What is clients’ biggest mistake when choosing a mobile app development technology stack?

Well, it’s heart-wrenching to know that sometimes clients choose technology stack for mobile app development according to their whims and fancies.

A big NO!!!

You just can’t select technologies on your liking. Understand, using personal preference has caused more embarrassment and problems in software development. This is what we get to hear from most of our clients.

“Choosing a Mobile App Development Technology is Hard”

Simply, the reason being that there are constantly new technologies coming into the market, and it’s tough to choose the best among them all. But if you choose the right mobile app development technology then it can do wonders for your app.

The choice of technology depends on the requirements, mainly on these essential things:-

  • The Company’s goals
  • Client’s Budget
  • Complexities of the application

So, which is the best mobile app development technology?

The blog explains to you which technology for mobile app development best fits your project needs. But before that, let’s understand why it is necessary to pick the best one for your mobile app development process.

Why Is It Necessary to Choose the Apt Technology Stack?

Let us imagine that you are building a house- your own house. Won’t you make sure that the foundation of the house is strong? Of course, once the home is created, you can change the interior designs frequently but not the base.

Similarly, if you are thinking of developing a mobile app, you need to be cautious while choosing the right technology for Android app development as well as iOS app development.

One has to pick the best union of platform, framework, designs, and each tool they use while developing the application.

A solid foundation makes everything easy in the further development process!

Similarly, it is vital to explore the list of mobile app development technologies and choose the best one among the lot as the app market is vast and growing.

All About Mobile App Development Market

Surprisingly, the market for mobile app development is growing exponentially. Today, several start-ups businesses are investing in mobile app development. They get a magnificent revenue from these mobile apps, and it’s bound to increase by 10X.

Market for Mobile App Development

Source: Statista

Did you know?

  • 50% of the shoppers prefer shopping on mobile apps to mobile or desktop websites.
  • 4,000 apps are released each month on App Store and Play Store.
  • According to statista, the expected revenue generated through mobile apps would be 613 billion dollars by 2025.
  • People’s ⅕ ( i.e.,>4 hours) time of the day is consumed in mobile apps.

Now talking about mobile app development technologies, let us understand how different technology can aid your project.

Explore the List of Various Best Mobile App Development Technologies

Understanding all of the app development technologies is quite broad. So, let’s make it much more straightforward for your better understanding.

Studying the step-by-step process of how each platform can work is excellent for your mobile app development project.

Android and iOS apps are structurally different from one another, and therefore different sets of mobile app development technology work for them. We will start by understanding the native and hybrid platforms.

Native Application

A native application is software used to build for one specific platform. So, one can make an iOS app or an Android app, but not both.

Why do developers prefer developing a native app?

After questioning a bunch of developers, we have come up with the following conclusions; these are as follows:-

  • Native Apps deliver the best performance.
  • Offers more security.
  • Smoother Input and Output.
  • Access to full features of any particular device.
  • Fewer Bugs were found during development.

That’s great!!

Native for Android App

One can develop native Android apps in JAVA, C++, Kotlin. But which is the most chosen mobile app development technology among them?

Here is what the research has to say: many experts believe that Kotlin is the best technology for app development. Don’t you agree? Well, the image proves it all!

Native for Android App: Java Moved to Kotlin

Why Kotlin?

Before Kotlin, developers believed that Java offered them the best. But after the launch of Kotlin, developers’ confidence in Java shook a bit.

Now, they believe that Kotlin app development provides them with much more benefits. For instance, many experts now believe that kotlin offers them better security and reliability.

Native for iOS

For developing an app in iOS, one has to mainly use two languages, objective C and Swift. Both the mobile app development technologies objective C and Swift offer you at par benefits. But still, many clients believe that Swift is a better option and opt to hire Swift developers.

The objective-C is as old as the hills, and swift advantage is likely to grow in the future. Like many companies today are shifting to Swift.

Native for iOS App: Obj-C Moved to Swift

Apple claims Swift to be 2.6 times faster than Objective-C.

Hybrid Application


Yes, that’s what hybrid app development services bring to the users. With hybrid app development, one can build two-in-one apps for Android and iOS, which saves a lot of time, energy, and, most importantly, MONEY.

The code is created once, and the same code is used for Android and iOS. As a result, you save ample time and money consumed on the native platform.

Why should you choose Hybrid approach?

  • Lower cost
  • Faster development
  • Saves time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reusable code
  • Library of ready to use resources

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Trending Technologies in Hybrid Mobile App Development

Javascript, HTML, and CSS are at the heart of hybrid mobile app development technologies. Let us understand the leading technologies offered in the hybrid platform.


Without any doubt, react native is becoming the most preferred choice among the developers. Launched in 2019 by Facebook, react-native has proven to be the best technology. Interestingly, the combination of node.js with react for web development shows fantastic results.

Talking about mobile app development technologies, the top benefits of choosing react.js for mobile development are as follows:-

  • The app development process is much faster in react-native, as it uses some ready-to-go components.
  • Developers believe it is much easier to find and resolve bugs in react native.
  • React native allows one to use repetitive codes. Therefore, it saves a lot of time for development.
  • Different developers work on various components, and at last, these components are merged at the end. They are saving a hell of a lot of time.
  • Instead of making changes in the actual DOM, react-native makes changes in the Virtual DOM, again saving you some energy!

Now, let’s peep into some popular platforms that use react-native app development technology.

  • Instagram
  • Uber Eats
  • Myntra
  • Airbnb
  • Discord


Ionic was launched in 2013, and till now, more than 5 million apps have been built with Ionic. Also, it’s hybrid mobile app development for giving platform-specific UI elements to iOS & Android systems.

But why are developers choosing Ionic app development? Let’s see what it offers to the developers…!

  • Ionic with AngularJS works magnificently for creating robust and feature-loaded apps.
  • Moreover, the ionic platform is famous for its simplicity. It’s straightforward to use to learn to develop an Ionic framework.
  • While choosing Ionic technology, you get the benefits of pre-designed components like typography, interactive paradigms, and some fantastic base themes.
  • Ionic CLI ( Common-line Interface) aids Android app development because it has pre-structured commands.


The flutter technology was launched in 2017 by Google. Without any doubt, the mobile app development technology is backed by a powerful company. Though the flutter community is new, some attractive benefits flutter provides to the developer.

Let’s explore how Flutter app development is winning the hearts of developers:

  • Works impressively for fluid animation. Yes, other technologies offer the same feature, but Flutter does it the best way.
  • Also, there is a noticeable performance difference, by which we mean that Flutter is getting better among its respective technologies.
  • Interestingly, Flutter offers one with the hot reload option that is the application will retain the state while reloading the changes.
  • According to the testimonials of the developers, new updates are getting well with the application.

Though flutter is quite new compared to other mobile app development technologies, it has a broad and active community of developers since its release. The new codes aid developers in creating unique, innovative, and beautiful cross-platform apps.

List of Apps created through Flutter

  • Alibaba
  • Yandex
  • eBay
  • Toyota


In 2020, Microsoft announced Xamarin uses C programming language with the .NET framework. The technology is used for building applications for iOS, Android, and Windows using C#. Any Xamarin developer should be proficient in the C# language.

However, as the technology stack for mobile app development seems new in the market, there are some loopholes in the technology—the developers are afraid to use this technology in building the application. After a few years, developers can then gain trust in the Xamarin technology once some of the glitches are resolved. It seems it is a risky thing to build an application in Xamarin.

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Which Technology Is Winning Most Votes?

We guess there was a lot of discussion on the array of technology. But again, the question stands which technology is winning in the market?

Are people choosing iconic? Which technology do they trust the most in hybrid platforms?

Well, the graph makes everything crystal clear for you. Yes, the statistics show you a clearer picture of which mobile app development technology gives the best results.

Cross Platform Mobile Frameworks used Worldwide

Source: Statista

Well, it seems React native and Flutter are winning the race for mobile app development technology. So we believe that if you are planning to develop an application, then react and flutter would be the best option to put your bet on. Also, be well aware of the new technologies that offer you a competitive advantage.

Latest Technologies to Integrate into Your Mobile App Development

A Key Note..!

When you are thinking about developing an application, it’s necessary to stay updated with the recent mobile app development technologies that bring your fruitful benefits.

Just developing an app for your business wouldn’t fetch you many returns. To earn higher profits, it’s recommended to integrate new technologies into your application. Here we will discuss some of the technologies that are gaining momentum.

Augmented Reality: Today, people like the concept of augmented reality services. Understand if you are providing the users with something new, they are bound to install your application. Also, it increases the value of the product or service pitch that you are trying to sell through the mobile app.

Virtual Reality: Virtual reality mobile apps have immense possibilities to improve business and customer engagement for every industry vertical. Virtual reality software development is getting popular among these industries.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Real-Estate
  • Entertainment

Wearable Devices: When people hear the term wearables, they relate it to smartwatches. But wearable devices have a vast product range from smart bands and glasses to intelligent clothes and fashion accessories like smart rings and pendants. You can provide the users with such integrations through wearable app development services.

Internet of Things: A hot topic around the globe. The IoT application software development company recently saw a surge in demand regarding the integration of IoT in the existing mobile application. Also, now new mobile apps integrate IoT technologies into the apps.

Make sure to get the most of your application by integrating these trending technologies into your application. Also, note that it’s only possible to make a great application with the right developer’s stack.

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Which Technology Is Best for Mobile App Development?

Indeed, it depends on the requirements of your project, and also, it depends on which platform you want to develop the application. Talking about Native apps, the best technology for the android platform is Kotlin and Swift for iOS. On the other hand, for hybrid platforms, the best technology is react-native.

Which Company Is an Expert in Mobile App Development Technology?

The best mobile app development company offers you expertise in updated technology. Excellent Webworld is one such leading app development company that won accolades across the globe. The company provides you with the best mobile app technology, IoT & embedded solutions.

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