Let’s have a look into the top trending apps of 2024 that are sorted by the types of businesses and industries and are the most downloaded apps in the world.

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What is the difference between a successful entrepreneur and a dreamer?


An entrepreneur is a dreamer who worked for the dream.

Top trending apps like Uber, Amazon, Netflix were also dreams but today they all are successful enterprises. Building a successful mobile app startup is your dream; but what’s your action plan?

To begin with, let’s have a look at some interesting mobile app statistics:

  • There were 8 million apps available on the Google play store in the first quarter of 2019.
  • The number of mobile apps downloaded in 2021 was 230 Billion.
  • Consumers will spend over 170 billion dollars on mobile apps via the App Store and Google Play Store by 2025.

These statistics are one of the major reason that app store is over flooded with trending mobile apps.

If you are also among the wannabe entrepreneurs waiting for the motivation and new trending app ideas then today is your lucky day and you have landed on the right blog. I am going to cover the top trending applications ideas in all the major categories to help you select your niche. If you are a little more curious about mobile apps and want to learn about top trending apps by location and profession, then some websites provide complete information about various apps.

What Are The Top Trending Apps in 2024?

Here is the list of top trending apps of 2024 in USA, India, UK, Dubai, Canada, Philippines, and South Africa across different categories:

Most Popular Business Apps Trending in 2024

Slack App Logo

1. Slack App

The most popular business app is mainly for team collaboration & communication in large enterprises and small businesses. Slack helps employees to manage their to-do list, and arrange conversations by topics, projects, groups or any other category.

Make an app slack and your team members can edit and share documents, integrate the workflow and use the services and tools of Google Drive, Zendesk, Dropbox, Salesforce etc.

Salesforce App Logo

2. Salesforce App

The Salesforce app helps business owners, employees, and the administrative department to manage the business process from anywhere. The famous business app provides the access to productivity tools, CRM data, and existing customizations easily.

Leverage our mobile application development services to create an app like salesforce and close your deals faster. With salesforce, you can complete sales tasks and take actions instantly.

HotSchedules App Logo

3. HotSchedules App

Another best trending app in business category to collaborate with the team members and schedule the tasks. Your team members can easily work-life balance with automatic time-off requests and pickups requests along with easy swap up and shift release.

Your team members can update their manager-approved changes in the schedule by syncing their phone calendars and notifications with the HotSchedules app.

Trending Education Apps in 2024

Coursera App

1. Coursera App

Build an app like Coursera and redefine the way we learn; Coursera is a leading education mobile app with a complete catalogue of 2600+ courses in 11+ topics. The app provides video lectures, assignments and certificates for easy anytime-anywhere access.

Coursera also provides paid courses and degrees at rates, which are easily affordable.

education app like Classplash

2. Classplash App

This app is introducing revolution in the music education with a range of best educational mobile apps. Classplash group has launched four applications till now and all the apps are serving a unique way to learn musical instruments.

Classplash have achieved more than 6 awards including two awards from Microsoft Corporation.

education app like Proloquo2Go

3. Proloquo2Go App

Proloquo2Go is one of the top trending apps for those students who cannot speak; the app is a powerful tool to help people improve their communication skills and language development. Everything can be customized in the app easily from a vocabulary of 10,000+ words to appearance of the app.

This is an Augmented and Alternative Communication app helpful for the people suffering from Down syndrome, Autism, cerebral palsy etc.

Brainly App

4. Brainly App

Brainly is a go-to app for high school and college students in helping with homework. The brainly app is a knowledge-sharing platform with solutions to more than 12 subjects, including computer technology and biology. Moreover, the app proffers learning in any language of your choice.

The experts will be there to solve queries at any time, and the answers are thoroughly verified and updated regularly. So, without any trouble, you can find solutions to the questions and not forget at a blazing fast speed.

Quizlet App

5. Quizlet App

Quizlet is a unique edtech app among the other online learning platforms. As the name itself suggests, It enables learning through quizzes and flashcards. Besides that, the app lets people create their flashcards and study materials or utilize flashcards created by other students. 

With the flashcards app like Quizlet, people get a chance to learn history and science with highly effective practices.

Let’s innovate in education! Partner with us to develop your educational app and inspire minds.

Best Entertainment Apps for iOS & Android 2024

Entertainment App like Netflix

1. Netflix App

Best Video Streaming Services app like Netflix has redefined the definition of the entertainment app development industry; with a vast variety of movies, TV shows, and Netflix original series. The video streaming app displays a special recommendation for the user as per the previous movie or episodes you have watched.

The best part of Netflix is a safe-watching experience for kids with a family-friendly entertainment option.

Make an app like Netflix and it can be a Great Startup Idea for enterprises, Businesses and startup Investors.

Entertainment App like Dubsmash

2. Dubsmash App

Dubsmash is a social video app, which allows the users to create, lip-sync videos with their favorite songs, quotes or dialogues. The music video app allows users to share the dubs with their friends and families on other platforms and messengers.
Dubsmash and Tik Tok (Musical.ly) apps have introduced a new category of apps: Trending Social Video Apps.

Entertainment App like XBOX

3. XBOX App

The Most popular Gaming app in 2024 allows the users to control their Xbox one from the app, stay connected to the gaming community anytime anywhere, and buy new games from the store. The gaming app also have multi-user conversations in group messaging to connect the gamers with the gaming community.

The Xbox live will let you see what your friends are up to in the gaming zone.

Spotify App

4. Spotify App

Spotify is a music streaming app that allows users to groove on their favorite songs for free. The app is a complete package of great music with personalized recommendations for its users. Spotify app updates its features with innovative features now and then.

The users can create playlists, listen in their preferred language, or listen to their favorite artist’s songs. Moreover, it also supports wearable devices, so check out your device compatibility with Spotify.

Disney+ App

5. Disney+ App

Just launched in 2019, Disney+ app is winning people’s hearts with its video-on-demand streaming service. It offers a lot of options to watch family-based movies and shows. There is hardly any content for adults, but cartoons for kids are abundantly available to download and watch unlimited. 

There is a premium subscription that users can avail of to get access to more content. The subscription is monthly or on an annual basis.

Groovepad App

6. Groovepad App

Groovepad app is the best app for music lovers. It lets users compose songs and get rolling in the music world. The users can search for music from the already available extensive music collection in 19 distinct languages.

The app also allows you to learn music composing techniques. Just pick your music genre and tap the app to create your first song.

Start creating your entertainment app today and bring your vision to life with our expert team.

Best Food & Drink Apps in 2024

Ubereats App

1. Ubereats App

Ubereats is one of the top online food delivery apps, which allows the users to order food for anyone at anytime and from anywhere. The users can browse the app as per the restaurants, food, cuisine or location.

The top online food delivery app has tracking feature, which helps the user to know the status of the order. If you want to build an app like Ubereats then read the detailed blog here.

Food and Drink App like Instacart

2. Instacart App

The Instacart app is for the users to get their groceries delivered at their home or any other place in just an hour. The user can pick their favorite supermarket and order their groceries from one click and can chat directly with their shopper.

Users can go group shopping with friends, coworkers and families from the group carts option. Check the detailed blog here.

Food and Drink App like Mealime

3. Mealime App

If you are looking for the best trending apps in the fitness or food section then Mealime is the ideal option. Mealime is an app to simplify meal plans and healthy eating habits with hassle-free and step-by-step cooking instructions.

The users don’t have to worry about what to eat and what to cook with a personalized weekly meal plan along with the recipe.

Doordash App

4. Doordash App

Doordash is a popular food delivery app that allows users to have their favorite meal delivered at their convenient time and place. Numerous unique restaurants are partnering with the DoorDash app

The trending delivery app is housing their delivery men. So, the restaurants only have to focus on the food preparation part while the delivery thing is taken care of by DoorDash. So, when you get hungry, order your favorite meal and wait for the food to arrive at your doorstep. Would you like to know how to build an delivery app like DoorDash?

Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2024

Health and Fitness App like Sleep cycle

1. Sleep Cycle App

Sleep cycle app uses sound analysis sleep tracking to track your sleep pattern and wake up in a natural way. The user can check their daily sleep graph and statistics; you can compare their sleep statistics with world sleep statistics.

Users can also integrate the app with Apple Watch.

Health and Fitness App like MyFitnessPal

2. MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal App is the top Health and fitness app; with 350+ exercises and workouts. The users can easily log their exercise patterns and daily steps. The app can be connected with other devices and apps like Runtastic, Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin etc.

To keep the user motivated; My fitness pal provides progress charts and graphs.

health and fitness app

3. Calm App

Calm is awarded as the happiest app in the world by Human Tech. It is the best-trending app for meditation and mindfulness and helps the users to be clearer in mind. Calm has exclusive music, which is engineered to assist the users to focus, sleep or relax.

The app has 7 days and 21 programs for advanced users as well as for beginners.

Strava App

4. Strava App

Strava is the top app that analyzes your racing activities, cycling speed, and much more. There are various features like real-time live performance tracking, heart rate monitoring, and speed evaluating activities to help you with the utmost workout monitoring capabilities. 

Regularize your workout sessions by switching to the trending fitness-tracking Strava app.

Babylon App

5. Babylon App

With the Babylon App, users can consult a doctor at any time. The patients and doctors can meet through calls or messages from the app itself. 

So, if a patient encounters any health problems, they can connect to health experts who are already registered within the app. Moreover, all your past health problems and prescriptions are kept as records to access them when you require them.

FirstLine Benefits App

6. FirstLine Benefits App

FirstLine Benefits app ranks as one of the top trending apps for its various features. You can manage your health-related benefits efficiently. 

Besides that, buy your medical essentials or get adequate health treatment from the app. The app also offers credits to its members to check and spend as per their needs. Apart from that, the app also has a feature where you can do in-store medicine shopping.

GoogRx App

7. GoogRx App

GoodRx is an excellent app to save huge on prescriptions. 

It allows you to check the rates and information of every pharmacy in the USA. Let me tell you that the price of the same medicine at various drugstores varies. So to keep your eyes open, the GoodRx app comes to the rescue.

Enter the medicine name and location, and let the app do wonders for finding the pricing.

Keto App

8. Keto App

Get acquainted with the top trending health app, the Keto app, to monitor consumption and keep your diet plan in line. The app lets you check daily doses of calories, fats, carbs, and protein to help maintain your keto diet accordingly. 

And the best part is that the app doesn’t stop guiding you until you reach a specific goal with your diet plan.

FitOn App

9. FitOn App

Ease your home workout sessions with the FitOn app. Use any screen – phone, tablet, or Television to make your workout sessions comfortable. 

Pilates can practice workout sessions without requiring gyming equipment with the app. Moreover, the app also has meditation sessions that help with better breathing and sleep to reduce anxiety-related problems.

Best Online Shopping Apps in India, USA 2024

Amazon App

1. Amazon App

Amazon app is an all-inclusive international shopping app, which sells almost everything. The app provides easy payment options like local currency, cash on delivery and international credit cards, etc. users can compare the price instantly and check the availability of products.

Amazon app has the latest features like visual search and voice shopping.

Cars.com App

2. Cars.com App

The app allows users to sell and buy new and used cars and trucks. The automobile app development has extensive sets of filters and sorting options to help the user search for the perfect car. The sellers and buyers can connect via call, text, or email for a test drive or physical meeting.

The affordability calculator allows the users to check the payment of the car.

Letgo App

3. Letgo App

It is a very own buy-and-sell app gaining popularity among users. The Letgo app houses AI, geo technology, and image recognition systems to better the user experience. The ads will then get listed as per the user’s location and in a radius of 50 miles. 

The app allows you to sell both goods and services, making the marketplace even more vast.

Poshmark App

4. Poshmark App

Poshmark app is a top eCommerce app connecting buyers and sellers. It has everything that an eCommerce app should have – product viewing filters, categories, order placing, payment methods, and much more. 

The sellers can add accessories, apparel, footwear, etc., available for different sizes. Items are sometimes second-hand, but not every time is this case. Sometimes, you also get to see brand-new things that are not at all used.

Best Photo & Trending Video Apps in 2024

Photo and Trending Video App like Picsart

1. Picsart App

Picsart app is a photo editor and collage maker app with tools, a camera, effects and free clipart library. The app allows the users to edit an image as a group task; along with remixing free-to-edit images. The trendy app releases new challenges to help users learn new tricks.

Picsart has a library of 5 million plus user-created stickers.

Photo and Trending Video App like Tic-Tok

2. Tik Tok & Musical.ly App

Both the apps have collaborated recently and now they are creating a global video community. Users can create lip-sync videos, dance videos, Vlogs etc. from the latest and popular songs, dialogues and quotes. The app allows the users to edit the videos with emojis, stickers and face filters.

Users can add their own music or song free in the app.

Canva App

3. Canva App

Create beautiful images and videos with the Canva app. Guess what! Even without much knowledge of graphic design, you can easily create attractive designs here. 

The app has appealing features like photo and vignette effects, grids, etc., to make beautiful photos. Along with that, it also offers various design and branding tutorials.

Best Video Conferencing Apps in 2024

Zoom App

1. Zoom App

Zoom is a video chatting app attaining colossal demand, especially after the pandemic. The zoom app is used among friends and family and in almost every sector to carry out important meetings. 

Conduct video meetings via email, contact, or phone. There is also a feature of call recording. Apart from video calling, users can send and receive messages, images, links, and GIFs.

Most Popular Social Media Apps in 2024

Discord App

1. Discord App

The Discord app was initially built to aid gamers in talking while playing video games. But now, it is becoming popular among social media influencers and YouTubers too. 

The users can Create communities, make voice/video calls, and chat with friends, school clubs, or gaming groups. Not only that, but users can also hear some good music while making voice calls.

Clubhouse App

2. Clubhouse App

The clubhouse app was released in March 2020; the clubhouse app allows talking with anyone over audio calls. It is an ideal place to make new friends from all over the world. 

To start a conversation, you can invite others or vice versa. The conversation can vary from a range of topics such as cryptocurrency, movies, news, fashion, etc.

Telegram App

3. Telegram App

A popular social networking app that allows chatting, sharing media files, audio/video calls, voice messages, and much more. Users, feel free to share files because the telegram app is secure. 

Moreover, you can effortlessly share large files, including movies and web series. Many even get exciting eBooks from the telegram app. Also, it supports any file type – .DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP.

Pinterest App

4. Pinterest App

Pinterest has a vast library of beautiful pictures. 

While browsing through pictures, you can pin them to your board if you want to save them for later. The app is a great way to get new ideas. Irrelevant to any particular topic, the Pinterest app has anything and everything a user needs. 

MeWe App

5. MeWe App

A Facebook replica – used by many people because of its safety features. Everything that you share will be kept private from other users. Owned by a company known as Sgrouples, it has incredible advantages like no ads, unlike Facebook. 

Make positive connections, build your community, and have complete control over your news feeds using the MeWe app. 

Most Popular Dating Apps in 2024

Tinder App

1. Tinder App

Tinder app has been around for a while, and it continues to win the hearts of people. Chosen as the best dating app as it helps you connect with a friend, a hooking partner, or a permanent one – it has everything you wish for!

The users can message and video call people from across the world. Apart from that, users can unlock more advanced features with tinder gold, including a first-class swipe experience.

Hinge App

1. Hinge App

With the best Hinge app, you can meet your identical match with its fully developed algorithm. Moreover, after the first date, it asks users about their experience with it to improve the match from the following profiles.

What makes the Hinge app stand out is its ability to date from home, question and photo prompt, and much more.

Most Popular Fintech Apps in 2024

Paypal App

1. Paypal App

The PayPal app has made it to the top financial app that allows making payments anytime and anywhere. 

It allows money transfer and receiving functionalities. The app will enable you to do anything and everything related to finance just by sitting in the comfort of your home. Pay bills, transfer money, receive money, and make purchases by linking your credit card, debit card, or other payment accounts.

Coinbase App

2. Coinbase App

With the Coinbase app, users can seamlessly and securely buy, sell, transfer and store digital currencies. You can start trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The app is helpful for even the newbies in the crypto market because you can learn its techniques and then start trading. Moreover, the e-wallets available in the Coinbase app allow you to make Euros, Pounds, Dollars, and many more payments.

Cash App

3. Cash App

The cash app has made it to the list because of its excellent and straightforward user interface, and it is easily understandable to novice investors. Moreover, the app does not charge extra costs, so it counts as an advantage for budget-friendly users.

As it is an easy-to-use app, it creates more attraction. Another reason the app is attracting users is that you can start trading at as low as $1, which is very negligible to begin trading. 

OpenSea App

4. OpenSea App

OpenSea app is the first and the largest NFT marketplace worldwide. Your digital gallery helps to browse paintings, upload one, and share listings. 

It is a marketplace similar to the stock market. Buy assets digitally and sell them at a higher rate in the future. Know more about the NFT marketplace here.

Robinhood App

5. Robinhood App

Most popular stock trading and Investing app, and it is commission-free. One of the significant advantages is that it allows you to buy fractional shares. So if someone cannot own a big percentage of a particular stock, they can buy a portion of it. 

The Robinhood app provides access to real-time market data, allows to see analyst ratings, read relevant media reports, and alert notification of significant events.

Most Useful Real Estate Apps in 2024

Houzz App

1. Houzz App

Design your home interior professionally with the best Houzz app. It can help you with building, remodeling, or decorating your home. Select from more than 20 million photos for home interiors and exteriors. 

Choose designs by style, location, or room type. The users can even share the design photos with others. A sketch feature also allows you to annotate and instantly draw on Houzz photos. 

Redfin App

2. Redfin App

Redfin is one of the best real-estate apps for house buying and selling. It is powered with MLS, i.e., Multiple Listing Services, so that you can find more homes for sale than in any other app. 

With the redfin app, you can find brokers charging significantly fewer charges than normal ones. All the registered users can save and share their favorite homes with their house-buying partner via email or text. 

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  • What is your business niche?
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FAQs on Top Trending Apps

Q 1. What is the Most Trending App in 2024? / What is the #1 App in the World? / Which app is popular in the USA?

TikTok. It grabbed the most popular position in 2021, and rightfully so as it had the most downloads in 2021, both globally and in the United States. By April month of last year, TikTok managed to gather around 2 billion downloads from across the world.

Q 2. Which are the Most Used Apps in the World 2024?

Top 10 most used apps in the world 2024. Here is the assembled list.


Among these, there is no doubt that TikTok was the most prominent app in 2022. Some other listed ones like Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify have been the cornerstones since the very beginning. The odd one out here is the CapCut, a video editing app used by many TikTokers to cut or merge videos.

Q 3. Which is the most famous app in India?

MX TakaTak paved its way to becoming the most famous app after the huge TikTok craze got shut down in India. The replacement app saw over 181 million downloads in the year 2024 alone. After that is Instagram with 178 million downloads which also did a great marketing campaign for its reels.

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