“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.”Matt Galligan

Android OS was launched in 2008. And indeed, it has come a long way since then. The Android app development trends have advanced themselves over this period.

The latest trends in Android app development coming up today will boost the present development process by manifolds! Existing technology is giving birth to new technology from its roots.

In these high-end techno-savvy times, the promising Android app development solutions have been proliferating (increasing) the business scale. It is the need of the hour to stay in the competition.

Let us now guide you with the technology stack of Custom Android App Development in greater depth.

But First, What is Android App or Software Development?

Android software development is the process of writing new Android softwares in Kotlin, flutter, Java, and C++ languages using the Android SDKs Software Development Kits.

Why Android Application Development is Trending for Startups & Businesses?

After properly scrutinizing iOS vs Android development, you can reach an unbiased decision. However, if you are planning to develop your startup business app then we suggest you go for the Android platform.

How Has Android Changed The World?

  • Android has currently over 2.7 million apps in its Play Store market; making it the largest App store in the world.
  • Customer spending on the Google Play Store is projected to reach $156 billion by 2023.
  • Majority of people spend 1.5 months of an entire year on mobile apps. This gives companies the best platform for exposure to their clients.
  • Average smartphone user accesses around 40 unique apps each month.

These facts tell for themselves the benefits of going through with Android app development for your products or services company. Many huge companies go for 2 separate native mobile apps (iOS and Android). However; if you don’t have enough funding, you must start with simple Android application development. Furthermore; you can choose best hybrid android framework development solutions like ionic, react native, flutter.

Latest Tech Stack in Android App – Development Trends Today!

You have just learned about the advantages of Android software development. We are sure you would have many questions in your mind like:

  • What are the top Android Technology Trends of 2024?
  • Which tool is best for Android development?
  • What can we expect from the latest technology trends in the app development process in 2024?
  • How to build a simple Android app?
  • What is the future of Android apps in the upcoming years?
  • I want to develop Android Apps – What languages should I use?
  • What Language are Android apps written in?
  • What are the best mobile app development technologies?

We will answer all of these questions and help you get prepared for the challenges. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight into the list of the most promising and top Android App Development Trends of this decade!

1. Kotlin

Did you hear the news? Kotlin is going to replace Java. Kotlin/Native is a technology for compiling Kotlin code to native binaries, which can run without a virtual machine. It can also be compiled into JavaScript source code using the LLVM compiler infrastructure and native implementation of the Kotlin standard library.

Java, a 22 years old programming language, has its own weak points. Here’s where Kotlin for Android Developers entered the app development market and became a trend.

What To Expect From Kotlin?

  • Kotlin was written by the same team that brought Integrated Design Environments (IDEs), so it is made to clear all the problems that Java had and outperform the former.
  • Are you worried about how to make the switch to Kotlin when you are halfway with Java? Kotlin is interoperable. All you need is a Kotlin plugin that can convert pre-written Java files to Kotlin in your Android Studio or IntelliJ.
  • Nullability problems were very common in Java. Having a null point exception can kill an app. Kotlin changed that by having null right in its type system.
  • The best part about Kotlin? It offers brevity! This ensures that there are lesser errors in code.

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2. Flutter

Have you also been questioning “Is Flutter Good for App Development?” Come, let’s discover one of the raging latest Android app development trends.

When we said it’s costly to build two apps for iOS and Android platform, we lied.

There is an option through which you can build two apps in the time and cost of just a single app. Flutter is a cross-platform mobile SDK developed by Google. It is used to design premium native interface for Android as well as iOS.

It uses Google’s own language “Dart” which is somewhat similar to JavaScript as it has an optional built-in type safety support.

What To Expect From Flutter?

  • Flutter offers faster development thanks to features like Hot Reloading and quick building UIs.
  • Flutter comes with a modern reactive framework along with a rich set of widgets, animation libraries, and layered extensible architecture.
  • Android developers can use their existing Java or Kotlin code to build a completely native iOS app using Flutter.
  • You can make your own app more responsive with platform APIs, 3rd party SDKs, and native code in Flutter.

3. Android Things

The emergence of the field of the Internet of Things is not unknown to anyone. To support the same, Android OS came up with the Android Things.

It is the first-ever non-preview version of Androids OS built for integrating IoT devices.

Android Things is Google’s IoT platform for developers to write IoT applications. They are free to use it in the way they use it to write Android app code by integrating the standard Android API and with a specific Internet of Things Support Library aimed to provide access to sensors and actuators.

The first preview was launched in 2018. With new IoT devices developed each month, their OS needs a lot of consideration and updates with the latest trends in mind.

It was originally known as Brillo. The USP of the same is to power up all smart devices and IoT gadgets to work.

What To Expect From Android Things?

  • This Android Things preview version SDK has already been downloaded by 100,000 of developers.
  • Android Things improves the core Android Bluetooth APIs with additional features for device state management.
  • Developers can control and monitor the process of applying over-the-air (OTA) software updates from the Android Things Console.
  • As an IoT operating system, it is designed specifically to work on as low as 32 to 64 MB of RAM.

4. Android AI Assistant

We have a question for everyone who is aware of the Siri AI in iOS devices. How do you think Siri understands the voice commands and performs the functions? Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have gone through a phenomenal change in the past couple of years. To date, Apple’s Siri is the most innovative AI globally, but this is changing for good.

With AI entities like IBM Watson, Google Assistant, and Sophia (the first humanoid with a country’s citizenship), the AI industry is flourishing and expanding to every nook and corner of the digital world.

In 2018 Google announced the integration of its new supporter Google Assistant into every upcoming Android device. Smart Speakers are, at present, the largest integration of AI assistant technology. With smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc., the houses are becoming smarter than ever.

Google Assistant holds 51% of the AI assistant market share. With the latest Android Auto, you are connected with your Google Assistant in your car while driving. So the assistant can help you with your day while you are driving. Android AI Assistant will be the new industry standard for building AI assistants.

What To Expect From Android AI Assistant?

  • The AI-based Chatbots are saving a lot of time and resources for many companies that have to spend time in customer relations.
  • The AI bots have become so advanced that they can understand complicated commands and execute them seamlessly.
  • AI has improved the way eCommerce apps are working with suggestive shopping and pairing of similar products and add-ons to already purchased products.
  • Financial Express states that AI is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.
  • According to GlobeNewswire reports, the global AI market value will reach $267 billion by 2027.

5. Android TV

You are already aware that the more screens your app acquires, the higher your revenues are! But there are only so many mobile screens to earn from!

Here comes the idea of Android TV. If you’ve got an Android app, bring it out of the mobile into the user’s living room via their TV set. Go where the users are, their living room!

Android TV brings the power of Android to the big screen. Voicebot.ai states that Android TV has 40% of the market share among the smart TV operating systems. Enhance your existing Android app to have a big screen and a cinematic experience. Previously, Google TV didn’t work that well, which Android TV now replaces.

Android TV has access to the Google Play Store. This implies that viewers can access the Best Android Apps and watch anything on the Internet on TV screens. Today, this might be a luxury, but more houses will be equipped with smart TVs tomorrow.

  • The amazing mobile games that you wished to play on big screens are now possible. So now you can enjoy PUBG and Fortnite on your Android TV.
  • Android TV supports voice search. Android one-upped Amazon fire stick with their voice search feature by giving users the freedom to choose content by voice commanding to their Smartphone.
  • Movies are meant to be seen on a big screen. Maybe going to the theatre is not what you can always afford, but you can always watch Netflix on your Android TV.
  • Oreo is out and Pie is in and before we know it the next operating system of Android will be launched. With 2.6 million apps and counting, there are not that many variations of apps available.
  • So for each business, there could be hundreds if not thousands of similar apps. So if you wish to start a taxi business, how will you compete with Uber and Lyft? If you wish to start an ecommerce app, how will you beat Amazon and Alibaba? The answer is simple. If you aim to be the biggest fish in the pond, then you need to carry huge mass or, in this case, a very impressive Android app without worrying about the mobile application design cost.
  • Businesses have a new list of requirements from android app developers for their projects and they want nothing but the best. Companies are well-versed with the latest Android app development trends. If you are behind on the in-demand features and technologies, no worries; we are here to brief you.

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6. Wear OS

Until 2004, who had imagined that there could be wearable devices to enable the users to gain information on their heart rate, incoming calls, changing the songs, etc.!

This might be a luxury then, but today Wear OS in the Android new technology. The existence of Excellent Webworld as a wearable app development company can help you accomplish a project like smartwatch app development. Besides, the digital watches have now replaced the need for analog and have become a common sight for people. Want to catch up in the race? Go for smartwatch app development! Many companies came up with wearable devices like watches, helmets, jackets, etc.

We must say that this entrance of IoT into the Android OS has only done good in the industry by helping users gauge the basic activities metrics and the occasional workouts.

It not only got a kick start but Wear OS seems to have a brighter and highly scalable future! The USPs of wear OS are round or squarish compact designs and attractive yet minimalist UI.

Highlights of the Wear OS:

  • Talking about smartwatches specifically, the global market was valued at a volume of 68.59 million units in 2020. But, it is expected to reach 230.30 million units by the year 2026! (Source – MordorIntelligence)
  • The best part of Android smart devices is that users can connect them with ALL TYPES of devices, unlike Apple. The Apple environment refrains the iOS wearables (like iWatch) from connecting to Android devices. On the other hand, the Android Wear OS has the liberty to connect with all types of devices.

7. Android Auto

While riding in a taxi or carpooling, how often have you seen the map directions on a car’s dashboard? It is a common sight for both private and hired cabs these days.

Well, this is the Android Auto feature. New car models are pre-installed, and some old advanced car models can be equipped with the same.

Android Auto was launched to reduce driver distraction, streamlining the coordination with the maps and streamlining the interaction with media for playing songs.

Activating driving mode is now aided and enhanced more by Android Auto. Google is taking this over, and it claims to have made it better for the users.

What’s Hot & New With Android Auto?

  • Google is taking over this app for smartphones. Now, this feature will be called Google Assistant.
  • When Android Auto was new, the versions were not stable. But now, the feature is stable enough, and the driver experience has been improving.
  • It is not an unknown fact to state that driving safely is essential. The DND – Do Not Disturb functionality is improving version by version. It is only for the driver and passenger’s safety.
  • We might stop hearing the name ‘Android Auto’ after a couple more years. But, the feature won’t die. Google will present it to the users in an enhanced way.

8. Jetpack

Jetpack is a comprehensive set of libraries and tools that help to develop an Android app quickly. It might not be possible to use the Jetpack for tricky development tasks, but the basic ones can be done swiftly and easily using these.

This set of guidance helps the developers in the end-to-end development of applications and software. As the name itself suggests, Jetpack implies aiding application programming as fast as the speed of a jet.

Why Jetpack Became So Famous in The Android App Development Industry?

  • Jetpack enables the developers to focus on a more critical part of the code rather than wasting time on basic coding.
  • The flexibility is to die for! It works well for various form factors, viz. – foldables, large screen devices, and wearable devices.
  • It supports both languages – Kotlin and Java.
  • Developers can be at ease as Jetpack helps them write the boilerplate codes.

9. Android 5G

2G, 3G, 4G, and then followed by 5G. The fifth generation is indeed the talk of the town!

Check out this tweet regarding 5G!
android 5g tech
Android 5G is the catalyst that boosts GPS quality. It aids in more precision, better connectivity, faster speed of development, and, lastly, accurate real-time results.

This speed of a 5G wireless cellular network is unimaginable! 4G’s 50 milliseconds latency is covered by 5G within one millisecond.

Android 5G has not only speed up the development procedure, but also the after-deployment usage of the app shows improvement!

Android 5G is One of the Most Promising Android App Development Trends Because:

  • Increased connection density helps handle around 1 million device connection requests at a time.
  • The high speed of Android 5G supports prefetch content rather than buffering. This is also a reason behind the increased video streaming hours.
  • Downloading games and video calls do not require you to be home all the time. You can be installing multiplayer games and playing the same even while on the go.

10. Chrome OS devices

Do you also face problems when you are using an app on a mobile device and wish you had a bigger phone! Well, Chrome OS has made it possible for users to use the applications on their laptops and desktops today!

Devices with Chrome OS bring the unique benefit of building, deploying, and testing the applications on the same device.

It is a new perk of accessing the app on large screens with keyboard, trackpad, and mouse inputs!

Also, all Chromebook devices are equipped with the in-built grammar checker for efficient content delivery from the user’s end.

Popularity of Chrome OS Devices:

  • Chrome OS is a proprietary Linux-based operating system designed by Google.
  • The applications use the Google Chrome web browser for installation and further access.
  • This operating system is responsible for emulating a desktop experience and prioritizing browser functions.
  • It has a new app launcher for swifter flow procedures.

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How to Find the Right Android App Development Company or developers?

Finding the most appropriate Android app development company is no easy job! It is like choosing one fish out of a shoal of fish in the sea. Almost all companies and their services look like a replica of each other. But, a company with the most updated technical know-how is your way to go!

We have prepared a checklist that you can use for choosing the rightmost Android app development company. Here you go!

The importance of hiring a leading Android app development company is an investment worth it! There are no risks like the stock market. You will get surefire results if you hire the right native or hybrid app development company like Excellent Webworld.

Android App Development Trends Blog – Parting Words…

‘Old keys cannot help in opening new doors.’

Hence, staying up to date in the tech business is of utmost importance. If you want to progress in the Android app development field, consider this blog as Excellent Webworld’s contribution in bringing up to you the top 10 Android app Development Trends of this decade. These trends are here to stay, to rule the Android app development market. The upcoming years are going to be amazing for Android development and for everyone who is going to be a part of it, be it a developer or an entrepreneur!

If you are interested in these upcoming Android App Development Trends of 2024 and wish to make your own trending android app then you must contact the best android app developer that are well-versed with these major trends.

Frequently Asked Questions – Android App Development Trends

Users these days exclaim, ‘There’s an app for that!!!’ – Well, every new app idea is trending today because all users are looking for convenience. If an application provides them comfort, they are more than happy to install it and keep it on their device for consistent use.

An Android app helps a business digitize its services and assists them in business, increasing its sales, improving the brand image, and, most importantly, creating a customer base. Hence, hiring a good Android app development services is necessary.

Yes, the Android application development market projects reaching the US $70.94 billion. The surveys and analysis state that many apps will be developed using the machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis.

Choosing a top Android app developer is not an easy task. Hundred of thousands of IT companies provide Android app development services. Your Android app developer must have a couple of qualities – value for cost, experienced, updated know-how, well-versed in the tech stack you prefer, etc. Learn more about why hire Android app developers from Excellent Webworld!

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