On Demand Car Washing App
On-demand car washing app is a recent trend in the biz world and is evolving rapidly.

A Boca Raton based startup has announced a $3.5 million dollars funding from a technology entrepreneur and investor Ron Zuckerman. Washé is going to utilize this financing to expand its operations and reachability and in creating strategic partnerships.

Washé is planning to expand its services in Los Angles, Arizona, Tri-state area and greater California in the upcoming months.

“Washé is leading the way in the on-demand car wash space by offering an innovative platform for both consumers and businesses, Washé’s success over the past two years demonstrates tremendous growth potential and I’m excited to work with them to expand Washé in the U.S and globally,” said Ron Zuckerman.

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What is Washé’

Launched in April 2016; Washé is a leading on-demand car wash app currently operating in Southern California, South Florida, Georgia  And New Jersey. The app provides fastest and smoothest way for a high-quality car wash. The process is pretty simple as well, the users just have to install the app, create an account select the package as per their budget and requirement and tap on “Wash Me Now”.

Washé works with a network of 1000 licensed and highly skilled car Washérs and car care service providers; serving them a vast platform to grow.

Build your own on-demand car washing app

On-demand car washing app has a great business scope as people are still unaware of this service. You can be the next Washé of your town, city or country Build an mobile app like Washé and get into the world on On-demand Car washing today.