Hiring Developers Team for startups- the most crucial step for winning the tech race!!!

Yes, only the right sack of developers can aid you in focusing on the core business, speed up your technical projects, manage loads better, access better technologies, and much more!!!

Interestingly, developers are the bread and butter of all these companies. That’s why most companies scour the entire planet to hire developers for their startups. They are well aware that one mistake can shed their dream in pieces.

According to CBI insights statistics, 23% of the startups fail because of choosing the wrong team. Finding developers for startups can be complicated, risky, and money-sucking.

So, let’s make it a bit easier for you. In this blog, we will talk about how you can hire the developer’s team for your startup.

Hire App Developers for a Startup

The first crucial step is how to start by hiring developers for new startups. Here is the list which can make your work easier.

Social Media

There are many social media platforms available for someone who is barging for hiring developers. It’s a quick, straightforward process to build your team.

Take a quick scan of the profiles and get connected with the candidates. Many companies have started with these newer ways of recruiting developers. They recruit developers from popular social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Dribble and Instagram

But unfortunately, unreliable data representation is the major drawback of hiring developers through social media channels. Moreover, there is a possibility that some of the promising candidates might not have an account on social media as these candidates might think that social media is not the right place for looking out for jobs.

Freelance Website

The easiest way among all the methods is to directly jump onto the website and get in touch with the developers. The beautiful bifurcation of all the developers is a significant benefit of the freelance website. Moreover, you might get a handful of information about each developer. And the rating of each developer might make your decision easier. For instance you can visit GitHub and find a number of developers for your project.

The question is whether the freelance website is an optimum way to hire a developers team for a startup?

A big NO!!!

Here are the top reasons why clients do not prefer freelancers for their project!

Technology Startups Reasons not hiring freelancers

Source: Statista

Though hiring developers through the freelance website is much more manageable but again, it comes with high risk. On the flip side, these freelance websites are not trustworthy. As reported, some of the developers do projects according to their availability. Also, it’s difficult to hire a team of developers through these websites. At times they even tend to exit your project midway at times, leaving you in turmoil.

Word of mouth

Your friend might have built a fantastic website from a specific pack of developers. Well, it might be the same with one of your family members.

But making big decisions based on your friends’ experience might not work for your project as your friend might have different business requirements from yours. It’s vital to know that based on the needs, the technological stack differs too.

Therefore, it’s never good to follow word of mouth and risk your startup.

Outsourcing Companies

An outsourcing company provides you with developers according to your requirements. For instance, when you need developers specifically for native apps, they will give you developers who have expertise in native app development. The same goes for hybrid app development.

They have a pool of developers for web development or mobile app development needs. Outsourcing app development companies have a structured team of developers that at times becomes easy for clients to scan through the developers.

Meeting Developers at Events

There are an array of conferences and events happening around the corner of your city. Yes, many software companies flaunt the fact that their developers have the best skills.

You can attend some of the events and get an idea about such events. You might even get some constructive insights about hiring a developers team for your startups.

But again, hiring developers from any event would be like believing whatever they say. You need a good time to scan through the candidates; however, companies will only allow you a limited time to decide.

These were some of the ways you can hire a developers team for a startup. So, which is the ideal way for hiring developers for new business?

These days outsourcing is the most preferred option among startups; read the reasons in the next section.

Why Do Most Startups Choose Outsourcing?

Hiring developers for a startup acts as a vital cog of the wheel to a scaling startup. So, one cannot just hire one’s team through social media or trust the google search results.

A proper procedure must be followed if you want to hire dedicated developers for your project. That’s the sole reason any startup rules out the hiring process where the data is unreliable.

On the other hand, when it comes to choosing outsourcing companies, it is for sure that these companies are genuine as these companies work on the goal to provide the best developers for outsourcing.

Also, they provide developers on a contract basis, and the procedure is hassle-free. Hiring developers from anywhere else would consume a lot of time as one has to look for developers individually.

The outsourcing companies provide you a pool of developers for your requirements, for instance:-

Once you get in touch with the outsourcing company, these are some of the points you need to follow. We have discussed the necessary steps in the next section.

How to Evaluate Overseas Startup Developers?

Before you get on board with developers, read these tips for hiring software developers at a startup.

  • Test their Skills:- It’s vital to give the developer a small test to test their problem-solving skills. It can be anything related to development or a general test that would give you a hint.
  • Portfolio:- Once you scan through the developer’s portfolio, you will get an idea that the developer is the best fit for your project or not.
  • Website Quality:- Before you connect with the mobile app development company, take a look at the website’s content. Does it feel promising? Then step ahead to hire a team.
  • Feedback:- You can even gather feedback from the previous projects to get an idea of the strengths of the hired developer.
  • Conduct Interviews:- The best way to test any developer would be through a one-to-one interview. You can get a clear picture of whether the developer is a perfect fit for your team or not.

Why Should You Hire App Developers on Contract?

  • Trained One gets highly experienced developers from the outsourcing company.
  • Cost-Effective You hire developers hourly, so one does not need to pay any extra penny. Which saves you a reasonable sum of money.
  • Less Risky As you have a proper contract signed with the outsourcing company there is minimal risk involved in the process.

Country Wise Hourly Rate of Developers

Country Wise Hourly Rate of Developers

The cost of hiring a developer’s team for a startup varies on multiple factors. Also , one should research well about the best countries to outsource software development. One should study the price and then hire the developers for your team.

Why Does It Get Difficult to Hire Developers for Startups?

It’s a well-known fact that startup owners have little or no knowledge about app development. As a newbie in the industry, hiring dedicated developers team for a startup gets challenging.

Most of the owners are unaware of the trending mobile app development technology. Moreover, the cost is a significant factor for any startup, and therefore, it is advisable to find the right ones for your startup.

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How to Hire a Developer for a Startup?

If you need a pool of talented developers, you can augment your development team and consider getting a freelancer onboard or hiring someone through an outsourcing agency. However, hiring developers through an outsourcing agency is much preferable these days.

How to Hire Offshore Developers for a Startup?

It’s easy-peasy; you can connect with overseas outsourcing companies that are into providing developers. The company will avail you of developers as per your project requirements. Excellent Webworld is one of the top companies that offer dedicated developers to clients.

How to Hire a Programmer for a Startup?

One can connect with the best outsourcing companies and update them with your project requirements. Excellent Webworld is a leading app development company that provides the best set of developers.

How to Hire Remote Developers?

Well, one can search on google, connect with the developer community, and connect with offshore developers. However, the most reliable option among these is choosing offshore developers for your projects.