iOS 11 has introduced ARKit for a unique augmented reality experience for iPhone and iPad. ARKit uses Visual-Inertial Odometry to track the surroundings.

A new application is soon going to conquer the dance world, “Dance reality” app has combined dance with augmented reality and the outcome is amazing.

Our company provides top-notch iPhone app development services, including the creation of a Dance reality app designed for dance enthusiasts. Using the advanced features of Apple ARKit, our app helps users learn and practice dance steps by projecting virtual footprints onto the floor, which the user can follow while looking through their phone’s camera. With our app, dancers can easily perfect their moves and follow along with animations to achieve their goals.

The app has some features like controlling the speed to learn at a customized pace, solo as well as couple practices, counting voice to stay on the beat, and much more.

Andy Albani, one of the developers of this project, presented his app:

We’re All Salsa Dancers And App Developers, So We Wanted To Create This Application With ARKit To Make Life Easier For The Experienced Dancers. It’s Hard To Remember The Dance Steps As You Follow The Rhythm, But With This App, There Will Be A Reality Increasing To Give Us A Hand.

Innovative minds around the globe are coming up with interesting ideas for apple’s ARKit. Do you have any unique idea that you think can work with AR then tell us. We will convert your idea into reality at an affordable cost.

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