“What is Expressjs?” “Is Express.js a good choice for web app backend?” — Well, allow us to take you through a trail before explaining Express JS basics…

What Flask is to Python,
What CodeIgniter is to PHP,
The same is Express JS to Node!!!

Furthermore, taking two analogies to understand the importance of a backend framework – Express js (in this case).

Analogy 1 – We are not unaware of the importance of the spinal cord in the human body. All the biological systems and nerves are the nodes, and the spine is their server, which in turn guides the organs simultaneously.

Analogy 2 – Another analogy to understand the importance of the backend is how the event organizers are the backbone of an event. The core team is the reason everything flows smoothly like butter.

On similar levels, the backend framework of an application has to be designed perfectly for efficient performance and user satisfaction.

Node.js came into the picture and made server-side programming possible.
But, there are a few downsides of Node.js – like it does not support request handling, http methods, or serving files. Well, a better framework had to fill the gap! And that’s how emerged Express js.

For the developers who wanted something less complicated, simpler, not as powerful, but still faster, the ExpressJS framework came into existence. In reality, it soon got the limelight for its multiple functionalities — building APIs, cross-platform apps, web apps.

Together let us discover What is Express in Node JS used for?

What is ExpressJS Server-Side Development?

Also referred to as the backend development, Express.js is popularly used to design a web application’s behind-the-scenes architecture.

The backend of an application is not visible to the end-users, but it exists. It is an inevitable part of the web application.

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Difference Between Programming Language and Framework?
A programming language is the foundation of an application. It is the syntax, grammar, and semantics of the application code.
Whereas a framework is a cohesive setup of the library code that provides additional functionalities to create applications of various types.

Getting Familiar With Express.js – What is ExpressJS?

  • The browser sends a request to the server in https, and the server responds in an html page
  • Works with three main concepts – Routing, Middleware, Http (Request/Response).
  • Do you know “What is express.js used for?”? – It is widely used for server-side development.
  • Express js is considered a ‘de facto’ standard server framework for Node.
  • It supports MVC (Model-View Controller) Express.js architecture.

Expressjs architecture

Did You Know❓❓❓
Express.js stands for the ‘E’ in MEAN, MEVN, and MERN stacks.

What is ExpressJS Framework Current Statistics?

Following is a graphical representation of the statistics of Express JS framework.
1 – Firstly, more than 2,35,000 websites worldwide use Express JS.
Use of expressjs backend in different industries
2 – Wanting to find out how popular Express JS is amongst various industries? Study the above pie chart.

Characteristics of Express JS

  • Source Framework – It is free to use the web framework of Node.js language.
  • Flexibility – It is a framework that does not follow a standard structure. This implies that a developer can integrate any compatible module in the series of his choice.
  • Simplicity – From a developer’s perspective, learning and even writing the code in Express is simple. This is so because there are no exact rules or chronology to be followed while writing the code for a web app being built in Express JS.
  • Minimalism – This framework only requires javascript, which makes it easy, quick, and simple to code the app into. Also, it uses less overhead in the core framework.
  • Scalability – Since it is a lightweight framework, unlike the express js alternatives, it is easy to leverage it to scale an app built in this.
  • Architecture – It follows a single-threaded event loop architecture.
  • Unopinionated – There is no proper or strict format to be followed for writing the code or executing the elements.

Needs & Pillars of Express js

  • Time Efficient– Allows fast coding and even faster deployment procedures.
  • Money Efficient– Express JS is not a very high-maintenance web backend framework.
  • Asynchronous– The code running does not stop, it is a continuous process.
  • Extensive Uses– Can be used to build a single page, multi-page, or hybrid web app.

Did You Know???
Express js GitHub Statistics
56.7k Stars
9.6k Forks
P.S. GitHub is an immensely powerful community of developers where they share codes for feedback, download, and expert evaluation.

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Awesome Ought-to-Know Facts About Express js

#1 – USP – Flexibility of Architecture in Express.js

Every brand has a USP. Let us give you an example to understand the same.

We all are familiar with Dominos’ Pizzas. Their tagline clearly states that they deliver pizzas within 30 minutes or less, and that is a guarantee! The ads don’t claim hot, fresh, or tasty pizzas – instead they claim fast delivery. The shortest delivery time is their Unique Selling Proposition.

Along similar lines, every framework has its USP regardless of being frontend or backend.

Express js’ most unique selling point is that it does not require a specific architecture. The developing party has the liberty to set a structure of their own choice.

The most common type of architecture for apps made in Express follows an MVC model. It is short for Model View Controller.

#2 – Angular js and Express js – Exceptional Combination Together!

Technically speaking, Angular is a client-side programming framework, and Express is a server-side development framework. An appropriate software development company knows how to use these full-stack javascript frameworks together for frontend and backend web development. It is convenient to title these both together as a complete javascript paradise!

Here is a visual representation of frontend code in Node js and backend in Express js.
visual representation of frontend code
Following is a tabular differentiation between express.js vs node.js.

Difference Between Expressjs vs Nodejs

Point of Distinction Node.js Express.js
Uses Used to develop the frontend and backend of a web application. Used to develop the backend of a web application.
Meaning It is a development platform. It is a web framework.
Programming Side It is used for both client and server-side programming. It is used for server-side programming.
Features Fewer features comparatively. More features than Node.js
Building Block! Built on Google’s V8 engine. Built on Node.js
Written in Language? C, C++, JavaScript Express.js written in JavaScript
Supports Languages? TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby JavaScript
Performance Better than Express.js performance. Comparatively speaking – not as good as Node js performance.
Controller Provision No Yes
Routing Provided? No Yes
Coding Time More Less

Next, let us dive deep into the Benefits of Using ExpressJS for Enterprise Applications Development or Server-Side Development or Backend Development.

Advantages Of Express JS

Express.js has its strengths, which are why it could enter and stay in the market. Exploring the same at length now:
Advantages Of ExpresJS

  • 1. Shorter Development Duration

The name itself suggests Express is known for its speedy development. It uses javascript, which further allows fast coding. As a matter of fact, developers have reported that it is easier and quicker to complete the backend programming in Express js.

  • 2. Express.js Error Handling

The Expressjs error handling process is designed in a way that it is capable of detecting and solving bugs in both synchronous and asynchronous codes.

  • 3. Appropriate I/O Request Handling

Depending on the seasons, on-demand service app businesses receive hundreds or sometimes even thousands of notifications per day. If built in the Express backend framework, such apps are at an advantage, as this framework is robust enough to receive numerous Input and Output requests all at once.

  • 4. Unopinionated Framework

Developers love the Express framework, for it does not have any strict rules on the placement or order of code components.

  • 5. Fast & Easy Installation

Usually, installing frameworks is a very tedious task. But, installing Express.js is pretty easy. Additionally, it is also simpler to set up, configure, and customize.

  • 6. Ability to Create a REST Expressjs API Server

The main role of a REST API server is to access and use data. And none other than a developer or an IT geek can better understand the importance of creating a REST API server. Express allows a developer user to create the same with utmost security levels.

  • 7. Easy Integration of Databases

Express is an easy-to-handle backend framework. One can integrate any database — MongoDB, Redis, MySQL — you name it, and its integration is possible.

What are ExpressJS Cons?

Naturally, like all other technologies, Express.js also has its shortcomings and weaknesses. Taking you through each one of the cons one by one:

Middleware is a Philosophy
Developers who are not very familiar with Express can have difficulty understanding and executing the middleware functions in the coding.

No Structure – No Standardization
When more developers join the team to work on different functionalities, there can be little room for confusion. That is because Express does not follow a standard structure for typing the code. So, every developer builds the programs according to their understanding.

When to Use Express js? OR What is Express.js Used For?

This section will enlighten you upon where it is convenient to use Express js?

  • Single-page apps
  • Reusable apps
  • Middleware Applications
  • RESTful APIs
  • Serve and access static files using a browser
  • Enterprise web applications
  • eCommerce web applications

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Popular Users of Express.js

Are you also wondering ‘Why Use Express JS?’ when there are numerous other backend frameworks? Also, what companies use express js?
Quora on Which companies use ExpressJS
Well, as mentioned on Wikipedia, the following big-name brands use Express js for their backend, so the reliability of Express js should not be raised questions at.

Here are the Expressjs examples:

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Conclusion – Is Express.js an Ideal Choice To Develop Enterprise Applications?
With everything that you read, you must have understood that Express is one of the most popular backend frameworks of all. And yes, it is reliable enough for developing the behind-the-scenes of start-ups or enterprise web applications.

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FAQs on What is ExpressJS

Yes, Express js is still in use. In fact, it is precisely known as the ‘De Facto’ library of Node js.

Express js is one of the best and most popular backend frameworks. It is a simple and open-source flexible framework.

Express.JS is an open-source and free-to-use backend framework to develop web applications.

The differences between node js and express js are many. But, the main point of difference among all is that everyone must understand that node.js is a platform and express.js is a backend framework. In short, express js is a subset of node js.

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