Are you planning to hire JavaScript developers for your next development project? Or perhaps looking for a dedicated JavaScript developer/team manager who can manage your project?

If your answer is yes and you are searching for a single JavaScript developer or an entire JavaScript development team, then you have found the right blog.

JavaScript has created interactive websites and web applications for more than a decade. With the latest javascript frameworks and tools, the scope of development has become a whole lot wider.

JavaScript is one of the most wanted and beloved programming languages among new and experienced developers. It’s been leading the chart of the most popular programming language for the last six years.

Most Popular Technologies

These statistics are tangible proof of why JavaScript is reliable and effective for building web-based applications, web browsers, Hybrid mobile applications, games, smartwatch apps, and many more.

Benefits of Choosing JavaScript for Your Development Project

  • The capacity to make faster loading web pages, Single page applications, custom animations, and particle effects makes JavaScript perfect for complex projects.
  • With the code running directly in the browser, client-side logic execution brings faster user experiences. Hence, a cut in loading times.
  • Being asynchronous JavaScript communicates with the server without interrupting the user interaction in the front end.
  • The JS syntax is easy and flexible for newcomers, and also it simplifies the development of complex applications.
  • The JavaScript community is very vast. So, if you are looking to hire dedicated JavaScript developers, it’s a big plus, as the pool of candidates is huge.
  • E-commerce websites, real-time data apps, and on-demand apps like taxi booking apps are the best examples where they need a larger database and faster loading pages.

So, if you are thinking of hiring JavaScript developers for your upcoming project, then there is no other time than now. You must be wondering what I should keep in mind while hiring JavaScript developers. Don’t worry!

This article is all about helping you find the best JavaScript developers for hire and know how much does it cost to hire JS developers.

How to Hire JavaScript Developers the Right Way?

Let’s begin by understanding the roles and responsibilities of JavaScript developers.

What JavaScript Developers Do?

There are three types of JavaScript developers roles namely;

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Full-stack developers

However, JavaScript initially was used for developing front-end of websites and web applications. But, today it is not only limited to front-end only but back-end as well.

Apart from that, hybrid mobile applications, interactive games, smartwatch applications, and lots of other things are built using JS frameworks.

So, the roles of the JavaScript developer are divided according to the duties s/he performs. Hence we need to ask more specific questions.

Roles & Skills of Front-End Developers

Frontend js Developer Skills

  • Front-end experts are mostly associated with creating websites that are user-friendly and attractive.
  • They make the website interactive by adding a graphical interface so that users can interact with the website’s products and services easily.
  • Front-end JS coders make websites using technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.
  • They should have knowledge of CSS frameworks and JavaScript Frameworks such as Angular, Vue, React, and more.
  • Knowledge of the popular library JQuery helps a developer speed up their project and build a website fast.
  • Popular tools like Web pack are used for creating a seamless workflow.
  • They use Frontend JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue to create an interactive user interface, component-centric applications, and large single page applications
  • Front-end developers also use Angular.JS to build applications that live on mobile, web, and desktops.

Roles & Skills of Back-End Developers

The Back-end Development mostly consisted of the three-part: a server, an application, and a database.

Back end JS Developer Skills

  • Back-end developers come into the picture when there is a need to access the data from the servers and make the website responsive.
  • They create a server-side part of the project.
  • This kind of specialist should have knowledge in server-side JavaScript languages like Node.JS, Express.JS, and more.
  • Knowledge of Node.JS with other frameworks like Koa.JS and Express.JS makes beautiful and fully functional websites.
  • Experience in databases like SQL and MongoDB is important for JavaScript coders.
  • Look out for developers who have knowledge of API development or integrating third-party APIs like REST and GraphQL.
  • Knowledge to build browser-based apps which utilize JavaScript primarily to take the data back for the display and application programming interface(API) to connect to.

What are the Roles of Full-Stack Developers?

They do both!

Yes! Full-stack developers are aware of both the client-side (front-end) as well as back-end-side coding. That doesn’t mean in every project they do the coding of the whole website or application. If required, they can handle the coding of both sides.

Agencies nowadays are looking for a specialist who can work on all the parts of a site. Here’s where full-stack developers come to aid.

Full-stack developers are best for creating a prototype. But they are not often the best choice for building database architecture or some specific design of the front-end.

As full-stack developers can handle both end of the website, they should have ample knowledge about the web app development technologies mentioned above.

Soft Skills to Look Out while Hiring for the JavaScript Developers

Apart from the technical skills of JavaScript developers, you should contemplate what other skills they should possess. Usually referred to as soft skills.

When you hire a Javascript developer, make sure you check on soft skills as they are useful to understand the communication skills of the programmer.

Most Important General Skills

Here are some of the additional important Soft skills you should find in your JavaScript Experts.

  • Problem-Solving
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Accountability
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Creativity

Where to Find the Best JavaScript Developers for Hire?

Once you know the proper roles and skills of JavaScript experts, the challenging task is to hire app developers based on what you’ve learned.

Basically, you can hire JavaScript developers in different ways like via IT staff augmentation services, managed services, and so on, according to your requirements of projects.

Here are the different options and processes on how to hire JavaScript coders for your web app development.

When to Go for Outsource JavaScript Developers?

If your in-house team is busy with another project or you want to decrease the operating cost of web application development, then outsourcing your web development is the best option in such cases.

Outsourcing JavaScript developers nowadays has become a rising trend among companies because of its innumerable benefits.

Advantages of Hiring Outsourced JavaScript Developers

  • Decrease overall cost of development
  • Get access to world-class JavaScript developers
  • Reduced risk factors
  • Faster development

Disadvantages Of Hiring Outsourced JavaScript Developers

  • Problems in interaction due to different time zone
  • Language barrier

If you want to get the best JavaScript development company through outsourcing, then there are some organizations that give honest reviews about outsourcing companies. Like

Good Firms

Hiring a JavaScript Freelancer

The option to hire a freelance JavaScript programmer is certainly cheap but also risky. The cost of development is relatively less than hiring an outsourcing company but is it worth the risk?

Trusting an individual with your business app idea and development project is always riskier than going with a developer working with a registered company. But, if you wish to go with this option, then there are lots of online platforms where you can hire experienced JavaScript freelancers.

Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer for JavaScript Development

  • Cheap Cost
  • You can easily hire a freelancer for small projects or specific task

Disadvantages of Hiring a Freelancer for JavaScript development

  • Chances of abandonment of projects
  • Hard to manage and communicate
  • You can’t have a constant watch on the project
  • Less Development speed

Where to Hire World-Class JavaScript Freelancers?

  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Codementor

Going with an In-house Team of JavaScript Developers

If you want more clarity in work and want to monitor all the progress physically by yourself, then, In-house hiring is best. For that, you can interview and hire JavaScript developers to work in your office.

Advantages of In-House JavaScript Development

  • Turnaround time in fixing the bug is shorter
  • Proper environment for employees
  • Long-term product development
  • Aligned interests of developers and company, so better output

Disadvantages of In-House JavaScript Development

  • More costs
  • Takes a long time for development

Where to Hire in-House JavaScript Developers

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor

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What Does it Cost to Hire a JavaScript Developer?

Now that you have decided on your hiring process, the next thing you need to know is the cost of JavaScript development.

The cost of JavaScript development varies according to the hiring model you choose. In addition, the demographics of the company/freelancer also affect the price to hire JavaScript developers.

We have enlisted the salary / hourly rate of the JavaScript developers according to working models.

Outsourcing JavaScript Developers Rate

According to the platform GoodFirms, it is the best practice to know the rate of outsourcing companies from different companies.

If you go through the hiring table, you will notice one thing the United States and Australia have more costly JavaScript programmers compared to Asia and Eastern Europe.

Area Min $/h Max $/h Avg $/h
North America $130 $150 $140
Australia $100 $110 $105
Western Europe $60 $75 $68
Latin America $30 $50 $40
Eastern Europe $25 $50 $38
Africa $20 $40 $30
Asia $18 $40 $29

JavaScript Freelancer Developer Rates

Usually, freelancers on the different platforms work on an hourly basis and they charge according to it.

Here is the average hourly rate list of the JavaScript freelancer according to the region.

Area Rate/hour ($)
North America $81-100
Latin America $61-80
Western Europe $61-80
Eastern Europe $61-80
Middle East $61-80
Asia & Pacific $61-80
Australia & New Zealand $81-100
Africa $61-80

Clearly, from the above Table, freelancers from Australia and North America will charge more than other regions of the world.

The Rate of In-house JavaScript developer

If you want to hire an in-house JavaScript specialist for your company, then you can easily check it through a different platform like Indeed and Glassdoor. They mention the annual salary ranges of JavaScript developers according to companies.

For example, if you are hiring in-house developers in England, then you need to be ready to pay at least $50,000 every year. It depends on the experience of the developers. Junior developers get around $30,000 per year, whereas Senior developers get up to $75,000 per year.

The rate of hiring in-house JavaScript developers is higher in North America. The developers get $112,000 per annum. Junior JavaScript developers earn $41,000 while the most experience charges $2,15,000 a year.

Get the Best JavaScript Developer

Hiring JavaScript developers for your project seems a daunting task, but a clear goal in mind and enough information about them help you easily complete your work in the most efficient way.

So, now what? Looking to hire the best JavaScript Developer? We can help.