We all know Google Home vs Alexa is the talk of the town nowadays. The article is about much talked about the battle of these voice assistants and the benefits of integrating them.

Voice recognition technology has been with us for many years and evolving over time. 2023 has witnessed a major shift in interacting with the real world changed with the advent of the latest voice assistants.

Latest voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google home are prevalent these days in homes and offices.

Even, enterprises and businesses are emphasizing these technologies for their business growth.

But how do businesses know which voice assistant is appropriate among a variety of devices available?

How do common people differentiate between the best voice assistants?

Well, this Blog is all about helping you to select the best option for you.

What do the statistics say?

  • According to a survey, 13% of all households in the United States owned a smart speaker in 2017 and that number is predicted to touch 55% by 2022.
  • It’s been said that the majority of the smart speaker stack is held by the leading companies Amazon and Google.
  • Amazon is still leading the smart speaker market with 70% of the market and Google is progressively heading with 24% of the market share.

Well, if we scrutinize the numbers, there is clear competition between Google Home vs Alexa.

Before you dive deep into the article it’s crucial for you to understand what voice technology is and how it is helping businesses and people.

If you already know the basics then you can directly go to the comparisons of Google home vs Alexa.

The article will cover

What is Voice technology?

In a simple definition, voice-controlled technology is the technology that enables you to interact with different consumer electronics near you!

Let’s take an example!

Hello, Alexa, what is the room temperature?

“Increase the room temperature.”

“Turn on the TV.”

Imagine a future, where you wake up in the morning. There is no one in the home but still, you have someone to assist you. That someone is not any physical person although it is responding to you and doing all the work you are asking.

Simple! Isn’t it?

How Voice Technology is Helping Businesses and Common People?

Voice technology like Google Home or Amazon Alexa is capable of doing big parts of your daily activity.

Do you want to do a phone call? It is there!

Want to see a plumber in the middle of the week? It is there!

Need to book a cab? It’s there! (Brace yourself for the smart home and smart offices….the future is near)

Not only the general public but businesses and big enterprises can also incorporate Google Home or Alexa into their niche.

For example, the hotel industry is integrating these smart speakers into their hotels for hospitality purposes. Amazon has already joined their hand to Marriott international to feature its Echo smart speaker for hospitality.

Even, enterprise sectors are also searching for Alexa skill development services to serve the easiest and smoothest communication path to customers.

Enough of technology! Let’s proceed further and find you the best smart speaker between Google home vs Alexa for your requirement.

Comparison: Alexa vs Google Home

While deciding the best smart speaker for your need you have to consider some of the most important aspects of the speaker:

  • Hardware
  • Sound quality
  • Size
  • Intelligence

Here, we have given a comparison between Amazon Alexa and Google home speakers.

Company Assistant Devices
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, Echo Plus
Google Google assistant Google Home mini, Google home
Apple Siri HomePod


Google and Amazon offer you a variety of ranges in terms of its sizes.

Amazon Echo Dot

It is the smallest speaker in the amazon echo series and affordable too. This is a great place to start if you are in a budget.

The LED around its top looks attractive.

Google Home mini

It comes with the charcoal gray color and best in look. It is a smart speaker of the Google that has high quality than Echo Dot.

Google Home Mini vs Echo dot

amazon echo dot google home mini

Google Home vs Amazon Echo

amazon echo second gen google home

Amazon Echo (Second Gen)

Amazon has reached to the masses with this gem. It is comparatively cheaper than its contemporary rival’s Google Home, it can be useful in a big way to all the music lovers.

Google Home

This is the leader in Google voice assistant devices and has more sales than any other.

It is known for its smartness with its unusual but impressive design. It has a touch panel at the top of it to control volume and playback.

Amazon Echo plus

It is the tallest speaker among all Amazon devices. It has the ZigBee interface built in, which works better with the smart gears.

Google Home Max

The best thing about Google home max is its capability of adjusting the equalizer according to the acoustics of your room.

Google home max is made for the ultimate in high fidelity. It’s only the size you need to consider.

Google Home Max vs Amazon Echo Plus

amazon echo plus the google home max

Till now we saw the best of both companies voice tech in personal assistance.

Which has the best smart display? Google Home Hub vs Amazon Echo Show

Smart Speakers are good, but smart displays are better.

Both these companies have launched their range of smart displays

Google Home Hub Vs Amazon Echo Show

show dont tell

Amazon Echo Show has a camera on it to make video calls. Surprisingly, Google decided to remove the camera from their display device giving security concerns more importance.

The above-mentioned devices of the Google home and Amazon Alexa are the trending and most popular speakers. In addition, Amazon has two; ; Fire TV Cube, Amazon Echo Spot.

Size Comparision

This is the accurate look of the relative stature of these smart speakers.more categories; Fire TV Cube, Amazon Echo Spot.

voice assistance tools comparison

Google Home vs Alexa Sound Quality – How Do Smart Speakers Sound?

Teenagers and fun-loving people will look towards the quality of sound the speaker offers. They often wonder which sounds better between Alexa vs Google Home

Here’s the answer!

Google Home mini has an advantage over the Amazon echo dot in the sound quality.

If we talk about Google Home, though it is Bass-heavy, it lags behind Amazon’s Echo 2nd and Echo plus in terms of sound quality.

Unsurprisingly, the Google Home Max is the loudest speaker among all the described speakers due to its bass depth.

Google Home vs Alexa: which one is more intelligent?

When initially Alexa was released, it was used for basic tasks like asking for weather information and time. Gradually, Alexa has evolved with Music updates, traffic updates, sports, calendars, and reminders.

Of course, Amazon Alexa has had a strong record for the past two years, but it is competing with Google which has had information parsing for the last two decades.

If we talk about Google, It has the most natural feel.

It grasps your command better than Alexa. You don’t need to care about how complex it will be for Google to understand.

Alexa vs Google Home for Smarthome

If you are buying a home and wondering which home assistant is best then, you probably need to consider integrating these assistants into your home.

In this area, Amazon Echo has a clear advantage over its rival, because Amazon echo comes with a Zigbee hub Built-in.

Therefore, No need for the separate space of hardware plugged in the router for many smart home products.

Whereas, Google, the owner of the Nest, lags behind in terms of home automation.

Which Smart Speaker is Best For Entertainment?

Are you thinking about which is better Google home vs Alexa in terms of entertainment purposes?

Well, youngsters prefer the speaker’s ability to connect to their maker’s music services. i.e Amazon Music, Google Play music.

Here, both speakers allow you to hear a track from Spotify.

Both Google and Amazon’s devices let you access the external TV. Google does this through integration with the Chromecast lineup.

Whereas, Amazon makes it happen with Fire Tv.


I am sure you are hunting for the ideal smart speaker for your business or individual purpose. For that you can select the best for you from this article.

Why Amazon Alexa is better than Google Home?

Below I have described some of the unique features that will tell you what Amazon Alexa is good at?

  • You’ll be able to link Alexa to Uber so that you can get your taxi any time you want.
  • You can get Restaurant updates, sports updates, weather updates, and more.
  • Unlimited music streaming with Amazon music is added advantage.
  • Buy your products from Alexa by using your voice. Alexa will look through your purchase history and recommend you according to it.
  • It has an Alexa-to-Alexa Calling feature. If any of your friends or family has this device then they can call them for free.
  • If you are a book lover, then it has its assistant read to you the book you want by just linking Kindle account.
  • It is best when controlling your smart home gear.

Why Google Home is better than Amazon Alexa?

When to look out for Google Home instead of Alexa?

  • Google has integrated a set of customizable actions. For example, when you say “Good Morning”, the assistant will give you updates like- information on the weather; take your phone off silent mode.
  • If you have linked hue lights with the assistant, you will be able to control them with routines.
  • It can cast the media to any of the smart TVs
  • The feature of “ring my Phone” will enable your phone to be rung even if it is in silent mode.
  • Google home proffers custom profiles. So, in case if your phone is lost and you ask Google to find it, it will only recognize your voice and make ring on your phone.
  • The Wide range of languages makes Google home a better assistant

Top skills of Amazon Alexa And Google Home


  • Hue Control skills: Control the light and set the color of the light.
  • Media Control Skills: facilitates you to control your media library.
  • Find your phone: You can ask Alexa to find your phone.
  • Hive skills: Control the temperature of your house using Alexa.
  • Skill finder: Alexa helps you find new skills for itself.
  • Call for a Ride: Books Uber immediately on your command.
  • Workout skills: Schedule your exercises and helps you properly through pictures.

Google Home

  • Cooking assistant: Read the recipes & instructions while you are cooking.
  • Send WhatsApp messages: Sends WhatsApp messages & replies as you speak.
  • Checks a store is open: Gives information regarding the status of a store.
  • Traffic condition skills: Update you with the real-time traffic conditions.
  • Go back in time: Ask for the news of a specific day in the past time.
  • Flight price estimation: The best prices of different flights for your destination.
  • Explore the places: Find the best place to travel according to your need.


The ultimate goal of the voice-controlled technology is to facilitate the human race to make their life easy.

Moreover, the benefits of this virtual assistance in the business are innumerable.

I hope your pursuit of getting the answers like;

Which is better Google Home or Alexa?

Difference between Amazon Echo and Google Home?

Which is best Amazon Echo or Google home?…….comes to an end.

What do you think about Google Home vs Alexa? Suggestions are welcomed!

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