There are multiple reasons why the online office food delivery business is flourishing worldwide! When people enjoy their job, they are happy, and they like to eat their favorite dish when at work to make their mood even better. On the other hand, if something goes wrong at work, what can set their perspective straight is probably good food or a quick dessert.

Another big reason to consider is the current scenario. Post the global pandemic, restaurants are struggling to survive in the market, and employees are doubling up their work due to the fear of losing their jobs. This is like a total match! Building an application that will bring the employees their favorite food on their desks will only garner more revenue.

Employees of an organization spend around 45 hours a week together. To be precise, they spend the most active hours of the day with their colleagues.

The reasons are endless for a workplace lunch delivery service business doing ell in the market.
Let us check who you will be competing with when you step into this segment.

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Top Office Food Delivery Businesses Today!

Knowing your competition is very important.

The Best office food delivery business in the USA as follows:

  1. Foodee
  2. EAT Club
  3. ZeroCater
  4. Foodify
  5. GrubHub
  6. Zesty
  7. Caviar
  8. Chewse

Several questions are bubbling up in your mind at this moment! Right? Don’t worry! You needn’t undergo any time-consuming research. We have compiled some essential data for you in this blog.

Why Start an Office Food Delivery Business? Are Corporate Food Delivery Solutions Worth the Effort?

There is no difference in opinion that the office food delivery service businesses have seen an upward arc.

It is pretty evident that an employee will get bored of the same mashed potato and sauteed vegetable dish with time. Therefore, the need to launch a corporate catering business is high.

  • Revenue in the online food delivery market is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 12.33%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1.45tn by 2027.
  • Employees are being awarded double incentives for returning to work and leaving behind the comfort of working from home. Hence, the corporate caterers can now look at the green grass.
  • The power of ‘good food’ is unmatchable! The bond enhances when the teams sit and eat the chef-made delicious dishes together. This directly or indirectly results in better corporate relations among the employees internally.

Now, let us go into depth about how the office food delivery business works.

We made an online food delivery portal that was a great success! – Foodiss Food Delivery

Now, let us go into depth about how the office food delivery business works.
If you have an entrepreneurial thirst and you are speculating about questions like:

  • How to start an office lunch delivery business?
  • What steps should I follow to make this business flourishing?

Then this blog for you!!

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How Does an Online Office Food Delivery Business Work? – Explained!

online office food delivery business model

The people working in offices are too busy to go out for food or even select between endless menus. So, if they are offered a pre-set menu of the day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the time wasted on choosing is saved. This is only possible when there is a regular system of office lunch orders for the team.

  • Users will get a ‘menu of the day‘ (for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) notification on the Corporate Lunch/Dinner Delivery Mobile App and Website.
  • The user has to register with their basic information and location for the drop-off on time.
  • The app will send an automatic message every day with the day’s menu for the given time.
  • The users have to choose whether they want the “meal of the day” or not (additional menus will also be provided)
  • Next, customers need to make the payment.
  • They can make an advance payment via the app using online payment gateways or pay physically for the order after it is received.

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What Is the Business Model & Revenue Model of the Online Corporate Catering Service?

Find the Partner to Associate

To establish your office lunch delivery service you need to find some partners who are a part of your food delivery business model. They ultimately contribute to having a business that has all the qualities of being successful. They are like the fourth wheel of your company.

Here‘s the list of the partners in your business.

  • VCs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bakeries
  • Beverage companies
  • Legal partners
  • Technology Partner

Which Resources You Will Need?

To run a business successfully in the long term, you need a team of experts who can handle every department of your company.

Here‘s the list of resources you will need to build your dream business:

  • Finance
  • Office, Vehicles for delivery
  • Human resources (Technical Team, Marketing Team, Logistic Team, Delivery boys)

Who Will Be Your Target Audience?

Well, it’s self-explanatory as the start-ups are for providing a lunch delivery to the office workers and employees.

  • Professionals who are super busy
  • Workers who sometimes want to try out something new in a meal
  • Companies and employers

Where Will the Money Be Invested?

I know to invest hard-earned money you need to be aware of all the areas where your money would be invested. There are many other factors besides the cost of app development to consider when planning the budget.

Your total cost to start an office food ordering service should include;

  • Cost of Office rent
  • Salaries of Employee
  • Transportation Cost(Including gas and maintenance)
  • Food delivery app development cost (Less, if you use an online food ordering system that is open source)
  • Advertisement Cost
  • Legal Expenses
  • Procurement Cost

How Can You Earn Profit from the App?

There are a lot of sources of income once you make your mark in your city and surrounding areas. Here are the possible source of income;

  • Your Target audience (Obviously)– If the margin of commission from a restaurant is good, you will get more benefits. You will get a commission on each order completion.
  • Strategic Partnership– People looking to open a restaurant and want to register on your platform, can get a handsome amount of fees from them.
  • Advertising on your Website and App– Google AdSense is a great way to earn revenue through advertisement. Google will run an advertisement on your website and mobile application.
  • Promoting Other Restaurants: Once you become a brand, you can promote your partner eateries who want to advertise and reach out to more customers.

Website Overview for Your Corporate Lunch Delivery Service

Building a website for your office meal delivery service is essential! The reasons behind this are numerous. You get to promote your business, reach more users, and increase brand value and brand recognition.

The website experience is the backbone of your office meal delivery service.

Since it is a website, you would have to take care of various web pages. How every application screen has its importance. Similarly, every page on the website has its essence.

In this section, let us guide you with the significance of every page:

  1. The homepage is like the welcome mat in front of houses. If this page does not look welcoming and attractive enough, then the user might drift away to another page. Adding more to this, you should add a call-to-action to the banner page and use high-resolution images only.
  2. One of the website sections must be dedicated to explaining the entire workflow of how the office food delivery service order works.
  3. The office food delivery team can be spread across different locations. Hence, all the address details should be put on the website.
  4. The testimonials section is so crucial. This can either be in a written text format or in videos. Especially the positive testimonials by the past clients are a great medium to convince the user to place an inquiry.
  5. Food dish options can be on a separate page. The endless menu will give users a fair chance to choose what they want to eat.
  6. Contact Us form is very important lest you will not be able to hear from your users/customers.

Corporate Lunch Providers – Application Overview

The usual action plan is to open the app, select the food items, and quickly place an order. Mobile applications are also convenient, accessible, and easy to use.

If the user is aware of the corporate food delivery service and they like it, they will download the app on their device.

It is obvious that a user will first land on the signup screen after the splash screen. The best part is that a user can also set his or her profile and food preferences.

This is followed by the placing of an order and payment gateway.

It is almost as if the entire process of an app is pre-defined, step after step.

How to Stand Out in the Office Food Delivery Segment?

Doesn’t every entrepreneur try to research how to make the startup survive in the competition? You must only approach an experienced food delivery app development company to make your business one-of-a-kind among competitors.

Here’s the list of must-have qualities of successful online office food delivery services:

  • No compromise on food quality
  • Promotions and offers (frequently)
  • Gift coupons
  • Live Chat to support
  • Feedback & reviews
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Add a meal of the day in the app
  • Allow Options to book full week meal in advance
  • Help your restaurant partners to increase their sales as well
  • On-time Delivery
  • Be lenient on delivery charges

How to Start Your Own On Demand Office Food Delivery Business?

Let’s cut to the chase and know how to make an Online office food delivery business in 4 simple steps:
steps to start office food delivery business

Step 1: Do the Market Research

If you are jumping into this lucrative business, then never forget to research your target market.

Know where do you want to start your office food delivery service? Identify the competition in that area. What do they provide and how much do they charge. Decide on your service area and time. Usually, the lunch timing of the corporate office is between 11 a.m to 1 p.m.

Ask your potential customers. Distribute questionnaires to your future clientele to identify their food preferences. Determine how frequently they would use your service and how much they are willing to pay.

Step 2: Make a Business Plan

Based on your research, strategize your business plan. Take everything into account. For example;

  • The estimated monthly cost of your Lunch box ingredients
  • Packaging
  • The cost of transportation and insurance
  • Business license
  • Catering license
  • Registration of your business in the state registrar
  • Getting Resources for delivery
  • Mobile application for ordering
  • Website

Step 3: Look into Wholesalers or Collaborate with Restaurants

If you are planning to buy raw vegetables and other ingredients at the lowest price to cook from your resources, then you should look for a Grocery wholesaler who can provide this on time.


The other way is to collaborate with the restaurants, eateries, bakeries, and beverage providers who can provide you with the food as the order is placed.

Step 4: Marketing

Before exposing your start-up to the market, Make a solid marketing plan. You can start by distributing fliers and physical advertisements in the local newspapers.

Advertise your Business on the social media platform. If possible go for a paid marketing campaign. Make sure the workers and the employees are aware of your online office lunch catering in our city and have a mobile app for the same.

You can also join your hands with popular restaurants and other eateries that can promote your business to their regular customers.

Always try to strike the market with deals and coupons so that more and more people become acquainted with your startup.

USPs to Implement for Becoming the Best Workplace Food Delivery Provider

Getting advice from an expert can only do more good than bad. Incorporating the best features wouldn’t be a big challenge as we hold expertise in on demand app development

To start and run your office food delivery business, here are some resourceful USPs to help you a great deal

  1. Each delivery person should be given a per-day target.
  2. You should approach and pitch for workplace food delivery service providers to as many promising, big named, and multi-national companies as possible.
  3. Such an online office food delivery service organization should always empower their delivery staff as they are the backbone of the delivery service.

Future of Office Food Delivery Business Startup

If initially, you want to start your business at a lower scale, Lunch delivery to the corporate offices would be great. But as your business grows, you can start breakfast and dinner as your delivery staff increases. You can provide employees a notification in the meal of the day for a specific time.

Which Other Places You Can Target?

  • Hospitals
  • Hostels
  • PGs (Paying Guest)
  • Schools (For students)

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Conclusion -Time to Start Office Lunch Delivery in Your City!

The corporate office lunch catering business and its users are expanding rapidly.

Hence, rather than trying to be the jack of all trades, to have a particular specialty for a higher chance of success and longer business run than their counterparts.

As not many countries and cities have this type of business, so you can start it in your city and make it big.

The most important key for your on-demand food delivery app development is a selection of perfect development partner.

Want to transform your food delivery business idea into a successful empire? Feel free to contact our restaurant mobile app development experts, if you have any queries regarding starting an online office food delivery and providing meals for office workers. We will guide you through the step-by-step process.

Frequently Asked Questions – Office Food Delivery App & Website

The key business drivers of a food delivery startup are food quality, consistency of services, and cleanliness.

It is crunch time to build a food delivery startup. The reason is that ordering food and takeaways has become standard practice. Also, the corporates serve lunch and dinner to their employees; hence the corporate catering and office food delivery services have taken the steam.

To expand your food delivery business, you would have to scale up all your services. This includes multiplying the kitchen staff, the application’s capacity to handle more users simultaneously, twofold delivery personnel, etc. You can also start promoting yourself on social media handles.

The Y-o-Y revenue of the food delivery industry is increasing. Moreover, the number of cloud kitchens, caterers, restaurants, hotels, and even cafeterias has increased.

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