We are well aware of the wrenching competition in the market. Today, many companies are using newer frameworks to stand out in the market. Moreover, with new frameworks coming into the market, the question stands should one experiment with the new framework and create hurdles? Or, on the other hand, by not using it, one might miss a golden opportunity?

When we talk about the Vue.js framework, its popularity is increasing rapidly. It has even surpassed the rating of Angular JS and React JS.

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Well, if you are not aware of what Vue.js is used for? Then we have covered up all the vital information in this blog. Let’s start by understanding what the Vue.js framework is all about!

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js came into existence in February 2014. In simplest terms, Vue.js is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework with a gentle learning curve.

Evan You develop Vue.js. What’s even more impressive is how the Vue.js idea came into existence. Evan was Google’s employee, as he mainly worked on the AngularJS project. One day Evan thought of creating a lightweight framework. He somehow wanted to extract the excellent part of AngularJS, and as a result, Vue.js was manifested.

In a nutshell, using Vue.js one can build an impressive front-end UI. One can start with simple, and as you march forward, you can use tools to build complex features. This is more clear when you understand the characteristics of Vue.js.

Characteristics of Vue.JS Explained Here

Well, to get an understanding of what Vue.js is used for, you should get a brief overview of the characteristics it possesses. Here we have listed it down for your understanding.

Virtual DOM

Besides the simplicity and scalability, virtual DOM adds to the reason for its growing popularity. When you pass specific changes in the real DOM, the whole page reloads. Thankfully, Virtual DOM passes only necessary changes to the real DOM.

So, now developers can experiment with different designs and work at their best. Moreover, creative websites can be built to impress your users.


With a third-party animated libraries option, one can make an impressive and more interactive user interface. Moreover, if there are any changes in the UI elements, then both designers and developers can quickly attend to it. The reason being there is no coding required for making changes.

Data Binding

The data binding characteristics easily set HTML values; one can modify the style with the data binding element.

What is Vue js used for?

Mainly when we talk about Vue.js, it’s used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. Surprisingly, VueJS can be used for desktop and mobile app development with an electron framework.

Vue.js is like a tool that makes it easier to add features and enhance parts of a project or the whole foundation of one’s web app. The Vue.js library designs make it easier to add interactivity to web applications. It makes things more organized and maintainable.

The sole reason for the high demand for these frameworks is their flexible nature. Don’t worry if you are building a high complexity app, and one can use the Vue.js framework depending upon the requirement of the project. So, you can start simple and then keep adding complex features to it.

Now, the question stands: is the popularity of Vue Js rising among all the other frameworks? If yes, then why is it the most preferred choice these days? Why is there a sudden 40% rise in its demand? Let’s find out in the next section!

Why Is Vue.js Popular?

If you want to understand why Vue.js is becoming popular, you need to understand its respective technologies.

Top Comparison Reactjs vs Angularjs vs Vue.js

Vue.js vs. Angular

As we mentioned earlier, vue.js has sucked up all the good things of Angularjs. Also, more good things are added to it and thus made it inherently better than Angularjs.

So without any doubt, when we compare Vue.js with Angular.js, Vue.js has more following as, in a way, it is a better version of Angular.js.

Vue.js vs. React

But again, when you compare Vue.js with React.js, the latter one is quite popular. Unfortunately, there are fewer downloads of VueJS when compared to react.js. But again, most developers believe that Vue is much easier to use.

Moreover, most of the clients now demand VueJS compared to React Native. For sure, the demand for Vue.js has started booming in the market. Therefore, Vue will continue to grow to surpass the demand for React.js.

Also, when we talk about Reactjs vs. Angularjs vs. Vuejs, one needs to understand the pros and cons of each framework and then decide which one best suits their project requirements. So, there are a few benefits of using vue.js; next, we will discuss when one should be using the Vue.js framework.

When to Choose Vue JS?

Firstly, the main advantage of vue.js is its size-18-21Kb. Secondly, the speed of the framework. Though it is small in size, it offers a high speed. Lastly., its clean code tends to make it the most preferred choice among clients.

Vue.js is a progressive framework. So, it can be used for projects as per the requirements. The framework offers a lightweight library to add some interactivity to a web application. Here are some more reasons why one uses Vue.js for their app development.

Highly Flexible

Well, the nature of Vue.js is highly flexible. So, when we talk about flexibility, we mean to say that it can be used as a library in a project, or one can build a project using all the framework’s features.

Long-Term Benefits

Once your application is deployed, multiple updates come on the way. Interestingly, Vue.js has made it much easier to make updates compared to other frameworks. Moreover, it shows good compatibility with the backend too. As per developers, VueJS works amazingly with laravel in the backend.

Size- Efficient

If you are worried about tweaking the application, Vue.js won’t fail you. Compared to the equivalent frameworks, though VueJS is small in size, it provides better performance. Hence, developers can add new features per the client’s demand with less strain.

Extremely Popular

As time passes, Vue.js is becoming extremely popular. Currently, the demand for React.js is high in the market, but soon, we will observe a paradigm shift from React.Js to Vue.js.

If you are thinking of choosing VueJS for your next web development project, then here are some things you should know about Vue.js.

Hidden Truths about What is Vue JS Used for?

Though Vue.js has been here for several years, it’s still considered a new kid. The one drawback of VueJS is that a big company doesn’t back it up.

Comparatively, other frameworks are backed up by Facebook, and thus this sole reason makes clients not go for Vue.js.

But looking at the growing popularity of these VueJS, soon, any big company would start backing-up Vue. JS framework.

Well, many of the clients come to us and ask about which one is better in Node.js Vs. Vue? We want to clarify this misconception that Node.js is primarily used for the backend, and VueJS is a front-end framework. Similarly, one can even use Node.js with react for web development.

Yes, we can undoubtedly debate about Next.js vs. Vue. Well, Next.js came into existence in 2016, two years after the launch of VueJS. Next.js is also an open-source web development framework of React.js.

As next.js is new in the market, it needs some time to grow. People are shifting from React.js to Vue.js as they have started building confidence in VueJS. Next.js is still growing in the market.

Therefore, the latter wins the race when we talk about Next.js vs. VueJS, as many big companies have started using the Vue.js framework. Let’s have a look at the list of companies here.

What Companies Are Using Vue.js Framework?

Some of the companies using VueJS frameworks are Expedia, IBM, GitLab, Nintendo, Alibaba and much more. These companies are pleased with the simplicity the Vue.js framework offers.

So are you thinking about Vue.js web application development? Are you confused about where one should hire Vue.js app developers?

How To Hire Vue.js Developer?

Without any doubt, today, many big websites are using VueJS. Even if you are not aware what is Vue.js used for? Then judging by the popularity, we can say that it’s safe to use VueJS for your next project.

You need to hire dedicated developers for Vue.js to get the job done. If you can hire the right people, you can turn your idea into reality.

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Well, VueJS is proving to be an excellent open-source front-end library. It aids in building web interfaces and single-page applications. Many big companies are thinking about developing a website with Vue. JS.

As per the GitHub ratings, there are more stars of Vuejs compared to react. Though React holds a strong reputation, the popularity of VueJS is increasing rapidly.

Yes, indeed, Vue.js is exceptionally lightweight and flexible for web development. VueJS can also meet the advanced needs of the website. Also, there are ample benefits of building a website with VueJS.

No, Vue JS is a part of Javascript. Vue is a modern JavaScript framework that provides functional facilities like progressive enhancement.

Vue JS is an open-source front-end javascript framework. It was developed by Evan You in the year 2014. With Vue JS, one can build websites and single-page applications.

Well, the rate of developers varies in different regions. In the USA, hiring a developer is around $100-$250. On the other hand, in India, one would get developers at a cheaper rate; roughly, the hiring charges start from $15.

There are several ways by which one can hire an app developer. For instance, one can connect with freelancers, developers communities, and companies. However, if confused about where to find VueJS experts, the overseas companies are the best among these options.