A quick question!

Is the Angry Bird a kid’s app? If yes, then why do a lot of adults play it too?

And YouTube?

A lot of kids use that.

The point is a 7 year old is playing clash of clans. Moreover, a 2 year old and 14 year old both are playing Taco Life.

Well, certain games don’t fit in the demographic boxes.

Moreover, isn’t the new generation much smarter and wiser? Particularly when it comes to using mobile phones?

Did you know? App development market for kids is just getting bigger.

Today 53% of 3 to 4 years olds use mobile phones for playing games or watching videos. 79% of 5 to 7 years and 99% of 12 to 15 years use phones for multiple purposes.

It might not be surprising to many as nowadays we observe children mostly occupied with phones.

With kids getting more addicted to phones, app development companies have some lucrative benefits. For instance, look at the kids’ mobile game revenue!

Children’s mobile game industry revenue worldwide

(in billion U.S. dollars)

Childrens Mobile Game Industry Revenue Worldwide

Source:- statista

It has been observed that the app development for the kids market is rich and diverse. Also, with the pandemic hitting the world, education apps downloads have seen a boost.

Now, many businesses, start-ups and multiple enterprises are focusing on app development for kids. So, this blog will discuss how app-making for kids can earn your fortunes.

Kids App Development: Market Overview

It’s good to know that the young generation is being raised in the era of smartphones. Since early life, they have been well informed about using these mobile phones.

Initially, parents gave their children phones to play with, but now it’s gradually proving a great medium to educate a child.

Moreover, a report also suggests that the parents believe their children gain more knowledge while watching educational videos. And concur with the fact that mobile phones improve the attention and engagement of their kids.

Of course, mobile app designs for kids make content much more engaging. Therefore, mobile educational apps are gaining more attention these days.

62% of the parents believe that mobile apps should be a vital part of today’s education

Apart from education apps, different types of app development for kids are also getting popular. The beautiful part of such apps is that there are plenty of apps to develop.

The 2021 year article of the New York Times said how a 7-year-old child learned a new language through an application.

Undoubtedly, unlike previous generations, the new generation is grabbing every small opportunity and making the best use of it.

But often, these apps are chosen by their parents, NOT kids, especially kids under the age of 7.

Therefore, if someone is thinking of app making for kids, it’s vital to know how to satisfy the needs of parents and think of end-user- Kids.


If you are looking forward to app development for kids, you must decide on the platform. Read our comparison blog for more information: iOS vs Android Development.

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What, Whys, and Hows of App Development for Kids– Answered

Let’s talk about why it’s essential to tap into kids app development. Ideally, kids should not use gadgets for more than 2 hours a day.

But are kids managing to use apps for the specified period?

Surprisingly, the limit only exists in papers. So let’s check out how kids of different ages spend their daily time on gadgets, watching videos, or playing games.

It’s ideally not recommended for kids under the age of 3 to use mobile phones. But again, 36% of kids have scrolled through the screens of mobile phones.

The ubiquity of electronics has made children addicted to devices and media in the space of one’s home. Further, the pre-school kids spend 4 hours per day on gadgets.

And the children in the age bar of 8 to 18 spend 8 hours a day on gadgets. Well, that is way too much time!

While these kids are searching for a new way of getting engaged to their phone, you have a GOLDEN opportunity to serve them with some of the best apps.

Now you are clear about why you need to grab this lucrative opportunity. Next, the question is how you need to get ahead in the race.

5 Points to Keep in Mind During App Development for Kids

1. When we talk about app design for kids, colors play a vital role. For instance, beautiful UI/UX design for kids’ apps makes it more engaging and easy to understand the app’s content for kids.

2. An extremely creative and interactive 3D design makes kids glued to your application. Show them something unusual, and they would love your application more and more!

3. The important thing is making an application that adjusts to the kids of different ages. For instance, when you think of game app development for kids, you can create different difficulty levels for other age groups kids. And the same goes for educational mobile app development

4. You can block or limit the ads for your application. Majorly, a kid would switch to another application as he is least interested in advertisements.

5. Remember, a child loves when he is winning. Often you might have observed that while playing a game with a kid, you almost let them win, right? Similarly, in a learning app development, keep some rewards or points that notify him that he is winning the game, and the kid would be satisfied with the application.

We hope you understand why and how kids’ applications are vital now; let’s get into what kind of app development of kids is trending in the market. Our team has researched some of the best apps in the market for different ages.

Age-by-Age List of Apps for Kids

Let’s look at the bifurcation of apps according to the kids’ age. scanning through the images will make it easier to know all about kids’ app development.

  • Preschool Apps

Preschool Apps

  • Kindergarten Apps

Kindergarten Apps

  • 1st Grade Apps

1st Grade Apps

  • 2nd Grade Apps

2nd Grade Apps

  • 3rd Grade Apps

3rd Grade Apps

  • 4th Grade Apps

4th Grade Apps

  • Middle School Apps

Middle School Apps

We talked about what kinds of applications are most downloaded by the kids. Next in line, we will discuss the different categories of mobile apps one can venture into.

Top Categories of Kids Mobile Apps

Education Apps

The education app downloads increased during the pandemic at a tremendous rate, and it gets more apparent with the statistics below.

Increase in downloads of COVID-19 impacted apps in the United States between March 2 and March 16, 2020, by category.

Coronavirus Impact App Downloads

Source: Statista

Now what? Will people uninstall these apps with the world reopening?


We are so confident about it because the results shocked us too when we surveyed groups of parents.

Surprisingly, now parents believe that the education apps are much better than sending their young ones to school. They love this way of educating their child.

As per our survey results,

  • A lot of the child’s time is saved that was previously wasted during commuting.
  • Child safety ( as compared to school).
  • Parents can give proper attention to their child’s learning.
  • And much more!!!

A popular app for education is the khan academy app.

School Apps

Recently, many schools have been opting for custom app development. To put it in much simpler terms, nowadays schools are making their own applications.

To make it more convenient, these app developments for kids are designed to download the book with a QR code. These QR codes are printed on the backside of the text book.

By integrating augmented reality with 3D objects in these apps, you could see the book coming to life. Just as shown in the below pic.

Augmented Reality with 3D Objects In App

Now learning becomes much easier with these new avatars of apps.


Mind it!

It’s tough to differentiate a gaming app from education apps. Well, most of the education apps are based on games.

However, gaming apps like Mario Animal Crossing are classic examples of gaming apps development for kids.

Language Learning Apps

Today kids are growing up in a multicultural society. Parents know that learning multiple languages is a benefit. And, the sooner the kid starts learning, the better it gets for the child.

Hence, there is a high demand for child app development that beautifully teaches them how to learn a new language.

Duolingo app is the best language learning app.

Also, below are some other options one should consider for app development for kids.

  • Math Apps
  • Reading Apps
  • Writing App for Kids
  • General Knowledge Apps
  • Learning Time Apps
  • Phonics Apps
  • Astronomy Apps
  • Learning Color Apps
  • Ebook Apps
  • Video Streaming Apps
  • Character and Theme Apps
  • And much more!!!

Now, once you know that there are a lot of opportunities in the market of app development for kids, then it’s time that you deliver the best to your users.

To serve the users with the best application development, one needs to know the basics of developing an app. To make sure that you hit the right mark.

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Basic Fundamentals for App Development for Kids

A Seamless Experience

No kid would want to use an application that is too complex!

So, our best advice would be to give the kids a great experience. A pro tip would be to include signs instead of text.

Yes, it would be easy for children to navigate through the application, and they tend to use your application more often.

Thus, a user-friendly application is bound to get popular among users. Your designer team should use some tactics to eradicate the complexities.

Select Your Audience

A toddler application is different based on a 6-year-old kid application. It’s imperative to define the target audience you will serve while making apps for kids.

You need to decide on your target audience and develop the application accordingly—the best way to segregate your application according to the kids in different slots.

Each application should be designed as per the age of the user. You can add complexities to the application while developing apps for children above the age of 10.

The Importance of Decision Makers

Remember, you have to keep two people in mind while app development for kids.

Kids and parents equally download the application, and you need to understand both mindsets. If you can satisfy both parties, your application is bound to stay on the people’s phone for a long duration.

Interestingly, now parents believe that mobile apps are an excellent way for children to make learning more enjoyable.


When you are developing an app for kids, make sure to make it secure and safe. There were no unwanted pop-ups and ads as the kids would click in the ads that would make unwanted downloads on the application.

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