“Build an app for my business” – is one of the most searched terms on Google this year.

Let’s check how these words like build an app for my business, mobile apps, Android and iPhone apps, and so on made their way to the minds of people!

So, the wheel of time continues from age to age. And, here it has reached an era of digitization!

Till time most businesses have been resorting to social media platforms for lead generation and productivity.

But now, the surge to create a mobile app from scratch is at its peak, as none of the businesses can rely on social media to get the expected ROIs.

To give you a clearer picture – the number of mobile users in the year 2025 will be around 7.49 billion globally. And the average time a user spends surfing through various shopping, gaming, on-demand, and so-on apps is 403 minutes per day!

Be it any business from a restaurant to a grocery store, taxi services to shippers, beauty salon to errand services, real estate to home delivery services, and so on. Every single type of small or big business needs a mobile app to reach out to its customers.

And, that’s the sole reason why we came up with this article – why mobile applications are important for business and how you can build an app for your business?

If you’re the one mixed up for choosing app development for your business, then this article is for you.

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Why Should I Build An App For My Business? – Must-Know Answer

Is that the question you’re worried about? Let us guide you through this.

After consulting with some of our clients and doing a thorough observation of survey app development, we have come up with these 5 core reasons that state the importance of business app development.

Here we go!!

Generate New Leads & Sales

By creating an app for your business lets you drive more sales, as your mobile app is visible to more users across your target regions.

Let us share with you a story for a better understanding. One of our clients came to us with a requirement to build an eCommerce website for his business. By observing the response of users for the website, the founders decided to target mobile users via developing an application.

You won’t believe, today approximately 75% of their total sales come from the mobile app.

Not just one, there are tons of such examples around you that show the benefits your business gets with a mobile application. Invent an app for your business with a goal to gain more sales and new customers from every corner of the world!

Boost Brand Image

Every startup comes with a wish to build a brand for its services. And, the fact is this can be easily achieved by developing a mobile app for your business.

The short formula to this is the more value you offer to your customers, the more interest they’ll have in your brand.

As we already said, with the increase in mobile usage – apps owners can seamlessly leverage this benefit to grow their brand value.

Adding more to it, you can even use the data collected from your mobile application to understand the demands and customer behaviour.

To put it short, with just a single mobile app for business, you can reap oodles of benefits.

Cut Off Operational Costs

Many people have come to us with a question that how building an app for my business reduces the operational costs? Creating a mobile app for enterprises saves a huge chunk of money for a company by reducing the costs spent on various paperwork and employees.

Let us give you a simple and short answer with an amazing example.

One of the client’s companies has more than six thousand employees. Due to such huge staff, sometimes it was quite tough to manage the daily operations and keep track. Everyday records were mentioned on the paper.

By creating apps, he saved approximately $11,000 annually, and also productive hours of 900 employees.

Here are a few words said by him;

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“When I decided to build an app for my business I was a bit unsure about this decision. But today I can confidently say that developing an app for business is one of the most beneficial things to conceive in today’s time. All you need to care about is choosing a perfect mobile app development company”

A Direct & Personalised Marketing Channel

Here is one more powerful reason why A Direct & Personalised Marketing Channel you need to build an app for your business. Whether small or big every business needs to market.

When you create a custom mobile app, the app marketing comes along. You’ll have a direct reach to your customers via your mobile app. In fact, the data collected from the user sessions and their behaviours can work as a very good point for your marketing.

Some of the ways that make marketing your business easy for you are,

Push Notifications: You cannot deny the power of push notifications when it comes to smartphones. In a well-known article, it was mentioned that the open rates of push notifications are 70% more when compared to email marketing – that’s only 5%.

Click-Through Rates – In Application: CTA, advertisements, or any other such elements that are related to business will have more opportunities for the click through rates via mobile app.

Response Time: Most people always intend to get influenced by the offers that prompt them on their mobile phones. You can expect the highest response time for the mobile app.

App Store – A New Money Making

Yet, thinking about whether to build a business app or not? Here is another strong point that will clear your doubts.

App Stores is actually a lucrative way of earning more money. When you build a mobile app and launch it on the app store – you actually generate some new ways of earning money.

Firstly, you can compel users to try out the free version of your premium app, and later ask them to pay the subscription fees if they like to continue. Always remember, converting your free trials drive more customers and sales to your business.

For instance, by using a subscription model they gained more than 172 million monthly active users. Spotify converted 27% of its users via free trials.

Number of Spotify Users

Secondly, once your mobile app is popular enough, you can allow other brands to run their ads on your platform and generate revenue from it.

Thirdly, you can even ask to pay for downloading your application. Though, it is only appreciated when you already have a huge brand value.

To give a conclusion, mobile app development helps you to increase your revenue with some lucrative figures.

So, these were the core reasons why you need to get an app for your business. We hope now you’re clear with your thoughts to build an app for your business.

Let’s move to the next phase!

How to Create a Mobile App for Your Business?

I want to build an app for my business but how do I start or which is the best app development platform?

Another question that we’ve been frequently asked for.

Here is a quick but understandable answer for the same.

Basically, the entire mobile app development process is segmented into three parts – Research, Development, and Launch.

We will be explaining each of them one by one. Let’s start with the first stage!

How to create app for business – The Beginning!

In the research phase, 4 main questions are to be answered so that you can seamlessly progress towards building your application. In short, these questions will give you some attentive insights to begin your app development.

What is the Most Appropriate Way to Get an App for Business?

According to us, there are two ways to make app for the business. First, to develop an app from scratch and second to opt for the clone app development.Now the question that you need the answer to – How Do I Develop An App for My Business?

In both cases, one common thing that we would suggest – in the initial phase developing an MVP for your business is the wisest choice. Create an MVP app, and check out the response of your users. Later, keep updating your application whenever needed.

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Pro Tip:

Need more information about MVP app development? We have an expert team waiting to serve your needs.

Which is the Best Platform to Develop a Mobile App for My Business?

Best Platform to Develop a App

The two core mobile app development platforms are – Android & iOS.

Before choosing the platform to create an app, make a deep analysis of your targeted audience. Check out what types of smartphones are being used more.

However, it is advisable to build an app for Android and iOS both. Because you can target more number of users with it. Also, note that the guidelines for uploading your mobile app on Google Play Store and App Store are different. Hence, consider it before proceeding with the launch.

To create a business app, you can either go for native app development or hybrid app development based on your requirement.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App for my Business?

Well, it is arduous to give you the exact cost of the app development. As every app comes with a different requirement. Although, a few core factors that will help you to budget your app development are,

  • Region of your mobile app development company
  • Its core features
  • The complexity of the application
  • API integrations
  • App development platforms
  • Technical Skills

Besides this, you can go through our popular article – How Much Does It Cost To Build An App? For the in-depth information. Or you can connect with our BA team.

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A complete understanding of the factors that are affected while developing an app.

How Long Does it Take To Build an App for my Business?

Many of us believe that the process of app development is time-consuming, however, it is not true each time. The time required to make an app depends on determining actors.

First and foremost is the type of your application. As the number of features increases the time taken to make an app also increases.

To put a long story short, only the app development company you hire can give you the exact time for your app development.

You can refer to our blog – How Long Does it Take To Build an App? It contains every minute detail of the time invested to create business application.

These four questions guide you on how to start an app for your business. Time to enter the second level of how to create an app.

Mobile App Development Stage – The Heart of Your Business

Mobile App Development Stage

Yes, we call it the most crucial phase to build an app. The mobile application development process mainly contains 5 core steps to be followed. Here, we’ve shared a quick glimpse on these stages, also an article which gives you a piece of detailed information on it.

Let’s first get into the mobile app development stages.

Conceptualize: Make a competitor analysis and build a business model for your application, and make all the thoughts about your app working clear in this phase of app development.

Interact: Your app requirements are analyzed by the project manager, app builders, and BA team to start developing your application.

UI/UX Design: The app design plays a core role in providing an amazing user experience. Here, your app idea is brought to life by the UI/UX designers. They will build wireframes, prototypes, and final app design.

Actual App Development: Creating the frontend and backend of your application takes place in this stage. Additionally, the needed APIs are integrated into your application here.

App Testing: The functional and non-functional testing of your application is conducted here to ensure that your app is bug-free, and all set to get into the market.

Finally your words – Build an app for my business has come to reality. You exactly know how to create an app but what after app development. Is that the end?

Wait, the climax is yet to come!!

App Marketing Strategy – Pre & Post App Launch

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Okay! You’re done with the business app development.

Now, it’s time to bring your business app into action with a perfect marketing strategy. App marketing is dominant to gain the attention of the users.

You can either have an in-house team for your app marketing or hire an app marketing company.

Moreover, let us share with you a few steps that you must follow for your app launch.

  • Plan your app launch date near to any events so that your app can easily come into notice.
  • Conduct ASO (App Store Optimization) to improve the ranking of your app in the App Store.
  • Promote your app on social media in order to make it recognizable to users.
  • Start writing blogs on your business on various websites to drive sales and traffic.
  • You can build immense trust in your users with content.
  • Leverage the power of new kinds of app marketing platforms like AppsHive which lists your app free on category-based listing, location-based listing and profession-based listing. You can get thousands of new users for your newly developed App.

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What Are The Tips to Know Before Developing An App in 2023?

So everything about how to build an app for my business is clear to you. Although, before coming to the end of this article we’re here to share a few key tips to keep eye on before building the application.

  • Do not hire a cheap app development company. It will only lead you to waste time and money. Hiring an experienced app development company that has expertise in various industry domains is essential.
  • Never compromise with the UI/UX design of your mobile app. As we already said, it is crucial to let the audience stay on the app.
  • Always discuss the app development team structure that will be followed for your project.
  • Make sure you’re clear with your app revenue and business model.
  • Keep updating your application on the frequent time gap in order to enhance customer loyalty.

Is It Necessary To Build An App For My Business? – The End

An app is just a missing link to enhance the productivity of your business. If you’re looking for an answer to should I build an app for my business – our answer is definitely yes!

Creating a mobile app will only bring lots of benefits to your business in an array of ways. Not only that, it even lets your business survive in unfortunate situations like deadly pandemics,

To help you more on the same, we’re an experienced mobile app development company with expertise in various industry domains. You can check out our portfolio page to know about the type of project we’ve come across.

Besides that, if you’ve any questions get in touch with our experts!

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Frequently Asked Question on Why to Get an App For Your Business?

Mobile app service will have tons of benefits for your business. From improving the management of your daily operations to gaining more users, everything is made possible by developing an app for your business.
Consult our experts to more about mobile app development services.

Custom mobile app development comes with vast opportunities. The key benefit that you get with a custom mobile app is – you can build an app on your terms. At any moment you can keep updating your application as per the requirements. Rather than words, connect to our team who can give you proper guidance on custom mobile app development.

Or, Should I build an app for my business? These are the two trending questions that are frequently asked by our clients. Remember this is a digital era and people are so habituated to it. Every time, when they are looking for some or another service first thing coming to their mind is searching for online services. And, this clearly shows how crucial it is to create a mobile app for your business.

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