IoT development services for the embedded devices

Excellent Webworld has been in the business of transforming the world by enabling a free-flowing communication between machine and man, aka custom IoT development services. Our IoT developers are proficient in assisting your company in all your IoT-based hardware and software needs, from product conceptualization to ongoing Internet of Things development services.

We can adjust to your specific IoT implementation approach and provide the services based on specific business objectives that you decide.

Our senior-most team of IoT experts can make almost any potential object into an Internet of Thing element that is capable to respond to vocal commands, motion, heart rate, sleep patterns, eyeball tracking and even a presence of a human being or other objects.

We deliver smart product solutions for ODM & OEM companies, enterprises, and IoT startup businesses with leading tech trends of your niche.

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Our most demanding IoT development services


IoT hardware engineering

We provide design and development services for your IoT hardware needs, from custom-built chips and boards to testing concepts of your smart IoT product idea with prototyping before proceeding to full-scale development. Read More


IoT firmware programming

Our firm develops and delivers embedded software and firmware supporting a wide range of architecture and devices. So, whether you need assistance with application-specific operations programming, optimization of firmware, or development of protocol components, we’ve got you covered. Read More


IoT software engineering

We have all the necessary resources and the latest infrastructure to facilitate custom IoT development services for cross-platform and native platforms. Our software capabilities further expand to dashboard software solutions that provide on-the-go-access to smart device data. Read More


Custom IoT product

You bring us an idea, and we give you a ready-to-launch IoT product. Talk to us about your brilliant IoT-based product idea, and our IoT development company will create a complete device from design and development to implementation and launch. Read More


Industrial IoT (IIoT) engineering

We offer the perfect amalgamation of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) within our dedicated Industrial IoT engineering services. Discuss with us your industrial plant needs, and we will provide you with the best IIoT automation solutions. Read More

Industries that have benefited from our IoT development company

Real Estate

Selling properties become a piece of cake when the home or office is fully automated with IoT capabilities.

  • Controlling Property Access
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Access Property Devices
  • Energy Saving & Monitor


With our Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions, your enterprise manufacturing plants can optimize productivity, streamline processes, and keep all your resources safe and in check.

  • Production Flow Optimization
  • Quality Control
  • Resource Productivity
  • Surveillance & Security


The entire fleet of vehicles would be at your access online—all the important data, metrics, and controls in a single IoT dashboard.

  • Route Optimization
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Seamless Communication


IoT-based smart farming is catching wind among several big-scale agriculture organizations. It’s the future of super farm production and cattle care solutions.

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Weather-based Sensors
  • Greenhouse automation
  • Crop management


Our IoT development company is helping hospitals serve patients and streamline hospitals working quickly and cost-effectively with custom IoT integrations.

  • Patient Reporting & Monitoring
  • Remote Medical Assistance
  • Data Assortment & Analysis
  • Tracking & Alerts


Your retail store can improve customer experience and store management simultaneously with our custom retail IoT solution development, which in turn offers a revenue boost.

  • Beacon Based Smart Stores
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale Tech
  • Automated Checkouts
  • Better Inventory Traceability


With advanced IoT device capabilities, you can rely on machines to keep you and your property safe. We offer IoT security solutions for personal and commercial use.

  • Controlling Property Access
  • Automated Surveillance
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Tracking & Alerts


Several mining, oil, & gas companies have seen a significant boost in productivity and safety with our internet of things development company. Your enterprise could be the next beneficiary.

  • Advanced Automation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Real-time Data Gathering
  • Centralized Monitoring


The energy sector is transforming its entire production and distribution network with two goals, energy-conserving, and future-proofing.

  • Automated Load Predictions
  • Accurate Fault Detection
  • Smart Meter For Data Monitoring
  • Automated Grid Management

We Possess Expertise In These Embedded Technologies

Our product engineering firm has in-depth knowledge of the following embedded platforms, devices, tech stacks, and protocols.






Analog Devices









Raspberry Pi






Bare Metal

C & C++













React Native

Hybrid app


Bluetooth (BLE)







Sub 1-GHz







802.11 a/b/g/n/ac



Sensor integration



Flash memory

SD card














MS Azure


Google Cloud Platform

IBM Watson Internet of Things


Ayla Networks



Platform IO

Amazon Echo

Google Home

Apple HomeKit




Our proven process as IoT Development Company

We provide an end-to-end IoT development service, and you can get any and all of the below services that we offer.

Consulting & strategy

The first step of our services start with giving precise and honest consulting for your IoT product idea and help you create a business strategy that is foolproof.

Hardware design & development

Whether you need to design custom hardware chips and boards or develop a prototype to test the concept, we have the right resources for it.

Firmware & software development

The next step is to explore the hardware’s true potential by developing the software and firmware for it. You own the rights to every line of code we write for your IoT product.

Web & mobile app development

Any product is incomplete without the front-end platform. Our web and app developers are dedicated to build the most user friendly IoT interactive platform for your company.

QA Testing

Every single IoT product that we make goes through a rigorous testing cycle for all kinds of glitches, errors, faults, and will only be ready for market after we ensure its 100% bug free and compliant to the IoT certification standards.

Maintenance & upgrade

Once your product hits the market, our work is not over. If you hire our maintenance and upgrade services, we will provide constant support and regular upgrade with changing times and advancing tech trends.

Frequently asked questions

Any device capable of connecting to the internet and getting controlled by mobile devices would fall under IoT.

IoT’s most important advantage is that it minimizes human efforts while making the process quicker and more accurate with the most advanced sensors and cloud capabilities. Besides these, IoT can offer a secure way of interacting with appliances and products remotely from anywhere.

The internet of things (IoT) is any device that can access and be accessed via the internet, so anything from a computer to a smart fridge or even a toaster can become an IoT product. These products are built by some company, and that process is called custom IoT development of a product.

For instance, if you decide to build a guitar that is IoT-enabled to tune and record and stream directly online, you will need a team of IoT engineers to build this custom product. Once the product is manufactured successfully, you can go ahead with the IoT guitar’s mass production.

The process of developing a custom IoT device or product is long and difficult, especially if you are trying to do it alone without any professional assistance. Several intricate steps go behind making an IoT product; here’s a brief list of the procedure.

  • Researching the market to find what people are looking for as a product.
  • Coming up with a concept or idea for the product that will help the people.
  • Developing a business plan after calculating the cost to build, risk evaluation, revenue streams, manufacturing process, etc.
  • Bringing together a team of IoT experts across various modules (Hardware, Firmware, Software).
  • Deciding on the hardware architecture and components according to the requirements.
  • Creating a hardware engineering roadmap of the product and system blueprint.
  • Design the 3D CAD assembly geometry and realize the PCB.
  • Parallel custom firmware coding and software development for the product.
  • Model simulations until a working prototype is built to test.
  • Testing the prototype product based on pre-decided product requirements.
  • Finding the factory and mass-producing the product for the market.
  • Advertising and sales of the product in the market.
  • Continuous support and upgrades on the product.

This is an over-simplified flow of how you could start with IoT and build a custom IoT product. The details run a lot deeper, so you will need a competent IoT development team and a skilled project manager to pull a successful IoT product development project.

There are 4 parts to any IoT solution, and when these 4 main components are perfected, you get an exceptional IoT system. Let’s take a look at them:


An IoT is only as strong as the hardware that connects it to the entire ecosystem and collects valuable data. The hardware used could be as simple as a sensor to measure temperature or as complex as a camera to provide a live video feed.


The most important factor that sets IoT devices apart from normal appliances is connectivity. This connectivity to the internet can be provided by various means like cellular, BLE, LPWAN, satellite, WiFi, a gateway/router, or ethernet.

Device Data

The data that the sensor records and sends to the cloud is the lifeblood of the IoT product. So the data collection, upload to the cloud, and further processing is what makes the IoT device work. The IoT device takes certain actions pre-set as per the data readings.

User Interface

Now comes the final, but perhaps the most important component of any product. The user interface needs to be easy, quick, and fun to use for the customers to keep them engaged with the IoT product.

The future of IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT) is brighter than the sun and wider than any other contemporary technology. The reason for such a strong statement is because IoT will be a part of all the other future technologies that people are looking forward to, like Blockchain, AI, ML, etc.

All of these technologies will have a single common factor, the Internet of Things. At present, the active IoT devices worldwide have crossed 50 billion, which was half of this just five years back. The further adoption of IoT devices will see an even steeper rising curve.

Several threats and security risks make people doubt IoT’s capabilities. There is always skepticism and doubts around new and large technologies; IoT is no different. Here are some of the most common security risks concerning businesses and users:

  • Eavesdropping via the device’s camera or microphone
  • User data integrity risks of IoT security
  • Chances of your IoT devices getting hijacked (hacked)
  • Possibilities of industrial espionage by hacking corporate IoT devices
  • Device vulnerability towards botnet & ransomware attacks
  • IoT security problems in device update management

You can easily mitigate these risks by choosing a highly experienced IoT development agency to build your IoT product or system.

Case Studies

Discover real-world examples of our work and see how we have helped our clients achieve their goals. Our case studies highlight the challenges our clients faced, the solutions we provided, and the results achieved.

Hard Hat to Improve Worker Safety at Workplace

  • Bring-up with custom design BLE gateway H/W and by enhancing F/W to reduce fluctuation
  • Sensor senses analog and digital data at user defined interval to save battery life
  • Placement of sensor in multiple parts to maintain helmet weight
  • Multiple RF Antenna placement
  • Manage 100+ device scanning
  • Get node sensor data store in database and showing to web view with analysis graph
  • Battery 3.7V 1000mAh to work up to 72 hrs
Smart Helmet

Wi-Fi Mesh Smart Parking Solution with BLE Scanner

  • Hardware, Firmware development & Customization for Wi-Fi mesh connectivity
  • Auto generation of custom maps on upload of JPG or PNG file
  • Design custom algorithms to scan BLE units along the Route and at the parking slot
  • Manage BLE advertising for route & slot units
  • OTA firmware upgrade
  • Connected web & Mobile Application
Smart Parkin

Smart Switch and Home Automation

  • Ultra compact electronics design with Wi-Fi 2.4GHz connectivity easily fitting inside traditional power switch board
  • Firmware design and development for the business application for different user roles
  • Solution design to map commands via a mobile application as well as manual switch.
  • Switch current capacity up to 15A.
  • Connected mobile application development -Android and iOS
  • User can set device turn on/off timings remotely
  • Alexa and Google support in Mobile app.
Smart Home

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