Revamp Your App with the Best Alexa Skill Development

Alexa, the much-talked voice assistant has been changing the way people are communicating and enterprises doing business.

From controlling home appliances to hospitality management; top Alexa skills are transforming different industries.

With the introduction of custom Alexa skills for different industries and businesses; Alexa skill development has become a necessity to win a competitive edge in this era.

Businesses have understood the fact that to survive in the market they will have to keep up with the latest trends!

And what is this trend?

To build custom Alexa skills for business!

Let us take a look at the statistics of the smart speakers behind this technology drift;

In the first quarter of 2018, Amazon’s Alexa speakers are 61.9% of stakeholders in the U.S.

Smart Speaker Market Share and this number increased to 79.6% for world sales for quarter 1 of 2018.

So, are you ready to make your business smart with the top Amazon Alexa skills?

If you want to know what Alexa can do and what are the best skills that help different industries then this article is for you.

The Article Will Cover

  • What is Alexa’s skill development?
  • How do Alexa skills work?
  • Amazon Alexa skills for business
  • Why you should hire the best Alexa skill developer?

What is Amazon Alexa skill development?

Amazon Alexa is a voice-enabled device that works as per the commands of the user.

A user can give Alexa numbers of voice commands such as playing a song, calling a taxi, providing news, creating a to-do list, and setting an alarm, etc.

There are some skills that are inbuilt into Alexa and others you can customize according to your need with the Alexa skills kit.

  • What is the Alexa skill kit (ASK)

ASK aids developers build skills quickly and easily.

Basically, it is a collection of APIs and tools that tackle the work related to voice interfaces.

It includes speech recognition, text-to-speech encoding, and natural language processing.

  • What is Alexa Voice service?

The Alexa voice service (AVS) lets you access cloud-based Alexa capabilities with the use of AVS APIs.

In addition, it allows you to access hardware kits, software tools, and documentation.

Amazon Alexa uses Alexa voice service to integrate Alexa voice into devices, homes, cars, and other physical objects which work with a microphone.

How do Alexa skills work?

The Amazon device connects to the internet via the Wifi network of your home. And it wakes up whenever you call it “ALEXA”.

Your voice command will be followed and sent to a natural voice recognition service in the Amazon Lambda server.

This natural voice recognition service is called “Alexa voice service”.

The Alexa voice service integration interprets the command and sends it back an appropriate response.

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What are the Best Amazon Alexa Skills?

Different industries are recognizing the potential of Alexa skill development for their niche. In fact, major e-commerce stores are making their store compatible with voice search.

Here are some of the top Alexa skills different industry verticals are integrating into their business.

Smart Home Skills

Consumer electronics include devices like smart lights, thermostats, AC, fan, and much more. You can create an Alexa skill and ask Alexa to turn on or off any device remotely. For example:

Alexa turn on my kitchen lights

Alexa increase the room temperature by 3 degree

Custom Skills

These skills can handle any type of request. The user just has to command a request and Alexa will handle the intent to invoke the requests.

For example order, a pizza, request a taxi, and more.

Flash Briefing Skills

Flash briefing skills provide original content to the users. Flash briefing provides the news headline; Alexa can play the audio content or can even read the news for the user.

  • “Give me my flash briefing“
  • “Tell me the news“

Music skills

The music skill allows users to select, listen to, and control audio content streamed through an Alexa-enabled device.

Video Skills

Video skills are used for providing video content for the user like shows and movies. You can ask Alexa to play a particular video for you.

  • “Play Manchester by the Sea“
  • “Change to channel 4“

Enterprise Skills

Not only the above mentioned skills but Amazon Alexa skill development has taken its place in Enterprise also.

From email management to managing invoices; an amazon skill for Alexa has penetrated enterprises wholly. Some of the skills are

  • “Set me a reminder of today’s meeting”
  • “Start a conference call”

Do you want to add Alexa skills?

These are just a few trending Alexa skills. You can ask us for any skill and feature that you think is necessary for your business.

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Alexa Skill Development Services for Business

Any business application can integrate with Amazon Alexa for Business to provide a new level of user experience to their customers.

Your users can leverage your services from voice command only; no need to even lift a finger.

Here are some of the industry examples of how developing Alexa skills have transformed their business operations.

Food industry

If you are having a restaurant, café, or shop then you can develop Alexa skills for your business. Your users can ask Alexa to order food, track the order to check what’s new on the menu, and many other features.

Transport or Automotive

Taxi booking apps like Uber can also integrate your transport & automotive app with Amazon Alexa. All you need is specified Amazon Alexa echo skills development that defines your app features.

Hospitality industry

Integrating the best Amazon Alexa skills in hotels improves the credibility of hotels.

In fact, some of the big names in the hotel industry like Marriott has already incorporated Amazon Echo device in their rooms. The device acts as a voice-activated virtual concierge in each room.

In addition, you can open /close the curtain, fire the tv, pay for the music, and many more using Alexa commands.

Music player app

If you are having a music player app or you are considering the idea of developing a music player app then Amazon Alexa mobile app integration will be a great feature for your targeted audience.

You can build Alexa skill to add features like playing a song, change the song, pause the song, and play some specific playlist and more.


Do you know Netflix is already having its connectivity with Amazon Alexa?

So if you are having an entertainment app then you should have a feature that works on Amazon Alexa.

Your customers will love the simple command-and-play feature.

Travel agency

Are you having a travel agency?

Do you have a mobile app?

Then you should connect your app to Amazon Alexa to help your customers to plan a vacation.

With these Amazon skills for Alexa they can track flights, check the prices of various hotels and flights and much more.

Why you should hire Alexa skill Development Company

If you are new to the digital world and you need an application that works with Amazon Alexa then you can leverage the Alexa skills developer team or Alexa skills Development Company.

Here is why

  • Alexa apps give you an awesome e-commerce shopping experience
  • With Alexa commands, you will be able to control smart devices at your home and in your office.
  • It doubles up as an efficient emergency assistant.
  • Alexa will add an edge to your business services

How to earn money from Alexa Skills: In-Skill Purchasing

  • Useful and delightful skill with compelling content attracts customers.
  • By introducing in-skill purchasing you can sell premium content to enrich the Alexa skill experience. If you give premium content, they can now question you to buy or agree to purchase suggestions made by your skill.
  • Users will be able to pay using Amazon’s simple voice purchasing flow with payment options.
  • Some of the premium content you can sell in your skills are; game products, add-on content, and unlocked features and functionality such as multiple accounts.
  • For Amazon prime users, it will be best to buy through in-skill purchases because that will give them advantages such as discounted prices, exclusive content, or early access.

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Final Thoughts: Amazon Alexa Skill Development

Up now, you might be aware of the fact that more and more brands and businesses are recognizing the effectiveness of Amazon Alexa skill development.
They are embracing technology in their business services and products.

Have you incorporated new Alexa skills into your business?

Do you have any idea of the latest Alexa skills?

Hire our top Alexa Skills developers, experts, software engineers, and consultants to help you develop your Alexa skills.

We would love to discuss this.

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