Say Hello to the Latest WordPress 5.0!

The biggest release of the year has announced. Yes! WordPress 5.0 has arrived and everyone is excited and puzzled about the latest features. WordPress’s every version has got the amazing buzz and this time it is no different. The new editor named Gutenberg which is a complete redesign and re-imagination of the WordPress editor.

In this article, we will discuss what makes WordPress unique in comparison to the previous releases. But before that…..

Let’s have a quick look at the previous releases!

If you have been using the WordPress for a while then you must be aware of its evolution. Each and every update has significantly changed the platform.

WordPress 4.8 – The widget update was the major change of the 4.8 version. It had three dedicated media widgets for the Audio, images, and videos files.

WordPress 4.9 AKA ‘Tipton”– This update enabled users to schedule design changes in the WordPress customizer so that they can go live at later dates.

What’s new for you in WordPress 5.0!

The above mentioned updated didn’t bring any substantial change in the WordPress experience and that has come with the WordPress 5.0!

Here are a few of the other significant changes that make WordPress 5.0 a very interesting and unique update.

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The introduction of the new editor named ‘Gutenberg’

It is basically block-based editor which lets users make beautiful layouts using content blocks. The new editor Gutenberg has a streamlined writing experience where each content element is packaged in a block, unlike the older versions in which the editor had a simple text window.

The focus is moving towards a more intuitive site building experience

Already WordPress is the majorly used platform, but by giving its attention to the WordPress site building functionality the team targets to hold that market share against the upswing of the hosted website builders.

Now you can build your personalized theme easily

In the past, you required at least a simple development background to put together a WordPress theme. But with the new editor, the customized themes creations have become easy.

WordPress Rest API gets advanced

The latest update will allow users to create more feature-rich products by the provision of the sending and pulling of the data from your website easily. Thus, developers will be able to create applications using the platform as a framework.

Compatibility with the old classic editor

If you don’t like the new editor you can still download the old classic editor plug-in which gives you the freedom to use whichever editor you like.

Editing of the Existing content after upgrading to WordPress 5.0

The biggest advantage of the latest editor is, it will not affect the old content, and you would still be able to edit the older blogs, articles and pages with Experienced WordPress developers.

Twenty nineteen- The new default WordPress theme

The latest version of the WordPress has the new theme which is versatile and elegant. It is used to start a blog or make a website. It gives you a clean canvas with the simple design and less distraction which gives user streamlined experience.

All in all, the WordPress is going to be the change WordPress developers are looking. I hope this article was informative and helpful for you.

What are your views about the latest update of the WordPress? Now its time to upgrade your existing WordPress website with WordPress 5.0. or develop your own website with our experts wordpress developers.

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