Is it possible that a mobile phone works for years without any upgrades?

Absolutely Not!

Every smartphone keeps updating according to new technologies and software launched. Just like every device needs to be synchronized with new versions, similarly, developing a mobile application needs a budget with the app maintenance costs too.

Practically it is impossible for an mobile app to keep running without any maintenance. We are sure you must be relaxed after developing an app with all the possible safety and security features. Isn’t it?

Well, building an app alone does not mean that your work is done. Everyone today should understand the importance of mobile app development for startups or even well-built brands. There are a few companies that have already created a mobile application. Seeing an application go live after months of effort in developing a perfect app feels amazing.

However, after building a mobile app, you need to maintain the app. Inadequate app maintenance can be a reason behind your app failure. Though the cost to maintain an app draws some extra money, it is worth it.

Let us reveal why the maintenance of an app is important.

Is Mobile App Maintenance Important – How?

If you feel that creating an app, marketing the app in the right way, publishing in the app store and play store is all you need to increase our revenue, then you are slightly mistaken here.

Ofcourse, maintenance of an app is necessary to keep the application running smoothly. It helps in reducing the glitches and upgrading the user experience, etc. The development budget should also include the maintenance costs to prevent any glitches in future.

Let’s discuss why app maintenance is important.

Prevent any flickering issues

With emerging technologies, manufacturers are introducing new smartphones. (Number of smartphone users in the US is expected to reach 311 million by 2025) The app created may become incompatible with the new upgrade. It might result in security concerns, designing, etc. Timely maintenance of the app will prevent such issues much before they occur.

Upgrade UX/UI trends

A developer needs to stay updated with the latest designs. The app industry is revolutionizing, and sometimes it’s the features that need a change or the UI looks. Hence, the secret to an app’s success is its design and the smooth functioning of the features. Ensure that your target customers are able to use the app freely.

Timely change and maintenance of the app help in:

  • Better relationships with the users
  • Get feedback from the users
  • Increases user retention
  • Customer loyalty

Now imagine, if you are achieving such benefits, it’s worth investing in the post-development costs of maintaining an app. With time you can remove the unused elements from the app or add new features as per current trends.

Upgrade features

If it’s your first time creating an app, understand the developers’ costs and include the maintenance services. If you have already developed an app, reach out to the best mobile app development company for further help.

Whenever you plan the cost of launching an app or running an app, ensure that you focus on curtailing downtimes and minimizing the users’ uninstallations. The only way to keep the users connected with the app is to have an appealing UI/UX.

For example:
Whatsapp downloads – 5 billion
Snapchat downloads – 1 billion
Uber downloads – 500 million

What keeps them on the top list is the user experience and features they offer.

However, to check what users use the most, use app analytics. This will help you decide which features to keep and which ones to remove. Do not make drastic changes as they may have a negative effect.

Note: If you want your app to list on top, it needs to be updated at least once a year.

Get rid of downtimes

The downtime of an app is a nightmare to any business and the developer. It can drastically affect the revenue. Regular updates on technology, preventing hacking attempts, compatibility, and an easy user experience will avoid such downtimes.

Ensure Payment gateways are hassle-free

If you own a retail business or if your business requires some payment procedure, ensure that your app follows quick and easy payment protocols. This feature is not only for businesses to receive payments securely but for the users to have the security of their banking details as well. Plan the cost of google apps for business, including the best-secured payment gateways under the budget of app maintenance costs.

Now that you know why mobile app maintenance is dominant, you may be thinking how much it would cost? Let’s deep dive into the cost of app maintenance.

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain an App?

Well, figuring out the exact application maintenance cost is difficult. It is tricky as it involves numerous factors and aspects mentioned below.

  • The cost of hiring an app developer or hiring a mobile app development company adds to the cost of developing an app.
  • The average cost of creating an app includes app maintenance too.
  • Approximately it takes 20% of developing an app for its maintenance.
  • If you have a native iOS or an Android app, it may cost you a little more. Also, it depends on the mobile app development technology you choose.

However, if you are yet to develop an app, discuss the app idea with the app development company, and ensure that all the above points are covered including the app maintenance costs.

Point to Consider While Discussing App Maintenance Costs

Point to Consider App Maintenance Costs

Here are some of the factors that you should consider while discussing the expenses for app maintenance.

Start With Hosting

Hosting is a recurring cost, and your app cannot work without it. With hosting, you can add multiple features provided by hosting sites like Hostwinds, Hostinger Bluehost web hosting, etc.


Google Analytics is a tool that helps to detect bugs, crashes, glitches, etc. It gives you insights on how to make better decisions. You may find free tools but invest in some of the paid tools that are helpful in providing critical insights. Make a wise decision and invest in tools that suit your business needs.

Costs of Making An App


Bug fixing is the major reason for any app update. If you check your mobile apps, you will find updated versions on the store. Similarly, your app will also need updated versions to fix bugs or enhance the UX. If you need a functional aspect or need to fix more than one bug, the cost would depend on many factors.

Customer support

Imagine you are using an app, and suddenly the app is disrupted. Wouldn’t you get angry? Likewise, what if you are the users who use your app and have complaints? Voice their concerns, address them and give them a pleasant experience by solving them. It incurs more costs but fetches you a lot of positive reviews.

Marketing and Security

Invest in marketing campaigns and other activities to retain the users. Many free tools are used for marketing, but some of the paid tools give you good results. Get your marketing team in sync and plan accordingly.

While considering the cost of app maintenance, include the app security. All the users are always concerned about the information they have given. Ensure to protect the sensitive data and let the developers track all the privacy concerns.

Therefore, include all the above points while pondering the app maintenance cost. Ofcourse, you may not be worried about the increase in the budget to develop an app and maintain it. Read further about how to reduce the cost of app maintenance.

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How to Breakdown the Mobile App Development & Maintenance Cost?

Well, there are certain ways to reduce app development cost and maintenance cost. Deep dive to get more insights.

Choose the right mobile app development platform

There are multiple platforms to develop an app which may affect the cost and time. Today, you may select either a native or hybrid app development platform for your app.

Native apps are single platform specific, where mobile apps are developed under different platforms like iOS and Android. These apps offer special features as developers focus only on one operating system. These apps are fast and consume less space than hybrid apps.

Whereas, Hybrid apps are cross-platform apps that are easy to maintain and cost-effective. Having multiple features on one platform will save on the maintenance costs of developing and managing the app.

Add the best features only

Users will never use all the features of any app. So, it is advisable to invest only in those features that the users best use. This helps reduce the developers’ time in adding extra features while developing the app and the maintenance cost.

Therefore, research on the user concerns and get the best features on the app. There is always a possibility to upgrade and add extra features later according to the feedback of the users.

Hire an experienced app maintenance team

One person cannot handle everything. So, you need to invest to hire app developers to manage the task effectively. Discuss the maintenance strategy with their app development team related to expenses and the cost of maintaining your app.

Picking on these few factors will help in reducing the cost. In the end, it’s not only about developing an app but fixing the bugs, adding features, making improvements and updates, addressing user issues that will ultimately draw the attention of users.

Are you looking forward to sustaining your app?

Focusing on an app’s functionality after its release is the most important thing for your business. If you have already developed an app or looking forward to developing a new one, seek help from a mobile app development company. To discuss more on your app idea and its cost to maintain, contact Excellent Webworld as we ensure the long-term sustainability of your mobile app within your budget.

Summing Up: App Maintenance Costs

Did you like reading the post?

We hope that the above information has given you everything that you were looking for. The app maintenance cost is important to discuss while developing your app. Though considering all the above points would be a wise decision.

Top app development companies are applying these above points while building an app for their clients. Following the standard procedures and discussing your plan with the developers can help you keep the minimum cost.

Besides, if you want to get a quick estimate on app maintenance costs, get in touch with the best app development company. They will give you a ballpark figure on the entire cost.


Do apps need maintenance?

Of course, yes! Apps do need maintenance, let it be a native or hybrid app. There are multiple factors that are involved in developing an app, and all of it needs timely up-gradation and maintenance to keep it running without any errors. Regular maintenance becomes vital to protect your app.

How much does it cost to keep an app running?

Today, the cost of running an app depends on the mobile app development company that you have hired. They are eligible to give you a clear picture of how much app development would cost and how much it would cost to maintain the app.

What is included in mobile app maintenance?

Mobile app maintenance usually includes a gamut of procedures to follow for a seamless bug-free working of an app. App maintenance includes monitoring,  refining, updating and fixing the bugs and elements to ensure hassle-free user experience.

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