IoT has established itself as the most revolutionary and game-changing technology for businesses.

Whether it is a construction company or it is the automobile industry, there are tons of business changing technologies. Other top industries that have gotten the latest solutions are oil & mining, chemical plant, education, food industry and many more.

But in this article, we are going to discuss much talked and successful technological evolution that will transform major industry niches. We will talk about the development of a smart helmet based on IoT technology.

Smart Helmet Statistics

I am talking about an industrial IoT solution named as smart helmets, the ultimate technological invention which will have a lot of applications in business line.

Development of Smart Helmet Based on IoT Technology for Various Industry

Smart Helmet for Oil & Mining Industry

Smart Helmet for Oil Industry

One of the most needful vertical for such kind of innovation is oil & mining companies. The workers mostly work in hazardous conditions with having a risk of leakage of poisonous gas or reaction of two gases to cause any fire. That can be risky for the mine workers.

Apart from that, on the mining sites, it becomes vital for the supervisor to keep track of their working division. Whether they are working properly or idling away their time in other works, the upper level authority has a track of every movement of coal miner or workers on the oil industry.

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Smart Helmet for Chemical Plants

Smart Helmet for Chemical Plants

The risk of having an injury or any unlikely accident is highest at chemical plants. As the chemicals are more volatile and easy to cause stringent effects when it reacts with other chemicals, A smart system can come out as a lifesaver.

Smart Helmet has the ability to find out any suspicious leakage incident. The sensors installed on the helmet tracks down any of such movements and instantly notifies Admin and workers around that particular situation by a warning signal. Which can avoid a major incident happened at the plants.

Besides, as the smart hard hat is known for its smart capabilities in monitoring workers activity it comes out as a handy tool for resource management.

Smart Safety Helmet for Construction Sites

Smart Helmet for Construction Sites

Today a lot of construction firms are understanding the role of smart products as a tool for enhancing their productivity and circumventing any hazardous incident.

Smart helmet in construction company has become an indispensable force to facilitate smooth site related operations. More and more construction firms are leveraging it as their main technology.

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Smart Helmet for Automobile Manufacturing

Smart Helmet for Automobile Manufacturing

The automobile industry is another beneficiary of the smart helmet. Automobile workers mostly work close to heavy metals. The proximity sensor integrated on Smart helmet alerts workers about any malfunctioning of heavy machines.

In addition, resource management is also one area in an automobile manufacturing company that can be solved by incorporating this smart technology.

So to conclude, smart helmets are going to transform every industry where there is a need for constant supervising and safety of the workers.

Now one question that strikes in your mind can be how does this helmet technology works.

Let’s go a little deeper and see what makes this helmet smart.

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How Does Smart Helmet Work?

The Smart helmet consist of various sensors that read and calculate the data. In addition; it converts the readings into digital data which can be accessed by any supervisor and administrators.

Some of the Sensors of This Technology are:

  • Temperature Sensor: This sensor allows the smart helmet to track the temperature variation of surrounding the area. It sends the signal about the change happened in the temperature. So you can monitor it and maintain it to the safe limit.
  • GPS: Today, most mobile phones use GPS to give you the exact location of your interest. This GPS module installed in the smart helmet lets you locate the wearer precisely.
  • Humidity Check: As the name suggests, the sensor helps to know the moisture in the air. So those industries that require a certain range of moisture in the room utilizes smart helmet for their workers.
  • Map Navigation : Workers in the manufacturing industry especially new one can navigate their way through the factory very easily using the navigation capability of the smart hardhat.
  • SOS Panic Button: The panic button installed on the smart helmets come to aid when there is some medical emergency.
  • Proximity sensor: This sensor facilitates wearer to stay away from the object that is not supposed to touch and risky to go by.

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The smart helmet is a new and promising concept for multiple industries. If the applications of this product can be put into the full potential then you can radically change your business. You pave the road for the trendsetter in your industry by employing such kind of smart technologies.

If you have any query regarding the Development of Smart Helmet Based on IoT Technology for your industry then feel free to contact our experts.

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