Are you a shopaholic? Do Amazon parcels get delivered to your doorsteps almost daily? The eCommerce retail approach has changed the way we do window shopping and product purchasing. As the number of online shoppers is increasing significantly, more and more businesses are emerging to build their own personalized eCommerce brand applications.

If you want to Build an eCommerce Store that can engage and sustain your customers and help you acquire high revenue, you need to hire eCommerce developers with the best skillset and proven track record. But that’s not all; you need to learn and embrace the newest eCommerce trends.

If your goal is to provide the best online shopping services to your customers, these eCommerce trends will help your business. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the top eCommerce trends.

Omnichannel Shopping

Omnichannel shopping refers to the same digital shopping experience across various devices aided by a good eCommerce App Design and Website UI. So you will be getting a seamless and consistent eCommerce experience whether you shop from your smartphone, laptop, or smart speaker.

Brands are discovering new ways to sell their products, and with the omnichannel approach, businesses can apply new tactics and ways to sell products through different user devices. You can provide a cohesive buying experience across multiple channels for your potential customers.

AI in eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have already helped countless industries in automatic processes and also boost customer interactions. Now it’s time for the eCommerce vertical to reap the benefits of these technologies.

It is predicted that by the end of 2022, online sellers will spend about $7.3 billion on AI. Integrating AI capabilities to your eCommerce business will definitely make it possible to provide your customers with a rich experience that will significantly increase conversion rates.


When you take AI into the eCommerce space, you provide customers with a fantastic opportunity. It’s the one thing that will motivate all your potential customers to choose you over other eCommerce platforms. And that feature is personalization.

All the user search, past purchases, and behavioral data is stored and analyzed by AI. With AI, you can use this data and predict their future search queries and suggest them products accordingly. This way, you will have user profiles for all the people who visit your eCommerce platform. You can get accurate user behavior from every micro-interactions with your app platform.

Influencer Marketing

Following celebrities and people with influence has been an old habit of people since ancient times. This one trait has been and will stay with us throughout time. You can benefit from it by availing of influencer marketing tactics on social media platforms.
With social media app platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, several micro-influencers and celebrity influencers have created a loyal follower base for themselves on these platforms.

You can make a promotional deal with these influencers to advertise and promote your eCommerce platform among their followers. This microscale marketing benefits in two ways, as the price of such services are quite low, and you can target a precise audience base that you know will respond to your brand.

Shoppable videos on the social media platform

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video comprises millions of pictures. So why not use the visual medium to your eCommerce brand’s advantage. The next logical step after exploiting the hero image and high-definition product photography concept would be to sell with visuals.

Get a skilled team of videographers to shoot your product videos and, more importantly, some brand promotional video for your eCommerce platform. You live in the golden age of selling where the Gen Z and millennial generations often decide to buy something based on the product’s video description.

Your aim with these videos is to create a dazzling image of the brand and product while also giving out its key USP features in a short and visually enticing video.

WearCommerce & M-Commerce is the Future

Everything is mobile nowadays. We are so close to the wearable ecosystem that we may soon have to rename M-Commerce into WearCommerce as more innovations are being made to smartwatches and other wearable devices.

You are already buying stuff from your mobile phones via apps like Amazon and Alibaba, but this approach is changing drastically. In recent times these apps have been integrated with smart speakers like Alexa and Google home. These lifestyle upgrades will only grow more with time.

Sustainability practices for eCommerce brands

With people going vegan, carbon-free, and naturalists, customers are supporting more and more companies that follow green consumerism trends. If you wish to become a largely loved eCommerce brand, you need to do more than just offer seasonal sales and same-day delivery.

Your business model needs to introduce sustainable practices that don’t hurt the environment. Also, you need to organize some environmental programs periodically to instill your eco-friendly brand image in the consumers’ minds.

Top 9 eCommerce trends [Infographic]

Do you hate reading long blogs?

Looking for a quick way to learn all the eCommerce trends?

Well, here is the infographic version of all the latest eCommerce trends of 2024.

Top Ecommerce Trends

So these were the top trends of the eCommerce industry that you should be looking out for and integrating into your own brand. Besides all, there is one more emerging trend in eCommerce which is live video shopping apps. Soon, it is going to rule over eCommerce. But it’s easier said than done. You need some of the best Magento Developers or WooCommerce developers to integrate them into your eCommerce platform. Excellent Webworld can definitely be of assistance as your technological partner in this endeavor.

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