I just came back after a long trip, completely exhausted. However, the first thing I am doing is to write this top android apps blog, just for my fellow app enthusiasts. My trip lasted for almost 48 hours and the destination was the Google Play store. Yes, my beloved readers; I did extensive research on (almost) all the apps that I could find, and I proudly present to you the 5 best Android apps of 2024.

Disclaimer: The apps suggested here are my personal choices (which are really good if you too have a good taste in general). So, don’t come all ganging up on me if your favorite app didn’t make the cut.

List of the Best Android Apps in 2024

Lightroom App

1. Lightroom (Photo editing)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (yup that’s the whole name), is one of the best Android apps for photo editing there on Google’s Playstore. An amazing example of Android app development done right, it’s as if they took the PC software and put it as it is on the Android platform with all its amazing features. One of the best reasons to download Lightroom is It’s free!!! But, besides that this app has got almost all the features that you see in a full-fledged PC editing software. You can edit your pics in seconds using the gorgeous pre-sets that gives amazing effects to your pics or you can go for the more manual settings if you’ve got the skills for it.

After editing the pictures to your heart’s content you can store them not just on your phone but on Adobe creative cloud and access them from any mobile device. Lightroom also offers sharing options to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr amongst many others.

2. Flipboard (News)

If you like news but don’t have time to read the whole paper to just get those two headlines that actually interest you, Flipboard is the answer to your problem. Undoubtedly Flipboard is one of the best Android apps for news; it is a personally curated news app that gives you the news that matters to you the most. If you are interested in only the stock market and business then select the business theme. If your interest is more into the dazzling lives of movie stars then choose entertainment and if you love sports then you gotta select….sports (duh!).

You can select multiple news themes and get any number of news feeds still personalized to your taste. This doesn’t mean that you will miss an earthquake alert if you only love news about technology. Flipboard shows any and all breaking news despite the themes that you select.


3. Tinder (Dating)

Tinder has become the modern equivalent of courting under the window. I don’t need to describe how it works as majority of you must have used it at some point in your life but still for some of the rare souls that live under a rock or are just fresh into the dating game, you need to create your profile on Tinder and then you just left swipe the people that you don’t find attractive and right swipe the ones you do. If two people right swipe each other then they can chat on the app and plan a date if they feel right.

Tinder states that it matches 26 million swipes each day and since it’s dawn it has matched 20 billion people. This is the reason why Tinder is considered “the world’s hottest and best Android app for dating”. There are premium versions of the app where you get more features and more options than the ones that use the free version.

4. Files Go by Google (File manager)

There are many file managers out there on Playstore, some stink while others are Marvelous. But, only 1 app gives you the Godlike power to manage your files. Google’s Android app development services have built a gem this time with Files Go. There are many amazing features like offline sharing of files at speed up to 125Mbps, and this offline sharing is secured with WPA2 encryption. Smart recommendations from Files Go understand your pattern of file saving and deleting and accordingly suggest deletable files.

In beta testing, Files Go aced the tests by clearing almost 1 GB of space removing duplicate photos, files, unused apps and clearing the cache. As the app is built by Google, you can use Google drive to back up all the data of your Android mobile or any other cloud storage app of your choice.

Files Go by Google
Pikn Go

5. Pick n Go (Auto & Vehicles)

There are many cool taxi services that you have tried, but if you want the widest option then taxi booking app like Peppea is for you. Besides normal cars such as taxis, Pick n Go also has mini cars, vans, and even buses for large crowds of family, friends, or associates. Pick n Go also gives Breakdown services and special services for physically challenged individuals. If you don’t know what a tuk-tuk is, then you are in for an amazing ride surprise by choosing the tuk-tuk vehicle for a taxi.

With a long array of features, Pick n Go may become a really famous taxi booking and probably the best Android app in near future. If you are trying to make more economical decisions then Pick n Go also gives a ridesharing option where you can share a ride and split the fare with riders going in the same direction as you.

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Conclusion: Most Popular Apps for Androids

These are my pick for the 5 best Android apps of 2024. If you are an entrepreneur and wish to know more about how such Android trending apps are built or are thinking to hire Android app developer to build your app then you need an Excellent Android App Development Company.

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