Are you looking for the best money-making online business ideas to start your own company in 2024? And don’t know which one will be the right choice and profitable too? No Worries! Let’s dive deep into the blog; we have covered everything here. 

How many of you are tired of a job with your career pinned down or your business that has not seen that rising graph for a long time? 

Or have failures disappointed you and ruined your business plans? 

Don’t let your dream die!!! Because you can still start a successful business and make even better profits than you planned before this lockdown.

Writer’s Note: This isn’t a self-help motivational type of blog. I am writing this only for the innovative entrepreneurs, students, and creative women, who wish to make use of these trending business opportunities and easy-to-start great online business ideas.

How to Find the Perfect Online Business Ideas for You to Start?

There would be a hundred questions flooding your mind right now when thinking about starting a great online business. Questions like:

  • How do I decide what business to start?
  • Which is the best online business to start?
  • How to start an online business?
  • How do I start my own business from home?

Actually, there is a simple way to find your best online business ideas for 2024. You don’t have to think about all these questions at the same time. Instead, ask yourself just one question, “What do I know best?”

The best business strategy books give the same advice; enter the business that you know inside out. Once you know what you are good at, you’ll get the popular business ideas for a small online business that is perfect for you.

Which Are the Top Online Business Ideas to Start in COVID-19 Quarantine?

With the trend of everything being served online, the internet has transformed our lives and businesses. There are mainly two segments of new online business opportunities for 2024. All the trending small online business ideas that make money are part of these two elaborate sections:

  • Selling a Product
  • Selling a Service

So, if you wish to change your situation for good in this global pandemic lockdown, here are the most popular online business ideas that make money, keep reading.

1. On-Demand Food Delivery Service

If you have a knack for cooking amazing food or already working in the food industry, then starting your own culinary startup is a very lucrative business idea. Auguste Escoffier (The chef of kings and the king of chefs) was probably the first celebrity chef, and you can follow his step in a digital space.

With the latest cloud kitchen startup concept, it’s more cost-effective. You don’t need to start a restaurant or café and invest heftily in such amenities. In 2024, there are many ways to start your cooking startup or start an online office food delivery business without shedding a lot of money.

Benefits of Online Food Delivery Service:

  • Reach a higher customer base that wasn’t possible with a physical store
  • No need for a furnished fancy restaurant
  • Saves a lot of money to develop the business
  • Serve good quality food experience
  • Make the whole ordering process quick and simple
  • Provide mobile access to the food joint at a moment’s notice

Examples of Top Online Food Delivery Apps:

  • UberEats
  • DoorDash
  • GrubHub
  • Zomato
  • Seamless

2. On-Demand Grocery Delivery Service

The most common reason why people are leaving their homes in quarantine is to purchase groceries and other dairy products which can not be bought and stocked for weeks. Just to get fresh vegetables, fruits, and milk products, people are risking their lives with Coronavirus.

But this threat can be avoided, and the lockdown can be observed perfectly by staying at home and ordering your groceries and other essentials to be home-delivered via a mobile app. Even after this global pandemic is averted, people will follow this trend of ordering groceries online as it would be more convenient and time-saving in daily life.

So, you can start your own grocery delivery business in 2024 and get really successful at it.

Benefits of Online Grocery Delivery Service:

Here briefly, we have discussed the benefits of grocery delivery apps!

  • Expand the reach of your physical store with this digital platform
  • With the additional income from this digital platform easily expand your business
  • Provide the best delivery service and create a trusting customer-base
  • Make the whole ordering process quick and simple
  • More people will opt for bulk ordering as they’ll get home delivery

Examples of Best Online Grocery Delivery Apps:

  • Instacart
  • Peapod
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Google Shopping
  • Walmart Grocery

3. On-Demand Medicine Delivery Service

Getting medicines and medical attention is the second most common reason to break the quarantine. We have a solution for that too. With an on-demand medicine delivery service, you can order your medicines and other medical supplies using an app and get them all delivered to your home’s doorstep.

Benefits of On-Demand Medicine Delivery Service:

  • The customer can get the medication with instant delivery.
  • With the medicine description in the app, the customers can understand more about the medicine before buying.
  • Attractive discount offers can create trust with the customer and boost your business.
  • With features like video-conferencing, online chats, and 24×7 helpline, the app users can access specialists at any time.

Examples of Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps:

  • Practo
  • 1mg
  • BookMeds
  • NetModes
  • WeChemist

4. Online Doctor’s Appointment & Checkups

You can get your checkup done from your home. No need to go to the doctors in this quarantine. Get a digital appointment of your doctor via a medical app and get a checkup at home. The patients can add a symptoms list, and the doctor can mention medications and precautions within the app.

There are several regulations to be followed by such a medical-based business startup. With a good app development company that understands medical regulations like HIPAA, you can build the best medical app under proper regulations.

Benefits of Online Doctor’s Appointment & Checkups:

  • The patients can check online certification and authentications.
  • Patients get quick and instantaneous results.
  • 24*7 service is available.
  • Hassle-free intercommunication with an easy interface.
  • The app solution is economical and efficient.
  • Choose a variety of doctors available

Examples of Best Online Doctor’s Checkup Apps:

  • DocsApp
  • SimplePractice
  • HealthTap
  • Lybrate
  • Amwell

5. Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Coaching App

Healthcare and Fitness is an ever-booming market that will never see the shadows of recession. Don’t give people yet another reason to skip the gym, double your earnings by launching an app-based fitness training program.

The beauty of starting an online business idea is that you don’t need to invest in any big infrastructure that many gyms and studios have. All you need is a fitting certificate of your expertise (which is quite easy to acquire). There are multiple ways to become an online fitness coach in 2024.

Benefits of launching an app-based fitness training program:

  • Personal coaching can be provided no matter where you are located around the globe.
  • Save money on expenses of setting up a studio or gym and other amenities.
  • Exercise when you want & where you want, no need to change your routine.
  • Taking time to design various fitness programs that is fit for a particular type of person.
  • Users get their complete fitness program accessible at all times in the app.

Examples of Online Fitness Coaching Service Apps:

  • Adidas Runtastic
  • Fitbit Coach
  • Zwift
  • 7 Minute Workout

6. Launching Work Collaboration Apps

There are several factors to handle while running a business like process optimization, IT administration, change management, project management, etc. Now, in times when the entire world is working from home, communication is a very important factor that can’t be missed.

So, making a work collaboration tool or app customized for businesses’ needs would be a lucrative SaaS-based business idea. You can provide a subscription-based model to the companies or even sell the solution to a large enterprise working globally.

Start your entrepreneurial journey in 2024 with this SaaS-based online business idea.

Benefits of Launching Work Collaboration Apps

  • Makes it easier to hold meetings for people who aren’t in the same location
  • A collaborative team that recognizes its abilities can have excellent viable solutions executed quickly and accurately.
  • Online collaboration software allows businesses in real-time with hundreds of participants simultaneously while saving money and being productive.

Examples of Work Collaboration Apps

  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Trello

7. Educational Tutoring App Platform

Education is one of the aspects that is affected by this quarantine but is not given as much importance. Sure, teachers are trying to teach using apps like Zoom to teach online, but we all know about cases of hackers disrupting the classes by showing objectionable content.

So, if you provide an app platform where teachers and students can interact seamlessly and get to continue their studies, as usual, your app can profit a lot. There are also many tough exams around the world that people need help clearing like IIT JEE, GRE, LNAT, CCIE, ICAI, etc., and many courses that many can’t afford.

Becoming an online tutor has all the benefits, excluding the troubles of investment in renting coaching centers and other amenities. So, creating the best distance learning app for students can be a very lucrative business startup.

This is one of the top small online business ideas for 2024. It can also be started as a Skill Development app for Professionals.

Benefits of Starting an Online Educational App:

  • Users learn everything at their own pace.
  • Provide a chance to learn for students that lack financial and administrative support.
  • To have access to faculties at all times to clear their doubts.
  • Provide a very personalized education plan and study material.
  • Access to any faculty across the globe.
  • The convenience of teaching and learning from anywhere.
  • Using the latest technologies in teaching.

Examples of Online Educational Apps:

  • Byju’s
  • Khan Academy
  • Udemy
  • Toppr

8. On-Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning App

Laundry and dry cleaning are among the most tiresome chores in the household, and if you’re not up for them, you can have the laundry and dry cleaning work done by professional services. You just need to build a laundry app from a laundry app development company, through which users can place orders. A representative will then come to pick up your dirty laundry and deliver it back once the load is done.

There are several other such household services too, like dusting and cleaning, which will be done by a professional cleaner. Just order the household service that you want on the app, and you’ll be served by the best professional in the business.

Benefits of Launching On-Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning Apps:

  • Customers as get their hard cleaning job done with a tap on their smartphone.
  • You can offer a large variety of services and earn good revenue with the help of such an online platform.
  • Save a large sum of money on infrastructure investment and still make millions out of it.

Examples of On-Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning Apps:

  • Cleanly
  • Laundrapp
  • DRYV

9. Create A Virtual Entertainment Portal

One of the most effective things that are helping people stay at home is entertainment. Entertainment of any kind, movies, series, musical videos, TikTok, YouTube, etc. People are free now and want something to do. In such a time, any such entertainment apps could become the next big thing.

This is not just for the Coronavirus, but a virtual entertainment platform is the future of this industry. Online Concerts, live theatre events, video and music streaming platforms, and all such entertainment sources will be virtual in the future.

Benefits of Virtual Entertainment Portal:

  • Entertainment on the internet is definitely low price, and in some cases, free.
  • One of the most common activities done online is posting pictures of family, recent activities, social platform challenges, etc., to increase engagement with the app.
  • Explore emerging brands and indie movies and series which you might never have found at a local video store.

Examples of Virtual Entertainment Portal:

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Vine
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Now Start Your Best Online Business Idea in 2024

This year may have been one of the worst in our recent history, but there is always something you can do about it. This year gave us lemons, so now it’s our turn to make lemonades out of them.

Choose from the top web app ideas mentioned here and begin your startup journey. In this age of the digital revolution, you can’t go much further without the ladder of technology. So, it is advisable always to find a perfect digital support partner for your business.

Excellent Webworld is the perfect technical team to partner up with to make your business app. Talk to our experts and get to know how we can help you out with your startup dream.

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