Learn how cloud computing solutions can help your healthcare institute.

Get a deep understanding of how cloud computing solutions are bringing magnificent change to the healthcare industry.

  • Integration of cloud computing in healthcare.
  • Advantages of telemedicine App Development.
  • An overview of HIPAA.
  • How to build Meditation apps?
  • And much more!
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Healthcare Digital Transformation

The ongoing pandemic has made us realize that a medical emergency can come knocking at our doorstep at any time, and we need to be always prepared. Millions of healthcare institutes have already jumped to digital solutions and improved how they worked with patients’ data. The estimated size of the North America Healthcare cloud market will reach $51.4 Billion by 2025.

Hospitals can shift the entire administration work onto the cloud with cloud computing solutions, saving immense time and energy. The medical institutes that are digitally prepared will be the ones that help patients and stay profitable at the same time.

The e-book can be a perfect guide for you to understand a step-by-step process of how various technology works with healthcare and can benefit you in the best way possible.

FAQs – Digital Transformation in Healthcare

What is healthcare technology?

Healthcare technology is defined as an application of organized knowledge & skills in medicines, procedures, devices, and systems developed to aid a health problem and improve one’s quality of life.

Information Technology improves the productivity of hospitals, clinics, administration and improves the quality of healthcare services.

Who is making money in the digital health apps market?

Health apps are the software programs that are aiding people by providing medical services to them on their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Artificial intelligence-based apps are the most used mHealth app in the medical sector; moreover the healthcare AI market would be worth almost 188 billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

Is healthcare digital transformation an upcoming big thing?

Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology that will bring significant change in the healthcare sector. It would aid doctors in performing their tasks faster and in a much better way. 

One of the biggest tasks is to do all the repetitive analysis of tests, X-rays, CT scans, etc., which would be monotonous and error-prone if done by a human. Moreover, with Robotics, IoT, and healthcare apps, healthcare digital transformation will be an upcoming big thing in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Healthcare Applications?

You can book an online appointment with your preferred pediatrician, physician, dermatologist, or any other specialized doctor with a healthcare application at your preferred time. Moreover, medical professionals can view patient’s reports through the app.

93% of the doctors believe that using the healthcare apps helps them treat the patients better and quicker.

What Exactly Is IoT And Why It Is Important In Healthcare?

IoT (Internet of Things) is smarter than the internet. When connected with a device, IoT can gather information, analyze it, and then make decisions independently. 

IoT in healthcare can collect vital data of patients and transfer the same to doctors in real-time. Hence, helping doctors to keep a record of their patient’s health and make instant decisions. Reports and alerts keep the doctors updated about the patient’s health.

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