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JavaScripts are ruling the tech world!!!

Hence; MEAN Stack Developers are high in demand. MEAN stack development has become the first choice for startups and enterprises of the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Wondering the reason? Keep reading the blog till the end, and you will be an instant expert in all the aspects of MEAN stack Development.

In this blog, you will get detailed answers to the questions like

Let’s Start With The Most Basic And Most Frequently Asked Question: What Is MEAN Stack Development?

What Is MEAN Stack Development?

MEAN is a stack of dynamic JavaScript technologies that make flexible and reliable web applications. This open source package has combined the best four web development elements. All these four elements offer a Full Stack Development environment for the JavaScript developers.
What Is MEAN Stack Development?
MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database which uses JSON-style documents for the data representation. In simple words; MongoDB stores the database of the application. Moreover; MongoDB scales productivity with its flexible document model.

Firstly; it was designed to store big data and queries for social media applications. However; due to its versatility it can be used for almost any scale of data storage.


ExpressJS is an HTTP Server Framework provides useful modules and components for the web application. It provides a simple interface that allows the developer to make simple endpoints and cookie handling. In easy terms, express.js adds robust features to the application.

It is used to build web apps based on servers that respond to the client’s request for any input or connection.


AngularJS is a frontend JS framework that develops complex client-side applications with modular code and data binding UI. It is maintained by Google and is used to develop a single page application with the use of the MVC architecture.

The best way to explain AngularJS is it allows the application to have an expanded HTML library.


Node.js is an open source, cross-platform web development framework used for building robust web applications.

It compiles the JavaScript code to native machine code before the execution of the application. The support for rich JavaScript modules and libraries makes it suitable for real-time applications.

However; the most popular and original question is: What is mean stack developer?

MEAN Stack developer is a programmer with deep knowledge and experience on all the elements of MEAN Stack.

Furthermore; in the MEAN Stack development process each one of the above technologies has a significant role.

Let’s have a look at how MEAN stack development services take place.

The Process of MEAN Stack Web Application

The Process of MEAN Stack Web Application
Although the image above is self-explanatory; let’s understand it with an example.

For instance; a client needs data of a user from their web application. The client just has to add the username and password in the UI and a request is sent to the server using Angular JS. The server of Nodejs will parse the request and check the login details and forward it to ExpressJS. Then ExpressJS will search for the details in the database of MongoDB.

MongoDB will look forward to the matching set of login credentials and then transfer the details required to the ExpressJS. Expresses will return the database output to the NodeJS server and NodeJS server will process the request to Angular JS. Finally, AngularJS will display a response to the client.

The Future Scope of MEAN Stack Development Solutions and Some Real Time Examples

There are no second thoughts on the future scope of Mean stack Development.

It will soon cover the entire web and mobile app development solutions. Have a look at some of the reliable Mean Stack Development Solutions:

World’s leading brands are relying on MEAN stack development:

The Benefits Of Choosing MEAN Stack Development Services

Wondering why use the MEAN stack for your project? Here is the list of benefits provided by MEAN Stack Development Company:

Support of MVC architecture

MEAN stack provides the support of model view controller architecture to make the development process hustle free. MVC architecture integrates with the JavaScript framework to support asynchronous technique allowing developers to develop an application that loads faster.

Isomorphic Code

MEAN based apps are very flexible to code because of the same JavaScript around the application. Moving code from Nodejs to Angular js is very easy using MEAN. Additionally, you don’t have to hire specialists of front-end, backend and other languages, a single JavaScript developer can successfully handle the entire project using MEAN Stack.

Cloud Compatibility

MongoDB implements cloud functionalities within the app, the M in MEAN reduces the cost of disk space. MongoDB spreads across the cluster of client-server and offers failure support and automatic replication. It allows easy to develop, host and test apps on the cloud.

JSON for the entire development process

All the four components of MEAN stack uses JSON, as a result, the data flow neatly among all the layers with no rewriting or reformatting. The same JSON format is used for the data on the client side as well as on the backend side, as a result, making the process much smoother.

Some Of The Best Features Of MEAN Stack

  • End-to-end development processes based on the JavaScript language
  • Single page web applications
  • Code-reusability and flexible environment
  • MEAN web development has tools for front-end and back-end data processing
  • Extensive library and great support for the developer community
  • Event-driven and scalable architecture
  • Free, open-source, and reliable framework for web and app development
  • Highly efficient and robust performance with 4 power-packed technologies

Full stack vs MEAN stack

Let’s quickly check out the difference between Full stack development and MEAN stack development. Instead of writing a long thesis the below image will explain it in an easy way.

Let's compare MEAN with its biggest competitor “LAMP”

Comparison of LAMP and MEAN stack will clear your mind about making the right choice for your web app. The difference between LAMP and MEAN stack will support your thoughts of MEAN for web application development.

Now that we have gathered all the information about the MEAN stack, let’s jump into the world of MEAN stack developers. Hiring MEAN stack developers require dedicated to research and patience.

What to look for in a MEAN stack developer

Check out some of the must-have qualities of a Freelance MEAN Stack Developer:
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript and AngularJS
  • Strong experience of SQL Server
  • Deep understanding of Javascripts frameworks like Node.js & ExpressJS
Awareness of Agile or Scrum development methodologies.

Exposure of tools like Git, Github, JIRA etc

  • Experience in building a responsive website and applications
  • Defined experience of multi-tiered development from front-end to backend

Which are the best MEAN stack interview questions?

Now this section is for the readers who want to hire MEAN Stack developers as well as MEAN Stack developers. Here are a few MEAN stack interview questions:

What is Express.js?

It is one of the common and generally used web systems in Node.js advancement zone. ExpressJS allows you to deal with Routes, Server, and I/O things simply.

What are the best features of the Node.js?

Node.js utilizes JavaScript as its scripting language. It is highly scalable and uses asynchronous, event-driven I/O instead of a separate process.

What is the key difference between AngularJS and Node.js?

The former is a Web application development framework while the latter is Node.js is a runtime system.

How to differentiate among Node.js, AJAX, and JQuery?

Mainly these three technologies are the advance implementation of JavaSript. However, they work in a different way to fulfill a different purpose.

What is Event-driven Programming?

It’s programming worldview in which the stream of the program is controlled events like Message from different projects or strings. It is a method separated into two parts.

  • Event selection
  • Event handling

Describe callback in Node.js?

Callback in Node.js is called toward the culmination of given errand. It lets other codes to keep running and keeps any blocking. In addition, Node.js depends on callback. All APIs of Node.js is comprised to aid callbacks.
Want to learn MEAN stack? Here are the best MEAN Stack tutorials for beginners and experts.

Learning MEAN Stack is quite difficult because you need to learn MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.  What’s the other option? Outsource your MEAN Stack Project to an expert team of developers.

How you can Hire the Offshore MEAN Stack Developers

How you can Hire the Offshore MEAN Stack Developers

Offshore MEAN stack developers can consume a lot of your time. The process of hiring MEAN stack developers & Programmers can be constrained into five major steps

These are the five simple steps that will help you to hire MEAN stack developers. But one major step is to decide from where you will hire the Remote MEAN Stack Developer. If you have plenty of time, then you can research it on Google and various freelancing platforms.

But if you want your project to get completed on time, then you can Hire Remote Mean Stack Developers. Discuss your project requirements now and you can select your developer by interviewing several developers.

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