A Study of the Best Startups in San Francisco for 2024

San Francisco has only one drawback, ’tis hard to leave. – Rudyard Kipling

The most beautiful city in America happens to also be the most technologically advanced city in the US. It is said that New York has all the money, California has the glamour, and San Francisco has the balanced mind of an artist and technician.

Hence we witness so many fastest growing startups in San Francisco. In 2024, there is huge growth of mobile app development in San Francisco and it will continue with the same pace in the future too.

You don’t need to be living in the Bay area to become the most successful startup but we need to agree that there is something in the waters that bring some of the top business startups from this amazing city.

The reason for San Francisco being so technologically advanced and becoming the top preferred city for app development is its acceptance to the latest Startup business trends. Whether it was the gold rush of the 1800s, the internet boom of 2000s or the app development trends since the past decade.

Top 5 App Startups in San Francisco

The magnificent city of San Francisco has always made sure that they give the best to the world whether it is their beautiful city views or highly anticipated business startups. We will be showcasing 5 such Innovative startups that have become an integral part of our life and are making good money.

So here are the best 5 App Startups of San Francisco:


It takes 15 calls and 20 texts to plan a brunch with friends which at the end gets canceled or worse, postponed indefinitely. All of us have felt this and need a more accurate way to plan outings with friends and loved ones.

This is the problem that San Francisco app-based startup, Amigo solved successfully. It is a lifestyle app that has made planning outings a really easy task. The process is simple; just add your friends to the app and the app will periodically remind you to get together.

You can suggest something fun and your friends will get 1 text and can RSVP with 1 click. Their app has amazing features like weekly reminders, 1 text-1 click response, tips and suggestions for places and activities, etc. An app like Amigo will be an instant hit in any app market as this is a practical problem solver of a very common issue. Amigo has recently launched in London at a valuation of $1.7 billion.


Twitch is a live video streaming platform, a subsidiary of Amazon. It is the leading live video platform and gaming community that connects millions of people around the globe by letting them broadcast, watch, and chat from anywhere.

Due to this platform, the gaming community and businesses related to them have grown a lot in the past few years. At present, Twitch is ahead of GameSpot, IGN, and even Facebook in terms of video consumption.

This streaming platform was launched in 2011 and in less than 2 years the number of viewers tripled in number and since then they have become an international sensation among gamers and game enthusiasts. Besides games, People can watch live global E-Sports events, Industry events, and be a part of live charity events. Due to unique advertisement models, the industries investing in ads in this platform get a high interaction rate from viewers as they get their target audience at one place.


Airbnb is at present the biggest accommodation-sharing platform in the world. It is one of the most used travel and local app worldwide to book rental homes.

They started from a simple MVP (minimum viable product) model and grew to be the $37 billion company that we see today. This multi-billion start-up has come a long way in 10 years, from helping 21,000 guests a year to 6 million users.

Airbnb takes a commission on every booking: 3% from hosts and between 6% and 12% from guests. Airbnb is the 2nd largest startup in San Francisco. At present Airbnb has a listing of 4 million properties across 190+ countries.


Previously we said that Airbnb was the second biggest startup in San Francisco; the crown of the most valued startup in San Francisco goes to Uber. The latest valuation of the company is around $120 billion. Uber is huge and amazing, but what is it exactly? If you were living under a rock for the last decade then listen up.

Uber is an independent online taxi company that hires drivers who use their own vehicles to give taxi services. The drivers log in to the driver app of the company while the passengers can request rides from the passenger app of Uber. Just feed in the pickup and drop location and the nearest driver will come to pick you up. The whole process of booking a taxi to get to the drop-off is simplified.

Fun Fact: Lyft is also a San Francisco-based startup

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We use Slack. You probably use Slack too. The cloud-based team collaboration messenger app is a very useful tool for any kind of organization.

This is more than a simple chatting app; with Slack, you can chat with your coworkers and keep track of how much work is done and what tasks are being completed. A lot of non-tech startups also have started using Slack for internal communication.

Native Integration with Google software services and a user-friendly API makes the app easy to use and easy to access remotely. Various teams can customize and add Slack apps to best accommodate their company needs. Slack is at present valued at $7.1 billion.

Fun Fact: Buffer and DropBox are also San Francisco based startups.

Cost of Building Apps in San Francisco

A mobile app allows your product or service to reach your target audience, creating a direct connection between your company and your customer. This approach gives you a better sense of how they interact with your brand.

All businesses from small startups to large enterprises are realizing that creating high-end mobile app development services is more than an opportunity to grow; it’s imperative to a successful business.

If your goal is to become the next big name in your industry then the cost of app development shouldn’t be your main concern, none the less it is an important factor that should be recognized. There are many app development companies in San Francisco that charge a handsome fee for their services; on the other hand, there are a few San Francisco tech companies that provide the same services at equivalent quality at an affordable range.

There is also a 3rd option of outsourcing app development projects to tech-advanced countries like India where you can get the best app development solution at an affordable price.

What Excellent Webworld is doing for app development in San Francisco

We understand that app development is not just the work of the coders but making a successful app requires a huge amount of resources between the strategists, designers, and developers.

At Excellent Webworld, we have an iOS team that develops products for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, an Android team for app development of the latest Android devices, a solid front-end web development team, and a separate R&D division that is working with the trending technologies like voice-enabled technology, AI, Blockchain, IoT Software Company, etc.

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