You must be aware of Amazon Alexa Skills like:

“Play a song for me”

“Tell the recipe of pasta”

“Call me an Uber”

But have you heard of corporate Amazon Alexa skills for businesses like:

“Which meeting room is available?”

“Schedule a meeting”

Amazon Alexa has already expanded its territory in smart homes and personal life usages like controlling the home temperature, calling an Uber, ordering a pizza, etc. But now Alexa is working to be your intelligent assistant at work. Certainly; Amazon Alexa for Business is something that can revamp corporate infrastructures.

With Alexa for Business, Amazon has integrated additional features with Alexa so, to support an office environment. It included shared devices or public devices that anyone can use. Above all, Alexa for Business model enables easy communication in the office and streamlined management of everyday business tasks.

Alexa for Business Solutions facilitates organizations to employ Alexa in the workplace. Generally, employees find it hard to manage their necessary work, since much of their time likely to spend on completing usual, small and needless tasks. Therefore, Alexa for business comes into the picture as a personal voice assistant at work, to aid workforce to stay focused and organized on the work that matters while simplifying other duties.

Alexa Skills for Business: Transforming Offices

From the conference room to your personal desk, Alexa makes everything easier for you. It can place an order for offices, provide directions to a conference room, or notify IT about a broken printer.

You can build your own custom skills with the Alexa Skills Kit and make them accessible to the enrolled users in an Alexa for Business account and shared devices. Consequently; without the need of publishing in the public Alexa Skills Store your Office will be digitally revamped.

Well, this was just a quick look at Alexa for business; let’s have a brief tour with some important aspects.

How Alexa Works For Your Business?

Alexa for business uses the information about user accounts, devices, and skills in your business. Alexa utilizes this information to execute or respond the requested action.
Let’s have an example, if someone says “Alexa, start the meeting” in a conference room, to start the meeting, Alexa will exploit the location of the device. above all, Alexa can tell you the type of video conferencing tools available and the calendar information for the room, all stored in your Alexa for business account.

Alexa for business solutions allows you to deploy Alexa- powered devices across various locations, counting in conference rooms, at employees’ desks and in general places throughout the office.

Alexa for Business provides you the tools needed to register your users, control Alexa devices at work, and assign skills at scale.

You can create Alexa skill customized for business using the Alexa Skills Kit along with the Alexa for Business APIs, and make these accessible as private skills for your business.

The Advantages Alexa Is Offering For Businesses

Manage Tasks From Your Desk:

  • Alexa for business helps you at your desk, allowing you to keep focused on important tasks and let you enhance your productivity throughout the day.
  • Amazon alexa for business, makes it easy for you to keep track of your to-do list, deal with your schedule, and set reminders.
  • In small conference rooms, you can make use of Alexa devices like audio conferencing devices.
Alexa At Your Desk

Alexa Configure Your Conference Rooms:

  • Alexa for Business facilitates you to manage Alexa to organize your conference rooms.
  • With Alexa for business, you can state the type of conferencing tools you use and your ideal meeting applications that assist Alexa to begin most of the meetings.
  • Alexa skills for business can make phone calls for you and quickly find information such as the inventory levels in your warehouse or the latest sales data.
Alexa Configure Your Conference Rooms

Workplace Assistance:

  • By developing your own Alexa Skills for business, you can voice-enable your workplace and run the tasks more efficiently.
  • Alexa for Business simplifies your usual needs and work, it can provide you with directions, order new supplies, find an open meeting room, report building problems, or notify IT of an equipment issue.
  • Consequently; it will help you to get important information, like inventory levels.
Workplace Assistance

The Benefits of Alexa for Business

  • Conveniently Manage Alexa Devices

Using Alexa for Business you can handle Alexa devices in your office from a centralized console. Also, you will be able to efficiently manage multiple Alexa devices at a time and can connect them to your Alexa for business account automatically.

It allows you to create a custom alexa skills for business that can be used to state device locations and prevent users from meddling with them. This tends to save your time since you don’t have to handle these devices individually.

  • Manage Users

You can invite your end users to register their Alexa developer account with your Alexa for business account. It will allow them to keep on using the Alexa skills and features they’ve previously enabled in their personal Alexa developer account. The alexa skills for business you provide, at work or at home on any of their devices.

  • Build Alexa Skills

The best benefit of using Alexa for business is you can create your own custom skills for your office, customers, and employees. Alexa for business Solutions offers an extra set of APIs that gives information for device location, which helps you to add context to your skills. Constructing your custom Alexa skills is quite easy since Alexa Skills Kit provides documentation, tools and code samples to help you.

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Three Use Cases Of Alexa For Businesses

Shared Devices

Registering your shared Alexa devices with your Alexa for business account you can allocate them a location, like a huddle room, a conference room, phone booth etc. You can also assign the Alexa skills they want access to, and situate them in your place of work. The shared devices can be accessible by everyone and they are not connected with personal Alexa accounts.

Shared Devices
Enrolled Users

Enrolled Users

The users who are registered to Alexa for a business account can utilize Alexa to handle their task calendars and can access their private skills. As a result, users can connect any personal device to their personal Amazon Alexa skills developer account. Enrolled users can also use Alexa skills and features they’ve already enabled in their individual Alexa skills developer accounts.


The administrative feature offers you the ability to handle skills, devices, and users across your organization with Alexa for business console or the Alexa for Business console API.


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Top Brands Who Are Using Alexa for Business


Teem is a prominent software development company well-known for its cloud-based platform to book conference rooms and manage meeting resources and workspaces. Above all, Teem will analyze and measure the meeting and collaboration behavior of any company. The team built Alexa skills that allow employees and users to ask the Echo device situated in the conference room to extend, book, or find a new room for the meeting.

Tact provides the sales experience platform that turns a salesperson’s connected device into an Artificial Intelligence – powered smart assistant. With Alexa Skills for business, Tact allows users to access their Salesforce information over voice.


Concur Technologies is a SaaS Solutions company located in America, that provides travel and expense management services to businesses. Companies, who use Concur, can allow their employees to get appropriate trip details for future travel.


Salesforce is a cloud computing company providing customer relationship management services. The company has created a skill that lets users access Einstein insights and analytics.


Polycom is an American multinational organization that developes and builds video, voice, and content communication and collaboration technology. It has implemented Alexa skills to facilitate users to automatically activate Polycom video conferencing tools and start meetings.


RingCentral is a publicly traded company rendering cloud-based collaboration and communications solutions for businesses.RingCentral fabricated skills to send text messages, start calls, join web meetings and listen to voicemails, all by means of voice commands.

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Over To You:

Amazon Alexa for Business solutions adds the next level of convenience to office work. You can make your office more efficient by developing Amazon Alexa skills as per your need and adding one or two shared devices. For building your own Alexa skills set with Alexa for offices you can choose to hire Alexa skill developers who will get you the precise output.

Many of the big named organizations have leveraged Alexa for Business solutions. As a result, they are experiencing an effortless workflow at their workplace. Do you want to experience how much is Alexa voice service can transform your office?

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and get build appropriate custom Alexa skills for your office.

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