The major challenge of every educator today is to grab the attention of students and the major challenge of every parent is to control the smart device usage by the kids. As every kid today is attracted to the virtual life of smart devices it is hard to keep them away from technology.

The best way to keep the students engaged and utilize their time consumption on smart devices is: top educational apps.

As per recent statistics, the educational apps category is at the third position at the most popular apple app store categories in 2024.

This is the era of digital transformation, where anything & everything is powered with mobility. Mobility solutions have simplified our daily lives, enabling ease and convenience. Everything from groceries to flight tickets is at our fingertips. Over the past few decades, technology is influencing significantly on children and the education sector. The advancement of technology has made it possible for every individual to access any type of content over internet-enabled mobile devices.

The app stores are flooded with top educational apps and educational apps for disabled people. The replacement of boring books with colorful e-books having interactive features has made learning fun to the core.
Mobility solutions powered with interactive elements and ease of access have made it possible for today’s tech-savvy students to grasp complex concepts with ease.

There are a few amazing solutions and educational apps already available in the market to take a reference from for your next top educational app idea.

The popular terms that we call use while searching educational apps on Play Store and AppStore are:

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  • Top educational app
  • Educational app for iPad
  • Baby educational app
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To assist you in selecting an app for your kid we have created a list of the 10 best educational apps

Top Ten Educational Apps for Android & iOS



Price: Freemium
Compatibility: iOS and Android

Edx provides free online courses from the world’s best universities. The educational app has courses for subjects like big data, biology, calculus, robotics, and much more. Providing students the lectures from the best teachers will help them to grasp difficult concepts easily. The app provides free education anywhere and anytime. The features of the app are:

  • Stream class videos
  • Scheduled tutorials
  • Course videos can be downloaded to watch anytime
  • School directory
  • Online fees payment

Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning
Price: Free/ In-app purchases
Compatibility:iOS and Android

Linkedin learning is the top education app that comes with a bunch of professional courses and tutorials. Another best thing about Linkedin learning is you can view all the courses of Lynda over here. The UI of this app is simple which makes it more user-friendly. The app even provides you with offline support, a playlist, Chromecast support, and much more. In short, Linkedin Learning is a very decent app.

  • Unlimited Access
  • Certification on completing a course
  • Receive course recommendations
  • 7 languages available
  • Sharing courses with networks

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Price: Free/Paid Version
Compatibility:iOS and Android

It is one of the most popular educational apps available. The app contains an innumerable number of reference guides, novels, textbooks, self-help books, and much more. Some books available here are free while some you need to buy. Books present over here are less expensive in comparison to the price available in the market. You can store tons of such bookings without worrying about the less storage place.

  • Search by Category
  • Highlight Text for Revision
  • Share your Books
  • Easy downloads
  • Light & Dark themes
  • Dictionary available

KHAN Academy

Khan Academy
Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS and Android

Khan academy is the top educational app that provides free videos and explanations of almost anything. The “your list” section allows bookmarking favorite content. The videos are filled with useful diagrams and information. Teachers can create a class and add students to it. The app provides educators an insight into the student’s progress.

  • Categorized content
  • Interactive exercises
  • Faster navigation and search
  • In-depth articles
  • Up-to-date progress
  • Downloading option available

Star walk

Star Walk

Price: $5
Compatibility: iOS and Android

Star Walk app shows all the celestial objects pointed by your device camera tagged with their names. The guide has the data of over 9000 man-made satellites. Star walk educational app will help you to save the date of the meteor shower. Track each celestial body in the sky with no data signal or GPS required.

  • Time machine option to see the sky view years ago
  • Presence of satellites
  • In-depth articles
  • Up-to-date progress
  • Downloading option available



Price: $2
Compatibility: iOS and Android

The app is not an exact educational app but it is a perfect homework planner for today’s tech-savvy generation. The app allows for organizing homework and exams and improving time management skills. Studious save your homework assignments and organize them by the due dates.

  • Notes making and saving
  • Dashboard for the pending assignments
  • Automatically silence your device in the classroom
  • Track of the courses
  • Quick emails to the professors
  • Remind you of the due homework and tests


Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS and Android

Quizlet is an interactive educational app that has made learning with flashcard fun. Create a new flashcard or choose from the flashcards created by others. The offline access of the app makes it more appealing. More than 18 Foreign languages are available to learn including Spanish, German, French, and Chinese.

  • In-class quiz test
  • Shareable study material
  • Pronunciation of foreign languages
  • Time-based games
  • Image and audio-based learning


Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS and Android

It is one of the best mobile apps for education which offers innumerable courses. Udemy contains more than 32 thousand courses which cover almost everything right starting from science & technology to cooking to foreign languages. The content of any topic is of great quality. Just search for the topic you wish to learn. One of the best things about Udemy is after the successful completion of the course, they even provide us with their certificate. Professors, can add their lectures over here and add an extra penny to their income.

  • Downloading lectures
  • Downloading the certificate of completion
  • Direct Messaging to the instructor
  • Search by category
  • Coding & Quizzes
  • Bookmarks & Reviews


Price: Free/ Paid Version
Compatibility: iOS and Android

Photomath is one of the more focused and popular education apps. As the name suggests, the app is all about Maths. The app uses your mobile camera and OCR technology to read your written equations. Further, the app will give a step-by-step answer to your equations. Photomath will teach you how the answer arrives from the equation. They have provided a free as well as a paid version. The free version will give you access to the basic features while the paid one comes with extraordinary features.

  • Scan text and handwritten equations
  • Multiple solving methods
  • No internet connection needed
  • 30+ language support
  • Interactive Graphs
  • Scientific calculator


Price: Free
Compatibility: Android

The free educational app provides anytime, anywhere access to information that is critical for the student experience at Illinois Tech. HAWKi will put at your fingertips the ability to participate in classes, check grades, see holds, get dining hall information, use geo-location to navigate the campus, and so much more! HAWKi provides students with secure access to the most important information they need with features like:

  • Access the Bookstore
  • Emergency security and safety services
  • Browse and search content in the Galvin Library
  • Browse, search and locate dining options for your campus
  • Receive mobile notification if a hold should happen and require action
  • Access parking services
  • Access job opportunities
  • Access the free shuttle bus schedule
  • View the upcoming Academic Calendar
  • Search and get directions to all campus facilities using Google Maps

Features of Educational Apps that Make them Effective

  • Easy navigation
  • Interactive content
  • Live Tutorials
  • Mock test and Practical
  • Offline mode
  • Powerful Database
  • Gamification
  • Social Media Integration
  • Personalized Experience
  • Push Notification

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