The hot battle continues over which Javascript technology works best for your node js website development

Will node.js with react.js work for web development? Or is angular.js a better option?

Today, modern projects are using a myriad of technologies. It’s getting more challenging for businesses to inevitably be on their toes to engage their users for longer periods on their sites. They understand that the technology they choose acts as a backbone in tailoring one’s product goals and strengthening its performance in the future.

If you want to build a custom website for small or large business, then understand you have to use the technology that best serves your users.

Interestingly, the combination of using node.js web development in the backend and react.js web development in the frontend is showing magnificent results in web application development.

Let’s dive deeper into how this can be a magic boon for your website.

What is Node.js? The Truth About Node.JS

Node.js is a run-time environment that includes everything you need to run in a Javascript language. It’s highly used to provide real-time data management across systems.

But then why are people talking about Node.js vs PHP? Understand that building a website can be a challenging task. Today the most common technology is (i) Node.js (ii) PHP (iii) .Net (iv) Java. Let’s quickly talk about the main differences between this tech.

  • Node js for web development provides you with asynchronous, non-blocking, and event-driven versions.
  • While others provide a synchronous programming language, and the code line is created one after the other but not at the same time.
  • Node.js is more viable for speeding up the development process.
  • On the other hand, rest takes a long time for the web and app development process.

A user’s journey involves several actions on a webpage. Moreover, any website needs to be scalable and able to keep up with the latest trends.

And it seems that the Node.js mechanism can handle scalability, and it caters best to your needs. Therefore, NodeJS fits better needs than PHP, .Net, and Java, see the examples.

What does React.js do exactly? The Secret of React.JS

React.js is an open-source front-end library used to build the user interface. Today, it’s dominating the library of building UI. As per Github site these are the ratings of Svelte, Angular, React.

open source front end library

Even react native is doing great for mobile app development. At the heart of React.js, there are components. Let us quickly understand through the image how these components work great for your website.

react.js works for website

Suppose this is the website of your product. Now let’s see how react.js works for your website.

building a user interface in react.js

When you are building a user interface in react js website development, there are different components of your website. These components are built-in isolation. As shown in the image below, see how react.js works with various components.

Created Separately Website

Thus, the image clearly shows how each bar is created separately for your website. What works fantastic for you is that the different developers can work on these components, saving time. The components are put together to build a complex user interface.

Yes, that’s the secret to which React.js rules the heart of developers. Moreover, the best part of react.js is that the changes are made in the virtual DOM. So instead of reloading the whole Real DOM, now the virtual DOM passes the changes in the real DOM.

Therefore, for any website, the creation of a user interface becomes a seamless process. React.js wins the market for creating a creative website.

You got a brief about how Node.js and React.js work individually, but the main point is to discuss how node.js with react.js for web development work. A lot of debate has been going on in the market about the combination of Node.js with React.js.

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Why Should You Combine node.JS With React for Web Development?

At times, the developers search for answers like, do you need Node.js in the backend to run react.js?

No, it’s not compulsory to use Node.js in the backend while working with react.js in the frontend. But right now, in the tech world, Node.js is the most suitable platform for hosting and running a web server for React applications.

The below reasons stand as pillars for building the strong base for putting Node.js with React.js.

High-Server Load

Undoubtedly, your website will have multiple facets. Now, these would ultimately end up creating a high server load. That is the reason why many times we hear about the news of websites getting crashed.

To solve this issue, developers used Node.js with React.js for software development, and the results were positive. With these combinations, it becomes easy for the website to make multiple requests.

Real-time Data

The website’s primary goal is to make their customers stay longer on their website. As real-time applications are more attractive to users, many businesses believe that users spend more time on these websites compared to other ones. So, it works as a cherry on your cake by providing real-time data to the users.

Node.js works unbelievably great for real-time data. On the other hand, reactjs works for making attractive UI designs. It’s a perfect choice for your website development.

MERN Stack

MERN Stack stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js.

There is no better combination than these frameworks to give a new dimension to your website. The thing is, Node.js can be highly used with MERN stack along with react.js. So you can use these for developing web applications using Node.js with react.

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Streamlined Process

Gone are the times when industries debated over node js vs react js. Conversely, today the talk of the town is how we can make the best use by amalgamating these technologies of node.js web development with React.js.

Yes, there are components in React.js DOM that gels well with Node.js. As a result, there are high chances of having a streamlined server-side rendering. Now, companies are shifting their energy into using the combo for getting the required outcomes speedily and efficiently.

If you plan to build a website, one question that rules your mind is that these technologies give magnificent performance today, but what about the future? Are react.js and Node.js here to stay for long? Hold on a bit to know the answer.

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Will Node.JS and React.JS for Web development Keep in Pace With the Changing Demands?

Interestingly, the realm of this technology is rising at a tremendous rate and has a bright future ahead. The demand for the combination of Node.js with react.js has overtaken Java also.

As we discussed earlier, node.js and react.js are shining in their respective ways. Now, the combo of these has struck with the unyielding demand and thrive.

New technologies are coming into the market, but they still lack to build a strong stand for themself. On the other hand, the benefits of node.js with react for web development have proved exponentially well.

Moreover, with the introduction of Virtual DOM, the changes are quickly rendered, and thus the performance is enhanced.

It would be great if you took the early bird advantage by making the best of your website.

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Node.js with React.js: It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Multiple technologies go with react.js. For instance, PHP, Python, and Ruby. But as we discussed it is best suited with node.js.

Using Node.js web development with React.js for website development can aid you in taking your project to a higher level. You only need a bunch of highly skilled developers that help you in building an attractive website.

Are you thinking about combining web development with node and express or node.js as a backend with react.js as a frontend for your next web development project?

You can hire our dedicated developers that have been building an exquisite website for years. So talk to our experts before building your next dream project.

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