for the Apple Watches. This would give users the required suggestions according to the time and location of the user.
  • With the new WatchOS 5, audio apps can run in the background. Users can also download playlists and episodes to Apple Watch, and control and transfer audio files from the watch.

7. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is changing the future of money transactions for eCommerce users. It is becoming the universal mode of online payment for Apple users.

As per the recent reports by Statista; there are more than 127 million Apple pay users around the world. This payment service can be used to order physical goods, and services, as well as donations. The most common payment spaces using Apple Pay are in stores, within apps, on the web in Safari, selected transits, person-to-person, business chats, etc.

Apple Pay for the Web streamlines online commerce by facilitating, speeding up and securing the purchase process on iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices as much as possible. No more scrolling through the checkout pages. This is a big step forward for the mobile Web where online shoppers spend hundreds of “micro-moments” every day navigating without buying. If you are looking for payment gateway integration then Apple Pay should be in your list.

What to Expect from Apple Pay?

  • Apple Pay can be used for any type of payment ranging from physical shopping, online shopping, club membership, ticket booking, food ordering, table reservations, bank payments, and a lot more.
  • Apple Pay is quite secure; you don’t need to save your credit/debit card details.
  • Due to the secure payment option, the transactions on Apple Pay have raised users by 500% since its release.

What is the need to upgrade and go with the latest trends?

There is the most obvious reason, people always want something new. Hence companies need to keep upgrading to stay relevant. In a rare condition if we consider that you have a loyal customer base that doesn’t want anything new. There are still many reasons to keep updating your iPad apps with the major iOS app development trends.

  • You need to make a first impression. There are hundreds of apps similar to yours, so you need to have something different to catch the user’s eye.
  • The digital race is won by the hare. Your competitors are upgrading every day, why should you sleep until the last moment?
  • Security is paramount and with cyber attacks getting more advanced, apps need to upgrade their security patches to stay safe.
  • Customers want modern iOS app design trends. Apple is all about design, and iOS app designers are adamant about providing the best. The mobile app design cost is never an issue when it’s about giving the best quality.

Want to build your own startup?

A successful app needs an astounding idea and a perfect iOS app development process. If you already have an idea in your mind then its time to integrate these trends in your iOS app. But; if you are looking for a ground-breaking app idea then consider the above trends and think about the solutions you can serve. With trends like ARKit 2 and Apple Homekit, you can think of some really great ideas.

If you need any assistance then our business analysts will be happy to help. Discuss the scope of your app idea with our team of experts along with the app maintenance costs and launch the most successful iOS app for your niche.

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We must say the top iOS app development trends look very futuristic.

If you wish to create your own iOS app then it is a must to create some mobile app development strategy. With an innovative app idea, you also need a team of dedicated iPhone app developers to execute your app idea and make an iOS app.

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