Most IT companies often outsource app development to India. Do you know why people prefer to outsource mobile app development in India?

Outsourcing any IT Project does not only help you to save your cost overheads. Instead, the expert and skilled developers can build high-quality mobile apps with the latest technological trends for your business that allow you to expand 3 times faster.

In recent times, India has become the top outsourcing service provider based on the per-hour charges than the other leading countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Outsourcing mobile development to India helps businesses to hire web app developers of their choice from the large pool of talented mobile app developers who understand the potential needs of your business clearly and deliver the mobile app that hits the market faster.

So if you are also the one looking to outsource your mobile app and want fast delivery of all the solutions, then India is the highly recommended choice as it offers effective solutions at a competitive price.

Through our years of experience in outsourcing mobile app development projects, we have made a complete guide for new startups and enterprises.

With this guide, you can easily hire the best offshore outsourcing app development company or hire Chief Technical Officer (CTO) without any hassle.

Oftentimes we have been asked questions Like:

  • How to outsource app development projects?
  • What are the problems in outsourcing?
  • How to match the working culture of the outsourcing company?
  • What is better between in-house development vs outsourcing?
  • What is the outsourcing app development cost?
  • What is better between in-house development vs outsourcing?
  • What does outsourcing app development cost?
  • What is the app development process?

The article will cover all the important aspects regarding the benefits of outsourcing IT companies and how you can find the best outsourcing company in India for your IT project and also how much it costs if you outsource app development to India.

But first thing first!

What Is Outsourcing Mobile App Development?

In a nutshell, IT Outsourcing is the process by which an organization uses an outside resource to perform IT functions that can’t be managed by their company or team.

Similarly, outsourcing app development means hiring an offshore IT outsourcing company to complete your mobile app development project or any other software development project.

For example, you are a leading IoT or embedded Product engineering company and one of your existing clients wants to build an app but you don’t have specialization in that particular app development. Likewise, perhaps you wish to expand your clientele by taking advantage of IT Services outsourcing opportunities.

Enters IT Outsourcing!

To meet the need of the client you decide to hire the Best Mobile App Development Company as an outsourcing company. Now, you come to a decision of working together with a mutual agreement on terms and conditions.


One of the big risks of employing an outsourcing strategy is security and confidentiality as you have to share the client’s vital data with another company.

To avoid this problem I have listed some pointers on how to outsource app development in India and around the globe.

Why Outsource Mobile App Development to India?

The global business process outsourcing market size was USD 261.9 billion in 2022 and it is expected to reach USD 280.6 billion in 2023.

It’s huge!

Therefore, looking for software outsourcing services and outsourcing software development makes sense.

There are countless reasons for outsourcing IT services but some of the most common reasons include:

  • To decrease operating costs
  • Enhancing company focus
  • Freeing house resources and investing them into another task
  • Getting access to world-class capabilities
  • Sharing risks with a partner company

How to Outsource App Development to India in 2024?

Enough of the introductions! Let us move forward and discuss the reasons why we are here.

Here are the tips for hiring an IT Outsourcing Company to India for outsourcing iPhone & Android app development projects.

1: Find Out the Requirements for Your App

Before you approach any IT company to outsource an app development Project Know your app.

Figure out what you want to have in your app. There is no point of proceeding further until you know these questions;

  • What platform do I want to make this app in; Native or cross-platform?
  • Do you want login features?
  • Does this app need Geolocation?
  • Have I considered in-app purchases?
  • Do you want a free version and a premium version for monetizing the app?
  • Will this app require social media integration?
  • Is there any requirement for Payment Gateways?

Once, you have cleared your mind with these questions you can move forward to find a developer or app development company.

2: Find an Outsourcing App Company for App Development

Apparently, knowing the type of your app leads to the selection of a suitable developer.

Have a look for a developer according to your app’s needs. For instance, if your app is compatible with iOS App development, then you definitely need a developer having a tangible background in the iOS platform.

The same can be applied to Android and Hybrid app development.

It’s entirely up to you which platform you are considering hiring app developers. You can post your requirement on and Upwork or you can find the best outsourcing App Development company for outsourcing app Development projects who has dedicated a team of developers, Designers, QA, and marketing as well.

The former is a little bit risky and cannot be relied on. The latter is an appropriate option for seamless project completion.

It’s your decision, whether your project needs a whole dedicated development team or a freelancer developer.

3: Talk With the Potential Bidder and Arrange an Interview

It is best practice to know your developer or App developer before he starts working on your project.

Communicate with him/her on Skype instead of messaging services. Email takes too much time to arrive at a conclusion. Hence, video conferencing is the best and ultimate solution to get acquainted yourself with the IT outsourcing company or its developer.

Schedule an interview on Skype or in person if possible. Ask the developer about his/her previous work in mobile app development. If they have testimonials regarding their former work it’s worth examining those too. Know if the developer has devices updated with the latest OS to check the responsiveness of the mobile app.

Look for a more responsive and engaging developer, if he/she is someone who doesn’t appear on your scheduled call, then it may be a warning sign for you.

Above all, if you find an outsource app development company trustworthy, then you can discuss NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) terms and discussion.

4: Visit the Firm Physically

Virtual talk is ok but visiting the IT firm physically is the best practice to avoid any scams.

Try to drop around to see if the company is real or fake.

You need to glance at the infrastructure of the company and company culture. For instance; their interaction with different teams and the tools they are using for designing.

Most importantly, scrutinize the review on trustable review websites like a clutch. Explore top services and solutions for your business before hiring for your outsourcing work.

5: Negotiate

Once, you find a trustworthy developer you can proceed further for negotiating for a price. Sometimes a bidder or application development outsourcing company may ask for a higher rate than you have set.

Don’t discard them suddenly.

It is possible they have legit work records and they may deserve the amount they are asking. Focus on their ability to handle the project. It will help you in long term benefits and will have a comfortable time working together.

Don’t ignore the vice-versa situation as well. Few companies with less experience and skills might get ready to work at low prices as well.

6: Milestone and Monitoring the Work

After you hire dedicated developers, it is your task to push them for following the project timeline breakdown.

You need to establish the milestone to complete at a particular time. It will give you supervision on your whole project and its progress.

Fix the dates if not milestones for smoother outsource app development. Keep in touch with the developer on the decided date to follow up on your project. It helps you to test modules and features, and follow the beta stage of development.

Pro tip: Don’t try to micro-manage everything. It sometimes reduces the efficiency of the hired developer which will ultimately harm your project.

7: Test and App Release

If you have successfully come to the end of the project, the last work is the mobile application. testing. Ask your hired developer or IT Company to go through every possible test result and try to eliminate all the bugs and release the app.

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How much does it cost to outsource app development in India?

Finding a realistic price band for your app is imperative. After all your app is a long-time investment.

Mostly, the app price may range from $10k to $70k.

  • Basic app- $5k
  • Complex app-$50k

The cost to outsource app development work or Complete IT projects depends on lots of factors. Such as

  • Geographical area of the company
  • Indonesia- $20 per hour
  • US or Canada- $20 to $250 per hour
  • Features included
  • Types of the app
  • India- $20 to $30 per hour
  • Eastern Europe-$20 to $110 per hour
  • Time to develop an app (after all time is money!)
  • Number of resources required
  • The functionality of the app

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Outsource App Development to India

Outsourcing mobile app development is the most appreciated method and is admired by many businesses.

There are many advantages you gain if you outsource app development Services; time-saving, and freeing up some time for pre-launch and marketing efforts are one of them.

What are your views on outsourcing App development projects?

What have you experienced from your past IT outsourcing experience?

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