From AngularJS vs ReactJS vs Vue.js, which is the sensible framework choice for my project? Get a precise answer to this trending question in web and mobile app development.

Are you about to start your next project with JavaScript?

As of 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behavior.

If you are a web developer or more importantly a web product or service based entrepreneur, then your decision of selecting JavaScript language could make or break your business. However, selecting the right JavaScript framework from the broad assortment could be a big dilemma for you.

Rather than finding answers to the individual battles like Reactjs vs Angular, Vue.JS vs Angular, or ReactJS vs Vue.JS, in this article, we will directly discuss the trio ReactJS vs AngularJS vs Vue.JS.

You need to focus on choosing a perfect JavaScript framework precisely fitting the client-side development needs of your project. This comprehensive comparison will give you an exact idea of all the three JavaScript frameworks and help you make a wise decision for your next project in 2024.

Best of JavaScript Frameworks 2024

What’s React.js?

Introduced in March 2013 React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook which makes use of React components on several pages however not as a single-page application. React is used extremely more on Facebook than Angular is at Google.

What is Angular JS?

Released in October 2010, Angular is a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google. It is an open source and completely free framework used in Single Page Application projects. It’s also known as a “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework.”

What is Vue.js?

Initially released in 2014 Vue is a most rapidly growing JavaScript framework developed by ex-Google-employee Evan You. It is described as an “Intuitive, Fast and Composable MVVM (Model–View–ViewModel) for developing interactive interfaces.” Even though there is no backing of any big company, Vue is getting quite a good traction.

ReactJS vs AngularJS vs VueJS: Who’s the Most Popular?

Reactjs Pie Chart
React JS development is being used by famous websites like Yahoo, Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, Pinterest, Wix, Paypal, Imgur, Feedly, Udemy, Tumblr, Walmart, Stripe, and so on.
Not just React but, AngularJS development also acquiring immense popularity as many of the prominent companies like Google, Wix,,, and Forbes have been using Angular for their websites.
Angularjs Pie Chart
Vuejs Pie Chart
Coming to the Vue.JS, it is appearing to be a tough competitor to these leading JS frameworks. It is used by top websites like Baidu, Alibaba, Nintendo, GitLab, Expedia, and many small projects.

These statistics indicate that Vue and Angular are giving a tough fight to each other as well as React in 2024. The discussion AngularJS vs Vue.JS will be the prime focus this year. On the other hand, ReactJS is still proving to be robust with its grand capabilities and supporting statistics of web usage.

Many businesses prefer creating apps or using Node.js with React for web development rather than choosing any other approach.

To get a clearer understanding of the best offerings and features of ReactJS vs AngularJS vs VueJS, just take a look at the brief comparison between the pros and cons of each of these frameworks.

Pros of React JS

  • React components can be reused in the development process.
  • Having isolated components makes it easy for developers to manage updates in ReactJS.
  • React.JS Has an Easy Learning Curve.
  • There is a fine support of tutorials, documentation and guidance resources.
  • React’s Virtual DOM solves performance degradation problem.
  • React.JS’ One-Direction Data Flow

Cons of React JS

  • ReactJS lacks in proper documentation of updated versions.
  • ReactJS makes use of JSX which is a severe drawback due to JSX’s complexity.
  • Developers are not able to keep up with React JS’ frequent changes and upgrades.

Pros of Angular JS

  • AngularJS employs various kinds of filters to transform the data and work with various tools.
  • You can build your own filter by just registering a new filter factory function.
  • Dependency injection allows developers to create and test apps in a better way.
  • Angular.JS has Two-Way Data Binding
  • AngularJS incorporates a comprehensive refactoring and debugging features, improving maintenance.
  • The framework supports both end-to-end and unit testing for any significant alteration.

Angular.JS has Employed Filters

Cons Of Angular JS

  • The learning curve is quite complex.
  • Angular has inadequate documentation and doesn’t cover all aspects of the framework.
  • The framework fails to work properly with libraries and tools that are not AngularJS specific.
  • The scopes are nested in structure and arranged hierarchically making it difficult for debugging.

Pros of VueJS

  • Vue is quite small sized about 18-21KB.
  • It is fast to download and use. As it’s small in size, it’s faster as well.
  • Vue can be integrated into other apps developed with JavaScript.
  • Vue.JS has Inclusive Documentation to assist new users.
  • Flexibility is one of the best perks that Vue.js offers.
  • Developers can write templates in JavaScript file, HTML file, and pure JavaScript with virtual nodes.

Cons of VueJS

  • Most of the part of Vue is written in Chinese making it complicated for English-speaking developers.
  • The flexibility may give rise to specific problems in big projects involving many developers.
  • There are fewer amounts of solutions that can be useful for framework functionality.
  • Runtime bugs in templates are still a downside of Vue.

Choose the Right Framework According To Your Requirements

Here are a few points that would further help you chose the correct framework between ReactJS vs AngularJS vs VueJS

ReactJS is for those

  • Who like TypeScript
  • Who love flexibility
  • Who love JavaScript and the “everything-is-JavaScript-approach”
  • Who would easily choose among dozens of packages
  • Who adore big ecosystems
  • Who want to learn quickly and easily
  • Who wants the most lightweight framework

AngularJS is for those

  • Who want to have many developers in the pool
  • Who want to build apps that tend to get quite big
  • Who work with designers and want clean HTML files
  • Who are looking for better structure and guidance
  • Who like object-orientated-programming

Vue.JS is for those

  • Who like clean code
  • Who need separation of concerns in a single file
  • Who has a small team or working alone

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This was a thorough comparison between ReactJS vs AngularJS vs VueJS in terms of their popularity, offerings, pros, and cons. Hope this brief description helps you to make the correct choice of JavaScript framework.

Angular is quite matured framework and React JS exactly comes after it while Vue is still young in the market. Though the frameworks may have different years of presence in the market, all the three have acquired considerable worth and popularity across the globe.

Now, the choice is yours to select the correct framework between ReactJS vs AngularJS vs VueJS for your project. If you have any queries or a proposal for a partnership, Contact us.

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