When it comes to software development, people are exploring the potential of virtual development to leverage new expertise and optimized costs. In contrast, many of them are left guessing if in-house developers or Outsourcing team models will be good decisions for their projects.

While startups look for faster yet cost-efficient solutions, hiring in-house teams or outsourcing the project to someone locally may not help. Hiring a dedicated team who will work with them virtually may be the solution. But the question remains where to find the software development team.

We shall explore the answers to this question but first, let us solve some of the basics first.

Should You Build an In-House Team or Outsource Locally or Overseas?

Whether you should build an in-house team or outsource it to some local developers or overseas depends on the two factors.

  • The availability of resources
  • And, your personal budget

If you are a startup or even an enterprise and have a single project, we would suggest building a software development team should be avoided. It’s not just about the monthly salary of the in-house team. Still, it requires many other resources, such as good infrastructure, training, human resources, tools, and more to manage a development team.

As far as outsourcing is concerned, it’s definitely a suitable option, but should you outsource it locally or overseas? The correct answer to this question would be to outsource where you find cost-efficient and reliable options to outsource your project. Usually, if you are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or other European countries, outsourcing locally may not be cost-effective.

Whereas when you outsource overseas, you can get the same work done at a quarter of the cost. For an in-depth understanding of outsourcing, you can refer to blogs on the internet or refer to our recently published article “Outsourcing It Projects Overseas: Its Pros, Cons and Best Practices,” explaining every nitty-gritty of outsourcing.

Should You Hire Freelancer Development Team or Dedicated Development Team?

Coming to the core points, if you should hire freelance developers or a dedicated team for your software development services.

Let’s talk about hiring freelancers first;

Building a Software Development Team with Freelancers

No doubt, hiring freelancers for your project can save a lot of upfront costs. Even you can hire them at a comparatively lower hourly cost. And, if you have a little work to outsource, then hiring freelancing is the best option. However, you must have a quality freelancer.

Skill Gap: How will you know the freelancers you are hiring is a perfect match for you while sitting abroad. That’s the most significant drawback you will find while hiring freelancers overseas, though not all freelancers fall into this category.

No Passion for Work: There are two types of freelancers —one works for passion, and the other works for money (with no interest in delivering quality work). Unfortunately, the former is rare, and the latter is abundant.

Finding the right freelancer who works based on your interest is rare. Most outsourcers have shared their bad experience working with freelancers. Communication is the biggest challenge to tackle while working with freelancers. They work their own way without caring about the timeline.

No Support: Post-development support and maintenance is the biggest concern with freelancers. Once a freelancer completes work, you will never see him/her unless you have some new work to assign. Or when the contract ends, they leave you never to meet for the same project. You may have to find someone else for the rest of the maintenance and support work.

Therefore, it is recommended to use freelancers for serious projects. Nobody will guarantee quality work and deadlines. You might have to run behind freelancers for each step or may have to deploy a dedicated person to communicate with them.

What is a Dedicated Team?

So, if you are new to the business and first time utilizing dedicated development team services, then you must be exploring what is a dedicated team?

A dedicated development team refers to a group of experts that includes designers, developers, QA, BA, and a CTO who will dedicatedly work on a specific project they were assigned to work on. That means the team you have hired for your project will effortlessly work on your project. The team will be decided based on the requested tech stacks and skill level in a specific domain. Usually, a dedicated team is suitable for mid-sized and long-term software development projects.

A dedicated team works seamlessly with the client’s business until the goal, we mean the project is successfully completed, deployed, and implemented. Most importantly, you get 100 percent freedom to manage the team just like your in-house team. The only difference is you don’t have to worry about infrastructure, recruitment, management, human resources, or others.

How the Dedicated Development Team Model Works

When you are looking forward to hiring developers from a reputed company thing to consider before, you not just get a quality team but also a smooth working process. For example, a reputed software development company has a dedicated team structure that makes sure that your project is developed perfectly. Let’s take a look at its structure first.

It’s a team structure that we at Excellent Webworld follow. We will tell you our work process as most top software development companies follow the same process;

Now, coming to how the dedicated team model works, we have a four-step process to follow (Generally, most top-rated companies follow the same process).

Let’s take a look;

Step one: Clients approached us with their outlined vital goals, including the project descriptions, required technologies, expertise, and experience required for the completion of the projects and the development methodology they look for. Team size is mutually decided during consultations.

Step two: Our team of experts goes through your requirements, conducting a thorough analysis of the suggested project. Once the analysis is done, our team provides clients with a list of capable team and engagement options perfectly matching your requirement.

Step three: After you select the candidates by taking their interviews and the agreement is signed by both parties, the team that the client has selected will kickstart the work from the very moment. The team lead will be in constant contact with clients and keep them updated about the progress.

Step four: Now, the client will take control of the dedicated team. Remotely, they can manage the work, and talk to the team lead or any team members. In short, the team works seamlessly for the client until the goal is reached.

Step five: Once the project is developed, tested, and bug fixed, the project is handed over to the clients with source code. If it is an app, our team will help the client deploy the app to the downloading platform and fix all post-development and deployment issues if it occurs.

How does a Software Development Team Serve You Better?

One of the most significant benefits you have after hiring a dedicated team is integrating seamlessly into your business until the goal is achieved. Let’s see why a dedicated development team model is better than all the other existing development models.

The team you hire will not be employed full-time at the cost of hiring individuals. You only pay for the individual project completed by the team. That means you do not have to care about infrastructure, team management, or human resources.

When you hire a dedicated development team from an IT company, you get 100% transparency. The team lead, through a decided communication channel, keeps you updated about the project’s progress. More than that deadline is strictly maintained as the team only works on your project.

Why is Dedicated Software Development Team A Right Call for You?

  • Project Security
  • Cost-Effective Resources
  • Skilled Team

If any of the above 4 points are your concerns while starting a development project, then the Dedicated Delivery Team model is the best solution for you. There are many startups and established enterprises that have started opting for the DDT model.

Project Security: Security of the development project is paramount. When you hire a dedicated team from an IT firm, they take 100% responsibility for your project security. You get a signed contract citing all the necessary clauses that secure your project from any breaches.

Cost-Effective Resources: Hiring a dedicated development team will save you 40% of actual development costs while 70% of overall expenses. If you have a large project or a very ambitious project, then you are left with two options: either build your in-house team or hire a dedicated development team to work on your project. You cannot rely on freelancers 100%. Building in-house may be costly. Refer to the paragraphs written at the beginning for better clarity. So, hiring a dedicated team is an option.

Skilled Team: Hiring a dedicated team overseas not just helps you get cost-effective resources but also provides you with a different set of skills to integrate into your projects. Companies with 100+ experts have all levels of expertise, and you will get that benefit into your projects.

How to Select a Right Dedicated Development Team for your Projects?

Most companies are now following this Dedicated Development Team model approach for their IT solution needs. Some startups also hire CTO or Technical Project Manager if they have inexperienced technical staff. Let’s take a look at how you can choose the right dedicated team for your projects;

Clear your needs and project requirements from the start

You must be clear about what roles your Development Team (DDT) will have to fulfill.

Also, your entire project-related goals and requirements should be cleared in the pronouncement that you will be provided to potential DDTs. So that there would be no confusion or misunderstanding once the project is commenced. You must clearly describe the tasks, procedures, benefits, and the intended result of the outsourced app development arrangement.

Thoroughly research the potential teams

Google is a potent tool, and you can use it to mine as much information as you can about anyone. Verify whether the claims made by the team of developers and QA experts are actually true or not.

Check thoroughly the references provided by them and search for some more. Make sure to contact their previous clients to verify their claims of experience and quality of work. Also, conduct Interviews and skill tests in accordance with your project needs before hiring a dedicated team.

Clear the communication aspect

Communication is a crucial aspect that many companies miss out on while hiring dedicated developers. You need to keep in mind the time-zone difference between you and the Dedicated Development Team.

It’s advisable to either hire dedicated developers close to you or go for the countries that have 9-10 hours of difference from you. Due to the latter approach, you can give your daily targets to the offshore development team, and while you are sleeping, the team on the other side of the world is working. This way, you receive the targets completed the next day when you begin to work.

How to Make the Most Out of Own Dedicated Development Team?

So you have finally chosen the right team for your web/app development project. Now what? You need to coordinate with the team at every step to get the desired result but make sure that you only manage the team, not Micro-manage. Below are some tips on how to manage your offshore outsourcing software, development team.

Regular Updates

As per your project needs and complexity, you can either set daily or weekly update meetings. If the Dedicated Development Team you hired is in your city or nearby, you can physically host these meetings. Still, if you go for offshore outsourcing solutions, these meetings will be hosted online using chat or video applications, giving more preference to the latter option.

Arrange Team activities

Even though there is an ocean of distance (Literally!!) between you and your offshore development team, you can still host some fun activities like hosting quizzes, housie, and other such games to build a bond between both teams (in-house and offshore)

Our stand on DDT

At Excellent WebWorld, we believe in marathons and not sprints. So our goals are to make a long-lasting client relationship. Our Development Teams encompass an array of experienced and skillful professionals, whether you need developers, designers, testers, or a team with each one of them. The team composition and size can be customized as per your resource requirements.

We provide Dedicated Development teams for:

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Software Product Development
  • Separate QA & Testing Services
  • Hire Individual Experts

We understand the responsibilities that entail a DDT model arrangement and guarantee satisfactory results in the project’s predefined time span. This guarantee comes from our experience in assisting many small and mid-sized establishments with digital solutions.

We have expert resources with superior command over platforms like:

  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • WordPress
  • ASP.Net
  • Swift
  • CSS3
  • Drupal
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Laravel
  • Voice-enabled technology
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • MongoDB
  • AR/VR technology

The Extra Perks You Get When You Hire Team Excellent Webworld

No doubt, you have all the benefits to hire a dedicated team from Excellent Webworld, though we offer extra perks to our esteemed clients when they go with a dedicated team model for website development or software development approach. For example;

Flexible and scalable team: We have 150+ team strength that enables us to provide our clients with the freedom to choose from the large pool of skilled developers with a proven track record. So, even if you have selected the team after their interviews, if you wish to change any team for others, we can help you do that.

Flexible cost: If you opt for, a dedicated team model, the cost will be as we agreed during consultation. However, you can opt to pay using our flexible payment method. For example, you don’t have to pay the entire cost right in the beginning, but as an installment. For more details, you can talk to our experts.

Expert advice: If you come up with just an idea, our team can help you turn it into executable action. We have experts who have vast experience working with a wide range of industry verticals. They can help you make plans, research, and implement them.


We believe in quality work and fulfilling every requirement of our clients to the maximum potential. This “Client First” approach has given us a place amongst the top companies that provide Software Development Teams in India and worldwide. If you have decided to go for IT outstaffing services with a dedicated development team hiring structure, you should consider Excellent Webworld. Let’s connect.

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