Android vs iOS – Difference and Comparison in 2021

In today’s emerging world of technology, it is vital for businesses to choose the appropriate tech platform for their businesses to grow rapidly.

Particularly, businesses need to consider having a good tech background to have a strong toehold in the market. They need to think not only from their perspective but also from the customer’s perspective as well. Above all, they need to contemplate all the tech platforms that can help them into better approachability with their customer.

Businesses can choose a different mobile application platform to create their business application. For instance, they can go for Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

Above all, the Android platform and iOS platform are a prime choice for their business app development. Speaking about these two platforms, they have been leading mobile application development market by far margin than their contemporaries.

However, the debates over which platform are the best for business mobile application are never-ending. There is an ongoing battle between iOS vs android development.

Having an application for any business is proved to be essential, but to decide the platform is a tough job. Whether it is Android or iOS each platform has its own feature and importance. Businesses are confused about selecting the right audience to get the best investment for their money in order to get best marketing for their brand.

According to Statista report, in March 2019, Google’s Android has a market share of 75.8%, whereas Apple’s iOS had a market share of 22.9 %.

Well, we don’t want you to take a decision regarding OS platforms based on these statistics only. You need to consider the following comparison of Andriod vs iOS to know which platform to opt for your mobile application.

The battle of which platform is better for mobile app development between iOS vs android development has increased dramatically. One small question that arises in everyone’s mind is; why iOS is better than Android?

To get a clear picture of which platform is appropriate for businesses between Android vs iOS development, let’s consider some of the aspects of mobile app development platform.

Consider the Following Comparison to Select Which Platform to Opt for the Mobile App Design.

Revenue model

Revenue generated by the mobile application has been growing more rapidly. So the right revenue model for businesses is vital and essential to be on the top of the hierarchy. Both, the iOS platform and Android platform use their own revenue model.

Google and Apple are representing their approaches by the revenue models of Android and iOS. The number of paid apps in ios is the reason for generating more revenue where comparatively android supports a higher percentage of ad-supported apps.


The locations you want to target with your application is an imperative decision to make. As a result, you have to consider the most famous platform in that particular area so that you can cover numbers of users.

Android has the largest platform share focusing on lower incomes and developing countries while iOS users have higher income, higher education level and can spend more on the app. This doesn’t indicate that people with higher incomes don’t have android phones.

User Loyalty

Another factor, which is important to scrutinize when comparing Android vs iOS development, is customer’s loyalty to their brand. For example, 92% of iPhone users say that they wouldn’t buy devices from another manufacturer. In contrast, it isn’t the same for Android users.


Fragmentation is the phenomenon occurs when some numbers of mobile users are running an older version of OS, while other users who are running on a newer version. Fragmentation can be a problem for software developers who have to create the same application for the different version of the OS of the same platform.

There are hundreds of devices that use android which makes the device fragmentation for the android worse. While in comparison there are limited numbers of devices supporting iOS following the strict guidelines of how to interact with each other.

Apple has total control over its software and devices by designing its hardware and software by its own. iPhone Development is cheaper due to investment in art resizing and testing costs.

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Design Guidelines

The clearer guidelines provided by Google means that Android developers have to work hard to keep up. Google gives more guidance and documentation for material design as a result android comes on the top.

While iOS design is less clearly defined and it generally involves the use of negative spaces, large images, and transitions.

Tablet Apps VS iPad Apps

iOS is dominating the tablet market it is a proven fact especially for business users. It’s common that a person with an Android smartphone uses an iPad as their tablet. Android tablets are not professionally used for businesses. You will have to work hard to find a tablet in a meeting room.

Enterprise Apps

The more locked-down iOS compared to open android has pushed iOS to be known as the more secure option. Mobile device management providers are managing iOS devices and apps by their more sophisticated tools.

The iOS developer enterprise program and its volume purchase program helped iOS in focusing businesses.

Time and Cost

The development time for the iOS platform and Android platform is approximately the same.

But, in Android, due to mobile device fragmentation, it takes more time to develop the same application for different versions of the OS.

Conversely, in the iOS platform, the hardware and software are totally controlled by Apple so there is no issue of Fragmentation. Consequently, the cost of Android development is higher than iOS development.

Overall, businesses should consider the above-mentioned aspects to know the Android vs iOS pros and cons. Though, you might be confused about the thing that; Android vs iOS development – which is easier? Let’s get an answer for the same!

When to Choose Android?

You can choose an Android platform because sometimes users want to replace the software that came with the original device with custom ROM.

This is changing the operating system with a new operating system. Many Android users do that because the manufacturer is slow to upgrade the newer version of the operating system. Additionally Android provides a number of free applications and games. Therefore, users would prefer Android over iOS.

If you are targeting for the audience by focusing on developing nations especially or urban environments then Android can work. Android apps also work well when you want full control over all hardware and software elements, or you want to customize an element of Android’s operating system which is not available on iOS. Then android goes well.

When to Choose iOS?

iOS provides stable and flexible development tools. Moreover, there are a lesser number of devices in the iOS platform.

Therefore, there is no need for changing resolution and size repeatedly. Consequently, it will help the developers to make applications easily. Which is why iOS is better than android.

If you are on a good budget and also want to have a richer audience for your app then you must go with the iOS platform to build your app on.

Further iOS would be a feasible choice if you need to build an app for Tablets or iPads. iOS comes with more innovative features and functionality and if you are looking for something new-fangled then iOS will help you to serve an absolutely unique experience to your customers.

Still confused about which platform to select? Feel free to drop us any query related to iOS or Android app development. We are free to help with our experience and expertise in mobile app development.