The New Achievement of Snow App

The snow app was once in a rumor that Facebook attempted to buy it. Recently, the company announced its success in raising an investment of $50M from SoftBank and Sequoia China.

Snow is determined to utilize this new fund to improve its facial recognition and augmented reality technologies. The App Store listing of Snow depicts that it is working on facial recognition with the Chinese unicorn SenseTime. Further, the company is planning to establish a partnership and localize its service in China.

Snow was initiated by Naver which is a Korean agency known for the famous messaging app ‘Line’. The app had already been popular in Korea, Japan, China and other markets in Asia due to the focused localized stickers, filters, and features.

A Snow representative stated that currently, the app has more than 200 million downloads on both Android and iOS. The company doesn’t reveal exact data for each market however it is assumed that China is its biggest market.

It is assumed that Snow is no longer a Snapchat clone, as it has considerably changed over time.

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The big update introduced last week has removed Snow’s user-to-user communication features changing it to a dedicated selfie camera app. Devoid of chat function; Snow doubles down on stickers, filters, augmented reality (AR), and other selfie-related features in order to enable photos and other media to be exported to chat groups or social networks. Now, for instance, Snow app users can record a video with the music of artists like Charlie Puth.

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