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If you are still in the search for an appropriate JavaScript framework for accomplishing your project with outstanding end results, then no need to worry, since here you will find the exact solution.

In your search journey, you must have encounter React.js, Vue.js, and many other JavaScript frameworks and might also AngularJS. For now, just put other frameworks aside and keep your focus on, why Angular JS could be right for your web application?

We are not forcing you to go with AngularJS anyhow, but here our intent is to enlighten you with this promising JavaScript framework and its worth in your next web app project.

Here’s what you will come to know about AngularJS:

  • What Is AngularJS?
  • What Make AngularJS Amazing?
  • What Is AngularJS Used For?
  • Is Angular 2.0 Better Than Angular JS?
  • Who Mostly Used AngularJS?
  • Why Use AngularJS?
  • Which are the Best AngularJS Apps Examples?
  • The cost to Build a Web App Using Angular JS

Let’s start our discussion with the most common query,

What Is AngularJS?

Angular is a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework released by Google in October 2010. It is an open source framework mostly used in Single Page Application development by thousands of developers across the globe. It’s also acknowledged as a “Superheroic JavaScript MVWFramework”.

As per the recent statista report, AngularJS is the second most used frameworks by developers worldwide.

Worldwide Developer Survey Most Used Frameworks
Find more statistics at Statista

What Make AngularJS Amazing?

There are certain reasons why Angular JS is getting this much popularity and why it is being used in this much extent. AngularJS is a complete tool for frontend developers providing them with all they require to build the front-end of the web application. Its wide and effective offering makes it more meaningful compared to other frameworks.

Check out below list of remarkable features that make AngularJS worthwhile:

  • Scope: Objects that refer to the model and serve as a bond between controller and view.
  • Data-binding: The two-way data binding performs automatic synchronization of data among model and view components.
  • Filters: Selects a subset of items among an array and returns a new array.
  • Controller: JavaScript functions that are bound to a specific scope.
  • Services: It offers a number of built-in services like $https: to make an XMLHttpRequest.
  • Directives: The markers on DOM elements used to build custom HTML tags that act as new, custom widgets.
  • Templates: The rendered view having information from the model and controller.
  • Dependency Injection: A built-in dependency injection subsystem that makes the development and testing easier.
  • Routing: The concept of switching views.
  • Deep Linking: Allows encoding the state of the application in the URL so that it can be bookmarked.
  • Model View Whatever: A design pattern for dividing an application into diverse parts like Model, View, and Controller each with different responsibilities.

What Is AngularJS Used For?

AngularJS facilitates developing exceptional web apps with the best user experience. Moreover, the previous noteworthy success of AngularJS with some amazing apps and websites, gives us a clear idea that which types of applications could be effectively built with It?

Here is the list of such applications:

mCommerce and eCommerce app

There are many commerce marketplace sites built with AngularJS. It has an aptitude to make a mCommerce app or an eCommerce website look absolutely eye-catching.

Travel Apps

Doesn’t matter which types of travel app you want to build with the use of AngularJS; the dynamic features can be very effective in travel app development.

Video Streaming Apps

Netflix and Youtube for PS3 are the best examples that suit this category. AngularJS also enables you to build amazing Video Streaming Apps with great functionality.

Social Apps

One of the apt examples for this category is LinkedIn, which is almost familiar to everyone. The entire mobile part of LinkedIn is built with AngularJS.

Weather Apps

AngularJS satisfies the need of weather apps to be built with an interactive interface and high performance. is built with AngularJS proving it is effective to build weather apps.

Job Portals

Any type of User Generated Content Portals like and can be built with AngularJS. Though such web apps incorporate high functionality, use of AngularJS is totally feasible.

Some AngularJs Apps:

Taxi Booking App

Taxi booking apps need to have a great UI design and user experience, AngularJS can be very effective for building such apps that satisfies all the user requirements.

On Demand Delivery

Be it a food delivery app or any other on-demand service app, AngularJS can be used to design striking on-demand delivery apps with an eye-catching interface.

Chat App

AngularJS application development proves to be highly effectual in developing fast and secure chat applications with amazing UI and easy-to-use features.

Who Mostly Used AngularJS?

AngularJS is obtaining a huge reputation as many of the famous companies like, Google, Wix, Forbes, and have been using Angular for their websites and apps.

Website Graph

Why Should You Choose AngularJS For Your Next Web App?

Now that you are well acquainted with the offerings and popularity of AngularJS, It’s time to make your decision for developing your next Web app. There are certain reasons why do we use AngularJS and why you should choose it.

Top reasons to make use of AngularJS:

Backing of Google

Since AngularJS is developed and introduced by Google, it has a huge community support that would assist you and provide you with proper guidance on any query. It serves great opening to learn from certified open source professionals, and solve queries by professionals & community members.

Flexibility is There

AngularJS uses various kinds of filters like JSON, Currency, OrderBy, Lowercase, Uppercase, limit, Number etc. Such Filters allow extracting data before getting into view and help to deal with formatting, pagination, and reversing a text.

Code is Readable

The code written in Angular JS is far more intelligible for readers and thus easy to maintain. This reduces the need for clients to connect with AngularJS developers for any minor changes in the project, as they are able to understand and modify changes to some extent.

Builds Small Apps At Fast Pace

Though complex and big web apps take much time to build, developing small apps with AngularJS is faster and takes comparatively less time. It is also possible to build large projects with this framework.

Pre-Built Solutions

AngularJS incorporates a collection of various ready-to-use solutions for app development like routing modules, UI-router and much more.

Effortless Testing

AngularJS facilitates to write and test module code independently from the rest of an app. With this approach, only essential parts of apps and selected services are tested.

Which are the Best AngularJS Apps Examples?

You have got the reasons to opt for AngularJS development. Besides these reasons, there are many popular apps and websites that have contributed to the popularity of AngularJS. These apps and websites will inspire you more to make use of AngularJS for your web app.

Best 5 apps and websites built with Angularjs:


PayPal is one of the rapidly growing electronic payment systems and being operated in 200 countries and with over 25 currencies. PayPal’s big Checkout system including Payment review page, Sidebar, Adding credit card page and Parent Page was built with AngularJS.

Gmail App

The leading email system, Gmail has been beating other email services with its high security and less error-level. The one-page application of Gmail service is built with AngularJS and other JavaScript frameworks.


NetFlix is the world’s biggest on-demand internet streaming media having more than 11 million subscribers. It makes use of Angular in its tool for monitoring and analyzing the security of Amazon Web Service with the intent of data presentation with AngularDart.


Walmart is the leading retailer having more than 260 million customers and 11,500 stores beneath 63 banners in 28 countries across the globe. AngularJS has contributed with the best experience to its site along with some clean features.


jetBlue is the most famous airline service in the USA carrying 35 million passengers yearly, and having 900 operating flights every day, to 95 cities in the US. With AngularJS the company has been improving their web performance which is quite imposing.

Weather provides you a professional weather forecast and updates from across the globe in an accurate report. The website was also built using Angular JS and was migrated to Drupal in 2014. But, AngularJS modules are also used to obtain the data for widgets.

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Is Angular 2.0 Better Than Angular JS?

Angular 2.0 is not an update of Angular rather it is a total rework of the entire framework.

Further Angular 2 is quite hard to learn if you don’t know the TypeScript. As Angular JS is quite mature and possesses the large community of developer, any of your problems regarding Angular JS app development can be easily and quickly solved.

Whereas Angular 2.0 is the complete new thus it is quite difficult to get a solution for any query. Consequently, Angular JS would always be a wise choice for developing your web app.

The cost to Build a Web App Using Angular JS

Now you know why to use Angular JS for your Web app and which are the possible apps that you can build with Angular JS.

The next big thing you must be confused about would be the cost to hire AngularJS developers to build an app.

The cost to build an app with AngularJS will vary according to several factors like:

  • To whom you are hiring? A freelancer developer or AngularJS development company
  • Number of features you want to add to the app
  • The complexity of the app
  • Which type of app do you want to build?
  • From which country you are hiring the AngularJS developers

These and so many other aspects highly contribute to the app development cost. However, as per our estimation, the cost of Angular JS app development would start from approx. $6000 and would extend according to your requirements.


Though you will find a number of competent JS frameworks in the market, hardly some of the frameworks can match the potential of AngularJS.

This is because Angular is the most mature and established framework that has been used by thousands of popular brands. Seeing the enormous fame and importance of AngularJS, it’s quite feasible to choose it for your web app development project.

Do you also agree with this? Want to Build Single Page Application using Angularjs? Contact us to get your web app built.

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