Have you ever heard about a physical network of a lunch delivery system in Mumbai (India)?

This system delivers lunch physically to office workers of Mumbai who can’t go home during the lunch time. And you would be surprised to know that about 8 million lunches are delivered by these “Dabbawalas”(delivery persons) everyday without using any technology.

The same case study became an inspiration for the founder of an Eat club and today it is the leading corporate catering service in the USA.

Employees and workers of San Francisco love how it serves a delectable lunch with just a few taps on a mobile phone.

Those who don’t know Eat Club, It is a renowned online office food delivery service in the USA which provides meals for the office workers at lunch time.

On-demand lunch delivery is a treat for the employees and workers who don’t have time to pack their snacks or lunch from home.

If you have aspiration and have a question like how to make a food delivery app like Eat Club or any doubt about such start-up idea then here is the case study of recent success in this space.

Case Study: Dejbox

Dejbox first got noticed by an investment Platform Partake back in 2015. At that time Dejbox was delivering only 80 meals a day in the local area of France. Partake seed funded $5,60,000 this startup.

The rest is history!

Dexbox expanded its corporate catering to Paris and Lyon. It garnered $2.3 million as another fund from the Partech and Leap ventures to serve other cities of France.

During the Fist 18 months, Dejbox generated $1.4 million revenue, $4.5 million in 2017, and $11.3 million in 2018.

Reference: Tech Crunch

USPs of Dejbox

  • The delivery person of the meals drives the truck with 100 to 150 meals to the corporate areas.
  • Dejbox always target the most promising companies to take their services
  • The start-ups always empower their delivery staff. They get informed about how much revenue they have generated for the company.

Now, this article is not about finding the best corporate lunch catering services but to know how to start this business in your city.

If you have an entrepreneurial thirst and you are speculating about questions like:

  • How to start an office lunch delivery business?
  • What steps should I follow to make this business flourishing?

Then this blog for you

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Let’s cut to the chase and know how to make an Online office food delivery business in 4 simple steps:

make online office food delivery business

Step 1: Do the Market Research

If you are jumping into this lucrative business, then never forget to research about your target market.

Know where do you want to start your office food delivery service? Identify the competition in that area. What they provide and how much do they charge. Decide on your service area and time. Usually, the lunch timing of the corporate office is between 11 a.m to 1 p.m.

Ask your potential customers. Distribute questionnaires to your future clientele to identify their food preferences. Determine how frequent they would use your service and how much they are willing to pay.

Step 2: Make a Business Plan

Based on your research, strategize your business plan. Take everything into account. For example;

  • The estimated monthly cost of your Lunch box ingredients
  • Packaging
  • The cost of transportation and insurance
  • Business license
  • Catering license
  • Registration of your business in the state registrar
  • Getting Resources for delivery
  • Mobile application for ordering
  • Website

Step 3: Look into Wholesalers or Collaborate with Restaurants

If you are planning to buy raw vegetables and other ingredients from the lowest price to cook from your resources, then you should look for the Grocery wholesaler who can provide this on time.

Or the other way is to collaborate with the restaurants, eateries, and bakeries and beverage providers who can provide you the food as the order is placed.

Step 4: Marketing

Before exposing your start-up into the market, Make a solid marketing plan. You can start by distributing fliers and physical advertisement in the local newspapers.

Advertise your Business on the social media platform. If possible go for a paid marketing campaign. Make sure the workers and the employees are aware of your online office lunch catering in our city and has a mobile app for the same.

You can also join your hands with popular restaurants and other eateries that can promote your business to their regular customers.

Always try to strike the market with the deals and coupons so that more and more people become acquainted with your startup.

How Does an Online Office Food Delivery Business Work?

business model

The people working in offices are too busy to go out for food or even to select between endless menus. So, if they are offered a pre-set menu of the day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the time wasted on choosing is saved.

  • User will get “menu of the day” (for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) notification on the Mobile App and Website.
  • The user has to register one time with their basic information and location for the drop-off.
  • The app will send an automatic message every day with the day’s menu for the given time.
  • The users just have to choose whether they want the “meal of the day” or not (additional menus will also be provided)
  • Next, customers need to make the payment.
  • They can make an advance payment via the app using online payment gateways or can pay physically for the order after it is received.

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What Is the Business Model of the Online Corporate Catering Service?

Find the Partner to Associate

To establish your office lunch delivery service you need to find some partners who are a part of your food delivery business model. They ultimately contribute you to have a business that has all the quality of being successful. They are like the fourth wheel of your company.

Here‘s the list of the partners in your business.

  • VCs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bakeries
  • Beverage companies
  • Legal partners
  • Technology Partner

Which Resources You Will Need?

To run a business successful in the long term you need a team of experts who can handle every department of your company.

Here ‘s the list of resources you will need to build your dream business.

  • Finance
  • Office, Vehicles for delivery
  • Human resources (Technical Team, Marketing Team, Logistic Team, Delivery boys)

Who Will Be Your Target Audience?

Well, it’s the self-explanatory as the start-ups are for providing a lunch delivery to the office workers and employees.

  • Professionals who are super busy
  • Workers who sometimes want to try out something new in a meal
  • Companies and employers

Where Will Be the Money Invested?

I know to invest hard-earned money you need to be aware of all the areas where your money would be invested. There are many other factors besides the cost of app development to consider when planning the budget.

Your total cost to start an office food ordering service should include;

  • Cost of Office rent
  • Salaries of Employee
  • Transportation Cost(Including gas and maintenance)
  • Food delivery app development cost (Less, if you use an online food ordering system that is open source)
  • Advertisement Cost
  • Legal Expenses
  • Procurement Cost

How You Can Earn Profit from the App?

There are a lot of sources of income once you make your mark into your city and surrounding areas. Here are the possible source of income;

  • Your Target audience (Obviously)– If the margin of commission from a restaurant is good, you will get more benefits. You will get a commission on each order completion.
  • Strategic Partnership– People looking to open a restaurant and want to register in your platform, you can get a handsome amount of fees from them.
  • Advertising on your website and App– Google AdSense is a great way to earn revenue through advertisement. Google will run an advertisement on your website and mobile application.
  • Promoting Other Restaurants: Once you become a brand, you can promote your partner eateries who want to advertise and reach out to more customers.

How to Make Your Office Lunch Catering Stand Out?

To make your business a one of a kind among competitors you must only approach experienced Food delivery app development company.
Here’s the list of must have quality of successful online office food delivery services.

  • No compromise on food quality
  • Promotions and offers (frequently)
  • Gift coupons
  • Live Chat to support
  • Feedback & reviews
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Add a meal of the day in the app
  • Allow Options to book full week meal in advance
  • Help your restaurant partners to increase their sale as well
  • On-time Delivery
  • Be lenient on delivery charges

Top Office Lunch Delivery Startups in the World

Startups Funding Raised Popular In
Caviar $20.7 Million California, and Big Cities of US
Chewse $ 2.3 Million Paris and Lyon
Dejbox $8.24 Million Big cities of US
Foodee $7.6 Million Big Cities of US
Zesty $20.7 Million California, and Big Cities of US

What Is the Future Scope of Expansion?

If initially, you want to start your business at a lower scale, Lunch delivery to the corporate offices would be great. But as your business grows, you can start breakfast and dinner as your delivery staff increases. You can provide employees a notification in the meal of the day for a specific time.

Which Other Places You Can Target?

  • Hospitals
  • Hostels
  • PGs (Paying Guest)
  • Schools (For students)

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Time to Start It in Your Own City!

Corporate office lunch catering business and its users are expanding rapidly.

Hence, rather than trying to be the jack of all trades, to have a particular specialty for higher chance of success and longer business run than their counterparts.

As not many countries and cities have this type of business, so you can start it in your city and make it big.

The most important key for your on-demand food delivery app development is a selection of perfect development partner.

Want to transform your food delivery business idea into a successful empire? Feel free to contact our restaurant mobile app development experts, if you have any query regarding starting a corporate catering business and provide meals for office workers. We will guide you through the step by step process.