We live in the 21st century which is ever-growing and modernizing. To grow in such a competitive world, one has to digitize the business.

Do you know how important is it to create the online presence of your business today? A startup cannot afford to fail while creating its first digital existence. Choosing the right consultant who would be worth the investment can be a task.

This blog will guide you with:

  • Tips on which stage you should take consulting.
  • What are the charges of a consultant? (Country-wise data included)
  • What are the steps to hire the best software consultant?
  • How to choose the best software consulting company?
  • 5 questions to ask before hiring the software development consultant.

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Software Development Consulting & Its Meaning

Providing simple solutions while designing and building the software is Software Development Consulting. These are third-party service providers that help you build your online presence. They charge a fee to help you meet the particular needs of your business.

They meet the clients and discuss their requirements. After understanding the client’s expectations, they create a strategy to develop suitable software. Consultant provides solutions to help your business gain an advantage over competitors.

Consultants suggest to the clients a technology that suits their needs. They also help the client in developing the idea and give them a better vision of the same. They show clients the direction in which they should go.

Who is a Software Consultant?

Software consultant is an expert who has specialized knowledge. They are capable of customizing software that goes according to the company’s workflow. They hold enough experience that allows them to set ambitious and achievable goals.

A software consultant understands the client’s needs from a business point of view. They ensure the use of the latest technology. Consultants advise on customizing the software elements.

Identification of Problems + Possible Solutions = Expertise of the Consultants

A software engineering consultant gives valuable inputs in the strategy, creative design, development, and implementation. He/She also helps the client in managing the technical side of the business.

Qualities of a Software Development Consultant

There are certain traits that make a software consultant stand out from the lot. Use this as a checklist when you or your business partner is looking for a software consultant. If they tick all these qualities, it is a green signal.

  • Flexible – Adapts to different industries and provides inputs accordingly.
  • Smart Worker – Works hard and smart according to the situation’s demand.
  • Efficient – Carries the job in the stipulated time without causing any delays.
  • Impartial – Provides feedback free from bias.
  • Welcoming Nature – Welcomes inputs from developers and molds the ideas.
  • Positive Mindset – Suggests edits as per the feedback from clients.
  • Learner – Stays up to date with the changing trends.

What Does a Software Consultant Do?

A software consultant after being hired has loads of responsibilities. He/She should be capable enough to look after this integral role. He/She also has to understand the gravity of this position and how important that is for the company.

See these duties one by one to hire the best consultant for your software requirements:

  • Giving end-to-end support in building software.
  • Analyzing the reliability of the software in present and future situations.
  • Setting the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for software functioning.
  • Ensuring that the software features comply with the company policy and industry trends.
  • Giving due contribution while decisions are being made regarding the business software.
  • Providing real-time and practical solutions to your business’ complex problems.
  • Utilizing all the previous experience to date in helping to build an error-free software.
  • Innovating ideas for the progress of operations and profitability.

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Why Should Your Business Get Advice from a Software Development Consultant?

A business can’t be self-dependent. In the year 2021, IT spending on softwares will expand to 517 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. To survive and overtake the competitors, a business should get an external perspective as there is always a huge scope for improvement. There is not one but many reasons to hire software development consulting services. It is a great way to gain a due advantage over your competitors.

Scroll below to know the benefits and get the right advice from the consultants:

  • These experienced software development consultants identify problems in the existing plans. They provide right solutions according to the industry trends.
  • Consultants bring in a new approach as they will have a fresh perspective of looking at it. They strive to give the best possible results to the clients.
  • It is a cost-effective solution over hiring full-time consultant employees.
  • Experienced consultants know what works in the industry.
  • This reduces the risk of trial and error and you get great functional software at one go.
  • Your in-house team can focus more on the daily operations.
  • The tech-savvy consultants are updated with the advancements in the market.

How Much Software Consultants Charge?

Every consulting firm has a talented team. Considering their skill set, experience and industry-specific expertise, they provide a quotation that is under the budget of the client.

A couple of factors that determine the charges of consultants providing software development services are:

  • The number of years that a consultant has worked becomes the deciding point for the charges.
  • Type of previous project he/she has been a part of.
  • Individual specialization in a specific field, for instance, software for business or NGOs.
  • Prevalent rates in the consultant’s location.

Software Consulting Services Country-wise Charges

Every country has a different payscale. There are software consultants in most parts of the world. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of IT consulting software charges covering the major countries. Check it out!
Average Hourly Rates for Software Consulting

5 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Software Development Consultant

There are some questions that shouldn’t be missed while screening the consultant profiles. These questions will give you a better idea of his/her capabilities.

What’s a Perfect Combination?

Right Team at Right Time for Right Project

Let’s take a glance together at the most important list of questions:

1. “Give me your point of view on the new XYZ idea that we are planning.”

Purpose – Being an outsider, the consultant needs to understand the vision, mission, and expectations of the company. Observe if he/she asks questions about your XYZ idea and determine whether he/she dives deeper into the roots of your question. A consultant needs to ensure that he/she knows the company and their expectations in extreme detail.

2. “Who have been your previous clients and can we have your portfolio?”

Purpose – By asking this question, you can get feedback from your consultant’s previous clients. The work portfolio can help you to understand the best works of the consultant.

3. “What is the work structure that you follow?”

Purpose – If the consultants provide their clients with step-by-step plans to be followed, one can assess how particular they are with their job.

4. “Do you have any Certification or Letters of Accreditation from a recognized University?”

Purpose – A qualification that is stamped in written can go a long way. It is important to make sure whether the consultant is qualified or not. If yes, then he/she will have proper knowledge and skill set to take over the delegated responsibilities.

5. “Will you be ready to provide a solution to a hypothetical business problem as a Demo Task?”

Purpose – This is a game-changer question. If the software consulting firm performs a small task well in the real-time, it will show whether they are talented enough to follow the guidelines.

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Steps to Finalize a Software Development Consultant

Being organized in the functioning is necessary to survive in the market. By tackling all the challenges, a software development consultant can be selected and hired. The following steps will definitely help you out in the screening process.

Take a look:

  1. Listing out goals, problems, vision, and mission for extreme clarity of understanding.
  2. Shortlisting helps in ruling out the ones that don’t fit the requirements.
  3. The same list of questions and expectations is communicated to all the shortlisted consultants. Complete business information is passed on to them.
  4. After another round of individual discussion, quotations are requested.
  5. In the end, the most suitable consultant is hired followed by task allocation and signing of the contract.

Choosing Right Software Consultant

Sources for Choosing the Right Software Consultant

Did you know that you can hire a consultant from miles away? In the post-pandemic scenario globally, everyone has learnt to work remotely. Scroll down to see various sources from where you can find consultants sitting in any part of the world.

  • One can look for consultants available in the geographical boundaries of the same country. This is called hiring from on-shore companies.
  • Off-shore hiring of consulting means getting services from an expert who lives in another country, possibly with a time difference.
  • Nearshore countries are the neighboring countries. The one-way travel time is less than four hours. Hiring from such a country is termed nearshore hiring.

Two factors that decide the final software development consulting services are:

  1. Value for money services.
  2. Expertise level of the consultant.

What to Avoid When Hiring Software Development Consultant?

When looking for consultants, mistakes are bound to happen in the selection. We have jotted down a list of things that you should not do while hiring a software development consultant.

  • Low or poor market research – One has to perform extensive market research in order to understand the prevalent market trends and rates.
  • Not checking the portfolio – It is important to go through the portfolio and scrutinize details in his/her previous deliveries.
  • Not securing Intellectual Property (IP) Rights – Before the consultant starts working on the tasks, all legal formalities should be completed. The signing of the contract should also take place well in advance.
  • Choosing price over value – One should always prefer spending a little more for the best quality work. Sometimes affordable things lack quality.

Share this Not To-Do List with your friends and family to keep them aware. Hope this will help you!

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FAQs on Software Development Consulting

  1. Is remote software development consultation worth it?

    Yes, as we know that after the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has undergone a digital revolution. Remote consultation sessions are prevalent in the market today. Whether or not the consulting firm is located in your geographic boundaries, what matters is their availability and quality of work. Most consultants, whether off-shore, on-shore or nearshore, are available for the sessions. If they are providing timely and effective solutions to your business problems, they are absolutely worth it.

  2. Can a consultant offer me a CTO for the long term to handle all technical needs?

    Technology is ever-advancing with each passing day. A software development consultant can provide solutions to your ongoing business problems. But yes, for the future technical requirements of your business, he/she can also provide a good and experienced Chief Technical Officer from his team. That person will thereby take care of all tech infrastructure needs and also help you with software upgrades, bug detection and bug fixing.

  3. Do software consultants write code?

    Yes, software development consultants are like one-man army. They have the knowledge of strategizing, developing, designing, and implementing the code. They are capable of providing efficient software solutions to all business needs with the latest technology stacks available. They have as much knowledge as the software developers do. Apart from this, they take care of the non-coding responsibilities like analyzing the growth and providing the best user interface and experience.  

  4. What is the difference between a software consultant and software developer?

    A software consultant is capable of taking care of both coding and non-coding nature of tasks, whereas a software developer can only look after the code development. Consultants help in strategizing solutions to business problems, on the other hand developers build a digital product or page for the client. A software consultant is an outsider who is not a permanent part of the company whereas a software developer is mostly a full-time employee of the company. Also, a consultant earns way more than a developer.