Want to know how to make a social media app that is profitable to you in 2023 and what are the trending features that has to be included and how much does it cost?

Don’t worry, we have included everything about how to create social media apps in this blog.

You know, Rome may not have been built in a day, but Twitter was built in just two weeks, says Jack.

Yes, you read that right; it took Jack Dorsey two weeks to come up with the idea. But, it took a long time to know how to make a social media app -Twitter. Most of the time spent was on adding features and designing them.

If you have a great idea about creating a social media app, then the next crucial thing is grabbing the knowledge of how to make a social media app.

Here we will update you with all the latest trends you can add to your app. Also, how you make a social media app successful and what it would cost you. But, first let’s look at how much time do people spend on social media.

Daily Time Spent On Social Media Apps

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Understand, people are spending most of their daily time on social media apps. Therefore one thing is crystal clear, the future of social media apps seems very promising. So if you want to create a social media app, we assure you that you have made the right decision.

However, it is important to know what would attract your users? What are the current social media trends? What are the types of social media apps? Keep reading to find out more.

Current Social Media Trends

Have you seen the video of a person with a red contact lens, bleached hair, blood dripping down their neck, which is fake, and their lips syncing to a tune?

We get you; it sucks to even think of such things, and why would one spend time watching it.

Surprisingly, over 1 billion people are scrolling through TikTok monthly and spending one hour of their day watching such videos. It solely works on making such reels. Besides, it is making millions of dollars by making a social media app on Videos.

The point of upgrading you with the social media trends is to open you up to the possibilities of ideas. You can pick the latest trend and start building a social media app.

You can build a social media app from scratch that only streams live videos or create a social network app. Market your concept well and create an app. Likewise, there are other types of apps on which you can build a social media app.

Types of Social Media Apps

Do you want to create an app for entertainment? Or is your social media app’s purpose is to educate people.

Understand, Snapchat is all about sharing pictures. On the other hand, building a social network apps like Reddit educate people by providing them with relevant answers to their questions. Let’s explore types of social media apps.

Photo-Sharing Apps

Well, it’s no shock that human perception is 80% visual, which works best for photo-sharing apps. Photos are an excellent way to convey your thoughts most efficiently.

Therefore, you might want to dwell on a photo-sharing app because the market seems lucrative. You can add some uniqueness to your app and hop on building a photo-sharing social media app.

Networking Apps

Today, people have understood the importance of building connections. Therefore, millions of people have joined networking apps like LinkedIn.

You, too, can join the loop by building a social networking app that serves as an easy way to connect with people. Without a doubt the decision of social networking app development will fetch you lucrative benefits.

Video-Sharing Apps

Audiences are going crazy about making and sharing videos. Approximately, on average, a person spends 6 hours 40 minutes weekly watching online videos. Grab this opportunity by creating a social media app.

Create an app that is innovative and gives the audiences more options of adding filters to their videos. Hence, if you plan accordingly and hit the mark, you can develop a successful social media app.

Blogging Apps

If you do not want to risk building a social media app, then investing your money into building a blogging app might perfectly serve your purpose.

A blogging app has relatively less competition. So think out of the box and monetize the idea and earn a considerable sum.

Interest-Based Apps

An Interest-based app is the same as its name: a social media app built around interests through common threads to bring an audience together. You have an array of options to choose from, for instance:-

  • Food
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Fashion
  • Plants & much more!!!

Discussion Apps

Thankfully, with the internet, everything changed. Now people’s interactions, opinions are not limited to people they know. They have the opportunity to share their thoughts with the world. However, with smartphones, the online discussion has migrated from websites to mobile phones through an app.

So, provide users with the best platform to easily share their thoughts by creating a social media app.

Microblogging Apps

Micro-blogging allows one to exchange small content elements such as individual images, short sentences, or video links. These small messages are at times called micro-posts.

Interestingly, back in 2019, a small survey was done of 1,000 people in the U.S about their preferred content length. Surprisingly, 75% of people prefer to read articles under 1,000 words. Hence, people like reading small content. In short, grab this opportunity, and you can start with a microblogging app.

Dating Apps

A dating app is a virtual way of meeting someone. You can explore several options and decide who you want to talk to; as more people are becoming interested in such apps, the demand for this new way of meeting someone special is rising.

The younger generation and the people with middle-age are going crazy about exploring options on dating apps.

So get your mind into how to make a social media app like such!!!

Well, that was about how many types of social media apps, now coming to the core part of our blog, i.e., the development part of the social media app.

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How to make a Social Media App for Your Start-up?

make a Social Media App

You have a social media app idea, great now to head to an mobile app development company. Now, you ask the company to develop your application, make payments, and create your app.

Do you think the process is as simple as it sounds?

Obviously, no, the process of how to make a social media app passes through multiple phases. There are five phases through which your application develops.

Phase 1

We understand that you have a clear idea about social media application development. But before connecting with the an company, have you checked on the following points?

  • Target Audience
  • Analyzed your Requirements
  • Market Analysis of the Latest Trends

However, even if you have not analyzed these points, you can relax because an app development company would guide you through it.

Firstly, any company assigned BA ( Business Analyst ) would understand your requirements thoroughly. Then the BA will start working on your project. The checked list we talked about, yes, a BA pays attention to all the minor details. Similarly, he will focus all his energy on getting to the core of making a social media application.

The more hours put in by the B.A would pay off in the end. He would create a blueprint by defining all the features and approximate your application’s valuation. Finally, after spinning his brains, he would develop a unique way to build your application.

Phase 2

The first phase we talked about was creating blueprints or a clear vision of the project structure. Well, the second phase is about wireframing and designing your application.

Wireframing is like an architectural blueprint in the design process. It serves as a reference point and gives the team a basis to begin creating screens.

Loads of mockups and app wireframes, and after many discussions and debates, you finalize the application’s design.

Social media app designing is not about just creating a few designs for your application. The app designers put their brains into designing the logo, button, features, and everything you see on the app screen. Hours go into thinking about how to make a social media application.

Phase 3

Now we will be talking about the vital phase of the development process. A pile of frameworks, programming languages, and APIs that a developer uses to create your social media application.

However, it’s sometimes confusing to understand the process of how to make a social media application. Nevertheless, we can aid you in getting a clear picture. Two teams work incessantly to develop your application. We give a brief about both the teams.

The frontend Team

Whenever you open any app, anything you see, click, or otherwise use is the work of a frontend developer. One general responsibility of a frontend developer is to ensure that the user of the application can easily interact with the app.

Back-end Team

A back-end team works on the inner workings of the application. For instance, you tap on the upload button of the application, and the switch responds to your actions. It isn’t magic going around; it responds to your commands connected to a server. Well, the back-end will build a single deliverable that is connected with all frontend deliverables.

Phase 4

One of the vital stages of developing your social media app is Quality testing (QA)

After your social media application is developed, it is tested to ensure that it is free from bugs & errors. This testing makes sure that your application works seamlessly for the users.

Usually, the company provides these services. Or else, you can ask a professional of your choice to do this testing for you.

However, if the QA team finds any bugs or errors in your application, it is sent to the developers. The errors are reported and rectified. Then once again, the QA team checks the application. If they find your application free of bugs, it’s time for the next activity, i.e., launching your application.

Phase 5

Indeed, the process of developing your application is cumbersome. It involves getting all the certificates from the marketplace you plan to launch an app on multiple platforms.

Also, this step involves launching your social media app on Android and iOS, maintaining & updating it on a timely basis. It’s best to stay connected with the developers during this phase. The more involved you are it’s better for tracking the progress of your social media application.

Well, that was all about how an application develops. Nevertheless, let’s now study how to make social media apps successful.

It’s vital to note down that the ease of using your social media app should hook the user for the first time.

Makes a Brand Social Presence

Whatever social media app you decide to develop, you have to keep these points in mind. You can add unique features to engage your audience. However, the success of an app tends to be depending on your target audience and the industry you choose to build your application.

Each industry has a demographic phase, and each of them has its own unique needs and pain points. Therefore it’s helpful to do some research on your target audiences. Moreover, it will aid you in making a successful social media application.

Here we will guide you through some basic features to include in your social media application. Conversely, we will also talk about some unique features that can make your application stand out in the market.

Basic Features to Add to Your Social Media Application

Features Common in Social Media App

Well, if you are thinking about social media app development then have a look at the basic features of social media application.

Unique Features That Makes Your Application Stand Out in the Market

360-degree Panorama

Audiences have lived the phase of taking a picture, adding different filters, and uploading them.

So what’s new you are going to serve them?

Panorama view images are prevalent nowadays. Add a 360-degree panorama option to your social media application. The application combines all the shots in a single shot. Well, it would be something new to serve to the customers. Especially, if you are developing a photo-sharing app.

Multi-language Support

Did you know that 49 % of users select a preferred language that isn’t English on Twitter?

So it’s essential to do market research that will help in understanding how to make a social media app to attract users. You can add a multi-language support feature that would grab the attention of maximum users around the globe.

Gen-Z Psychology Fused Features

Gen z Psychology Fused Feature

As shown in the above figure, the majority of people spending time on social media are the generation Z.

Generation Z includes people that are born after 1998.

Surprisingly, these people are majorly engaged in social media. Therefore, researching these segments would bring you fruitful results. Also,understanding the needs and psychology of these people would aid you in adding unique features.

Automatic Creation of Collage and Movies

A prime example of the automatic creation of collage and movies would be Google Photos.

Indeed, by adding this unique feature of automatic collage creation, Google Photos has grabbed a lot of attention. However, you can add some more uniqueness to this feature. For instance, you can add automatic stickers to the collages.

You can also add some special effects or even texts to the picture. These would grab your user’s attention and also make your social media app different from others.

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Cost to Develop Your Social Media Application

Indeed, no company can give you the exact costing of developing your application. Moreover, the cost varies on the features you decide to add to your application.

Therefore, it’s tough to estimate the exact cost to build your application. However, we can give you the estimate to develop your application. Roughly the price starts from around $25,000.

To get an exact figure, you have to connect with the right app development company. You can discuss the features you want to add to your application. The company would give you the exact amount of building your social media application.

Well, one question that haunts many people who have an idea about developing a social media app is what if the application fails? How to make a social media application that is bound to succeed.

We don’t have a formula of how to build a social media app that will be successful. However, we can provide you tips on why a social media application fails in the market.

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Why do Social Media Apps Fail?

Lack of Originality

Most of the ideas fail because everyone tries to copy the idea of a successful app. Conversely, people love uniqueness and innovation in your social media application.

However, you can research your competitor’s app and get an insight into their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, you will get a blueprint of your application. Then you can add some uniqueness that might make your application successful.

User Experience

Users should have a seamless experience of using your application, or it is on the verge of going down. There are some points on which you should work on, for instance:-

Loading Time

Your application should take a maximum of 3-5 seconds to load the landing page, or you will lose the user. A user adores the applications that take less time to show the content.

User Interface (UI)

The UI requires a simple app design and good performance levels. Several apps fail the user as there are several bugs in their application.

App development Company Fails You

Sometimes you have a great idea for developing a social media app; you connect with the app development company. You share your brilliant idea with them. Unfortunately, the developers are not able to execute your vision into reality. They are not able to work on how to make a social media application successful.

It’s shattering to find that the designers and developers aren’t working at their best to bring your idea into a reality.

Sometimes connecting the app development company can fail your successful idea. Therefore it’s vital to communicate with the right minds.

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Connect With Excellent WebWorld to Build Your Social Media App

Building a social media application for your start-up requires creative minds that understand your requirements. Indeed, it isn’t easy to build a social media application that would beat the existing apps. Therefore you have to connect with the company that has been in this business.

We have been in the app development business and can understand how to make a social media app. Therefore, you can connect with our experts and discuss your app idea. Our team will guide you through how you can make an innovative social media application.

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