In today’s era, javascript frameworks are one of the most popular platforms used for web development. Around 70% of the developers consider javascript as their favorite developing language.

The latest stats for the usage of different JavaScript libraries are proof that the JavaScript is here to stay. Therefore, a profusion of Best JavaScript frameworks in 2024 plays a great role in the enhancement of JavaScript language.

The main reason for the popularity of Javascript frameworks is the flexibility and versatility they provide. Further, there are dozens of frameworks available in the market and to select the one out of all is difficult.

If I ask you to list the most popular JavaScript frameworks for mobile app, you will end up uttering the names like React, Angular and Vue.

But how trending are they at present?

In the past year, Angular has grown 102.6% while AngularJS has grown 97.4%, React has grown 153.3%, and Vue has grown 168.4%.

Hence, if you are wondering

Latest Javascript Frameworks and Trends You Need to Watch in 2024

AngularJS for Frontend Development


AngularJS is an open-source, TypeScript-based JavaScript framework released by Google almost a decade ago. Again, Angular is mostly used in Single Page Application development by thousands of developers around the world.

AngularJS has helped developers for the last 10 years in developing exceptional web apps with the best user experience. Some of the most prominent companies that have embraced Angular and benefited are Google, Forbes, Wix,, and several government bodies.

Angular has solid backing from Google. Being supported by Google, Angular has huge community support that is always ready to assist and provide proper guidance on any query. Notably, it creates a great opportunity to learn from certified open source professionals, and solve queries by the professional community members.

You can hire AngularJS developers to build large projects but complex and big web apps take much time to build. On the other hand, developing small apps with AngularJS is quicker and takes less time.

Benefits of Hiring a Angular Developer

Hiring an AngularJS Developer for your Frontend needs has several benefits such as:

  • Angular has two-way data-binding. The two-way data binding in Angular performs automatic synchronization of data among model and view components.
  • The Angular code is readable. Angular’s code is far more intelligible to the readers than other JS frameworks and thus easy to maintain.
  • AngularJS offers dependency injection. A built-in dependency injection subsystem in AngularJS makes the development and testing easier for the development team.
  • AngularJS uses several different filters like JSON, Lowercase, Uppercase, OrderBy, Currency, etc. to extract data before getting into view and help to deal with formatting, pagination, and reversing a text.
  • Model View Controller is possible with Angular. With AngularJS, a design pattern for dividing an application into diverse parts like Model, View, and Controller each with different responsibilities is possible.
  • Angular develops across all platforms. Learn one way to build apps with Angular and reuse your code to build apps for any deployment format, web, web-based mobile, native mobile or native desktop.

Most Popular Angular Development Services

Here are the most popular services that the best AngularJS development company provides:

  • Real-Time Web App Development
  • Backend & Dashboard Development
  • MEAN Stack Development
  • Single-Page App Development
  • AngularJS Frameworks Development
  • AngularJS Cross Platform App Development
  • Custom Widget Development
  • AngularJS UI Development
  • Plugins Development
  • AngularJS Code Migration
  • Development Support & Maintenance

React for Frontend Development

React JS for frontend

React JS is a popular JavaScript UI library that is used in building hi-end web applications and mobile apps. If your prime focus is on building web apps with alluring User Interface (UI) then React JS development is the perfect option for you.

In scenarios where small businesses want to develop web applications really fast with fewer bugs, React JS helps them by dividing common UI design elements with well-defined interfaces.

React was originally developed for Facebook as a lightweight library that only deals with the view layer. It is very simple to learn as it requires only a minimal understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

ReactJS is being used by several big enterprises like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Netflix, and Khan Academy among several others. So, if you are also planning to hire a ReactJS developer to build your web or mobile app, then you are on the right track.

Benefits of Hiring a React Developer

Hiring a ReactJS Developer for your Frontend needs has several benefits such as:

  • ReactJS is a framework that provides seamless SEO integration. The React sites can easily compete for organic traffic by allowing rendering for either client-side or server-side. That’s why Google effectively crawl even “heavy” React sites.
  • React provides efficient and simple debugging. React offers three developer tools available to debug; Console, Network, and React developer tools.
  • ReactJS allows reusing codes. With ReactJS framework, developers can break down complex components and reuse the codes to complete their projects faster.
  • React Provides fast rendering with Virtual DOM. Usually, with frameworks with any change in code, the whole page is rendered whereas the react library only renders the components that actually change.

Most Popular React Development Services

Here are the most popular services that the best ReactJS development company provides:

  • ReactJS Web Portal/Application Development
  • ReactJS Front-end Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UI Development Using ReactJS
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Migration Service
  • Maintenance & Support

Node.JS Framework for Backend

Node.JS framework

With the Node.JS application run-time environment, a developer can write server-side applications in JavaScript. Node.JS excels at the sort of scalable and real-time situations that we keep demanding of our servers, all thanks to its unique I/O model.

There have been several big names that have used Node.js in production, some of the most popular ones being LinkedIn, Uber, Walmart, Airbnb, and even NASA. Following these big shots, many smaller enterprises and startups are also leveraging Node.JS in building applications.

If you are considering Node.JS for your server-side development needs, there are a few things you should make sure before hiring a Node.JS developers for your backend development needs.

The back-end developer should know the basics of logic and algorithms, design thinking, etc. So you don’t end up hiring a code cut-n-paste kind of developer. Your Node.JS developer should also have experience in different protocols besides HTTP, like XMPP server/client, peer to peer protocols, etc.

Benefits of Hiring a Node Developer

Hiring a Node.JS Developer for your backend needs has several benefits such as:

  • Node.JS has high community support. NPM (Node Package Manager) is an online archive where you can find open-source Node.JS projects and use them as per your requirements.
  • Consistency in language with Node.JS. Node.JS as your server technology gives your team a great boost that comes from using the same language on both the front end and the back end.
  • Node.JS is easy to code. NPM makes coding easy in Node.JS by providing several packages of re-usable codes which can be assembled as per your requirements.
  • Node.JS is efficient in data handling. Node.JS provides a different set of APIs and is lightweight in nature making it highly efficient.
  • Node.JS offers high scalability with multiple tools and modules.

Most Popular Node Development Services

Here are the most popular services that the best Node.JS development company provides:

  • Real Time Application Development
  • Node.js With a React.js for Web Development
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Node.JS Migration
  • Cloud Development
  • Plug-in Development
  • API Development & Integration
  • Support & Maintenance

Ember.JS Framework for Frontend

Ember JS

With Ember.js as an MVC (Model-View-Controller), you can develop an enterprise-level client-side application. It enables developers to write a structured and organized code for web applications.
Let me give you a glimpse on MVC,

Model Layer: It is built with a combination of ember and model data.

View Layer: A combination of views and templates.

Controller Layer: Built with a combination of controllers and routers.

Ember.js is a perfect choice for you if planning to build a single page application for your business. In a way, we can even say that Ember.js is a new-age of Ruby-on-Rails to build astonishing Front-end for web apps. To explain further, it is a great framework if you want to build an ambitious web app. You can form a complete development stack using Ember and other important tools.

One of the biggest advantages of using Ember.js is it allows developers to make any assumptions about the application. That is not in the case of angular and react. So, if you’re planning to build an enterprise-level web application, then make sure that you hire Ember.js Developer with good experience.

Benefits of Hiring a EmberJS Developer

Hiring a VueJS Developer for your frontend needs has several benefits such as:

  • Ember templates are written in Handlebars templating language, henceforth its more appealing and innovative. With that, it even reduces the code for the project.
  • Ember.JS is the future of web-apps. As it is reducing the block of errors in the pile of codes and its flexibility is off the ground. It is possible due to the Babel JavaScript transpiler.
  • EmberJS has a well-structured code. Alongside, it lets developers focus more on functionality rather than code.
  • Three-way data binding and encryption comes along with EmberJS.

Most Popular Ember.js Development Services

Here are the most popular services that the best EmberJS development company provides:

  • URL Support
  • Client-Side Rendering
  • Multi-Page Application
  • Convention over configuration
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Support & Optimization
  • Single Page Application

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VueJS for Web Interfaces


Wondering what Vue.js is used for?

Well, it’s a powerful JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces. If you’re familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS it will be easy to get started with Vue.js. It uses MVVM (Model View View Controller) to develop a web interface. With the 40K stars, Vue.js became the most popular Front-End GitHub project last year.

VueJS will let developers seamlessly develop a single page application with support libraries and modern tools. In many cases, VueJs is proving to be more compatible in comparison to Angular and React. The best thing about Vue is it allows you to write the app code rapidly. Some of the top websites using Vue.js are Grammarly, Behance, Xiaomi, Adobe Portfolio, and much more.

Among the developers, Vue is famous for its reactive nature. With the help of the virtual DOM, the data flow is more efficient. In addition, it even offers additional functionality which makes the app more interactive. With the increased number of Vue.js projects, there will be an immense demand for Vue.js developers for hire. Make a note that if you’re hiring Vue.js developers then have a look at the previous projects developed by them.

Benefits of Hiring a Vue.js Developer

Hiring a VueJS Developer for your project needs has several benefits such as:

  • Vue.js is very small in size. It takes no time to download as the size of the framework is 18–21KB. It beats all the bulky frameworks like Angular, ReactJs, Node, etc.
  • Flexible to develop web applications. In fact, it is the main reason for the popularity of the Vue.js javascript framework.
  • With Vue.js two-way communication is possible with MVVM architecture. This architecture makes it easy to handle the HTML blocks.
  • Simple integration with the existing applications. It means that you can build an application from scratch and can even alter the present application.

Most Popular Vue.js Development Services

Here are the most popular services that the best VueJS development company provides:

  • Single Page Applications
  • Custom Applications
  • Web Apps
  • Video Streaming Apps
  • Interactive & Social Apps
  • Migration Services
  • Front-end Architecture
  • Real-Time App Development

So, these are the top five frameworks that many businesses opt for developing their business online.

Best Tools for JavaScript development

Fortunately, JavaScript is rich with so many existing tools that you can make use of. Here we have made a useful list of tools you can use for efficient web & mobile app development.

Reason – Choice of Big Brands

The reason is a new way to how you write your react apps.

Since Facebook used Reason for the web version of Facebook messenger, the framework has gained good attention. It has made it fun and flexible for developers to build amazing animations, websites, games, servers, and more.

Considering the huge appreciation for Reason, it will be worth trying in 2024 as well. It will continue to be one of the top JavaScript frameworks 2024.

Storybook- UI Development Environment


Storybook is one of the latest JavaScript trends in 2024 that would be worth watching. The framework lets you define, design and test UI components.

Storybook is an incredibly useful and fun JavaScript framework allowing you to create and test UI components separately.

It looks like a UI style guide that essentially provides real value to the developer. With 290k monthly npm downloads and more than 10,000 Github stars, Storybook is the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

GraphQL – Query Language for APIs


The past year was great for GraphQL (Query language for APIs) since big companies including Yelp, Spotify, Walmart, Github, NYTimes, etc.

All now have GraphQL-based APIs. The majority of APIs are even completely GraphQL, without any REST option available.

Large companies are putting a bet on GraphQL. In addition, more startups will be impressed with it and opt for the one to start their new project with. GraphQL will be one of the top JavaScript programming trends.

Webpack – Asset Bundler


Webpack is an open-source and well-known JavaScript module bundler.

In the initial year, Webpack hardly even had documentation for guiding developers to start with it.

However, this framework proved its potential by raising $15,000 in 3 months as the funding amount to support the project. It is considered to be the future of open-source. Due to its well-managed community and the huge support, it is the leading in the latest JavaScript frameworks for 2024.

Prettier – An Opinionated Code Formatter


Prettier is an ultimate tool for formatting your code and making it even more competent, flawless and useful. It supports many languages and integrates with most editors.

Prettier is gaining popularity among developers and has got over 18000 stars on Github.

Prettier is used by some of the big projects like react, Babel, Web pack, Next.js, etc. More and more developers prefer Prettier for enhancing the coding skills and quality of their code. This leads it to become one of the best frameworks among all.

Jest and Enzyme


A jest is basically a testing tool for JavaScript. Whereas Enzyme is a JavaScript Testing utility for React.

Jest’s amazing features like Snapshot Testing and instant feedback makes it effortless to deal with testing.

The enzyme has 13000 stars on Github makes it a powerful JavaScript Framework. Therefore, a combo of Jest and Enzymes’ simple API for testing React components renders a great testing platform.

Parcel- A Competing Bundler


The enzyme has 13000 stars on Github makes it a powerful JavaScript Framework. Therefore, a combo of Jest and Enzymes’ simple API for testing React components renders a great testing platform.

The parcel framework had 12,000 Github stars in 2017. It runs seamlessly in bundling as Webpack and this makes it robust among the other bundlers. Above all, it allows you to bundle all your assets without any plugin.

In addition, features like the automatic code transfer, hot module replacement; easy error logging, etc make the framework even more accurate. In no time, Parcel will come with improvements like simplified configuration and improved speed.

Which Platform You Will Go For?

So, these were our selections from the big assortment of JavaScript frameworks. One thing I would say here is Javascript will always remain the heart of mobile and web app development.

Henceforth, what’s your thought about these JavaScript frameworks? Do you think these Latest JavaScript framework trends are worth trying for your project?

Contact us to know which framework is best for your next project and get the most trending solution for it.

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