Best Online Business Ideas

9 Online business ideas for Beginners, Entrepreneurs, Womens

“I can solve this problem in a heartbeat, but…” –Every person who wants to be their own boss

How many of you are tired of a job that has your career pinned down or your business that has not seen that rising graph for a long time? I believe each and every one of you who is reading this. So if you wish to change your situation for good and looking for the best online business ideas that make money, keep reading.

Writer’s Note: This isn’t a self-help motivational type of blog. I am writing this only for the innovative entrepreneurs, students, creative women, who wish to make use of these trending business opportunities and easy to start online business ideas.

P.S. I’m in a giving mood today so if you stick around till the end, you’ll get a surprise.

Let’s start our blog on the 9 best online businesses to start on your own.

The first few thoughts that usually cross our mind when thinking about starting a great online business is:
  • How to start an online business?

  • How do I start my own business from home?

  • How do I decide what business to start?

  • Which is the best online business to start?

There is a simple way to find your best online business ideas for 2019. Ask yourself just one question, “What do I know best?” the most powerful business strategy books give the same advice; enter the business that you know inside out. Once you know what you are good at, you’ll get the best business ideas for a small online business that is perfect for you.

Which are the top online business ideas?

With the trend of everything online; the Internet has transformed our lives and businesses. There are mainly 2 segments of new online business opportunities for 2019. All the small online business ideas that make money are part of these 2 elaborate sections: Expertise Skills and Consulting Services.

1. Culinary Expert Service (Cooking Experts)

Auguste Escoffier (The chef of kings and the king of chefs) was probably the first celebrity chef. If you have a knack for cooking amazing food or already working in the food industry then start your own culinary startup. I don’t mean you start a restaurant or café. You don’t need to invest heftily on such amenities. In 2019, there are many ways to start your cooking startup without shedding a lot of money.
Pain Points of Cooks:
  • Paying a lot more for the other amenities besides the cost of food inventory

  • The time to manage other activities of business besides cooking

  • The need for additional staff like waiters to serve

User Expectations:
  • To get a good quality of food experience

  • To make the whole ordering process quick and simple

  • To get a mobile access to the food joint at a moment’s notice

Benefits of Online Cooking Service:
  • Reach a higher customer base that wasn’t possible with a physical store

  • No need for a furnished fancy restaurant

  • Reduces the total number of staff needed

  • Saves a lot of money to develop the business

Your Business’s Future

If you create your own cooking website then in a few years get to a place where your cooking skills will give you work in celebrity events and huge corporate catering. You can expand to new horizons by starting an online culinary school like Penn Foster, Le Cordon Bleu, and Escoffier Culinary Academy. The final frontier is to become a celebrity chef figure like Gordon Ramsey, Rachel Ray, and Wolfgang Puck.

2. Business Consultancy

Are you good with handling tasks like business process optimization, IT administration, change management, and project management? If yes, then you are a very prized resource in the world of business. Many of you doing these same tasks for companies know that already. Then why are you wasting your business skills working for someone else? Begin your own business consultancy service, even better if you have a team of qualified and trusted peers. Start your entrepreneurial journey in 2019 with various startup models to choose from.
Pain points of Business Consultants:
  • Not able to reach enough clients

  • Most of the clients prefer high-end consultancy firms

User Expectations:
  • Clients want a quick response from firms

  • They want to hire firms that use only the latest resources

  • They wish to have the consultancy just a call away

Benefits of Online Business Consultancy Service:
  • Convenience and Quick Service

  • Low Cost for Operations

  • Measure and Track Results

  • Automated, Tech-Savvy Marketing

  • Ability To Multitask

Your Business’s Future

Your immediate goal for 2019 would be to create or revise a strong public image online for your current and potential clients. A few years down the lane you can grow into an international firm that works online and also get every business task done remotely.

3. Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Coaching

Healthcare and Fitness is an ever booming market that will never see the shadows of recession. double your earning by becoming a freelance trainer than working for some sort of fitness or Yoga studio. All you need is a fitting certificate of your expertise (which is quite easy to acquire). The beauty of starting an online business idea is that you don’t need to invest in any big infrastructure that many gyms and studios have to. There are multiple ways to become an online fitness coach in 2019.
Pain points of Fitness Coaches:
  • Taking time to design a fitness program only to learn it won’t due to medical histories

  • Taking everything you know and try to narrow it down to 5–10 exercises

  • Trying to handle multiple clients and to fit them in your calendar

  • Taking care of administrative work besides helping clients

User Expectations:
  • They wish to see a change very early in the program

  • They need a continuous assistance of the trainer

  • Users need their complete fitness program accessible at all times

Benefits of Online Fitness Coaching Service:
  • Personal coaching is available no matter where you or the trainer are located around the globe

  • Save money on travel expenses

  • Exercise when you want & where you want, no need to change your routine

Your Business’s Future

For individuals, the goal is to become a global face of fitness like David Allen and Gunnar Peterson while franchises wish to become an international brand like AntiGravity and Exos. The logical step is to build a fitness, yoga or meditation app to directly reach every potential user across the world.

4. Accounting Consultancy

Are you good with numbers? Do you have a degree in accounting that has not yet given its worth yet? Maybe it’s time for you to go freelancing. Freelancing is not just for the singers and photographers, there are many huge firms that outsource their bookkeeping and accounting works to unaffiliated professionals to conserve their company strength to their expertise. Let’s be a part of this unique business opportunities and make a pretty good amount doing outsourced work. This small startup business niche has proven to be very profitable over the years.
Pain points of Accounting Consultants:
  • Have to chase receivables because they haven’t evolved their business models like huge firms

  • Use a ton of spreadsheets no matter the sophistication of the accounting system

  • To keep up with changing technologies that clients are using

  • Clients take too long to respond to questions

User Expectations:
  • To find a trustworthy consultant to help in every aspect needed

  • A quick working and responding firm

  • Guidance on strategic planning and portfolio management

  • A firm that can make the most beneficial cost cutting

Benefits of Online Accounting Consultancy Service:
  • Access to online software

  • Always remain in contact

  • Proper record maintenance

  • Quicker Invoicing

Your Business’s Future

Some of the biggest accounting firms like PwC and Deloitte make revenue of approx $41 billion and $43 billion, respectively. I believe your aim would be something similar. These firms are spread across 150+ countries with over 90% of clientele belonging to the FT Global 500 list. To get to that position you need a strong workforce and more importantly digitalization.

5. Personality Development Expert

Are you one of those guys who can motivate anyone with just a talk? Self-help experts have been around for a very long time and every year their demand is increasing. If you are good with words and charismatic on stage then this is a very profitable career option where you will have full control over how you work. and also reach the level of Tony Robbins and Eric Thomas. There are various ways to start this startup.
Pain Points of your Self Help Speakers:
  • To land events to speak at

  • To maintain multiple strong social profiles

  • To provide 24/7 assistance to high-end clients

User Expectations:
  • Communities hiring you need a reference to your works

  • Client firms hiring your services wish for a regular interaction

  • The common users need access to your content online

Benefits of Online Self Help Service:
  • Attend to multiple clients simultaneously

  • Your work can be accessible for everyone, everywhere

  • Your social profile will grow drastically online

  • Easy to watch video bytes of your speeches from anywhere

Your Business’s Future

There is a lot of scope in this industry. Every new technological invention is useful for you. If you keep updating and integrating future tech in your business plan then get a chance to become a global sensation similar to TED Talks and TEDx.

6. Technical skills Expert

If you have any type of technical skills, then there is a huge market waiting to hire your services at a very good rate. All Technical skills range in a very broad category like software skills, writing, digital marketing, analytics, web and app development, cyber security, project managing, etc. You can either become a freelancer, an online mentor or tech startup depending on your level of knowledge and experience.
Pain points of Technical skill Experts:
  • Standing against competing huge firms

  • Delays in payment from clients

  • Waiting for a client response after showing interest

  • Fewer earnings in freelancer portals

  • Very tough to prove skills without an online portfolio

User Expectations:
  • Your complete dedication to a single client at a time

  • To complete tasks before deadlines

  • To maintain continuous communication

  • To find a partner for long-term

  • Strong portfolio

Benefits of Online Technical skill Services:
  • You control your workload

  • Avoid unyielding long work commutes

  • Have a better client relation

Your Business’s Future

For the individuals mastered in a single skill, easy to start a small tech skills service company for there niche of the market. The once who will create such skill sharing platforms will keep growing into an international platform if you keep upgrading and innovating your platform.

7. Social Media Consultant

Social Media is the most powerful digital source of earning. If you are good at making those likes and views go through the roof then you are a rare resource for many companies and personalities. Some of you may already be working for some company, then why not create your own social media consulting company that can make other brands global.
Pain Points of Social Media Consultants:
  • Building a strong presence on multiple platforms

  • Standing against big media consultancy firms

  • Securing resources and time evenly

User Expectations:
  • You have a strong connection with social media influencers

  • A strong portfolio of your past clients

  • High RoI on campaigns

  • Unique and interesting campaign ideas

Benefits of Online Social Media Consultancy Service:
  • Users can get unbiased suggestions

  • Clients can get a deep analysis of each strategy

  • A full integration of social media strategies

Your Business’s Future

The sun seems dim compared to the future of social media. But it is also hotter so you need a guaranteed most successful business model to reach and stay at the top. You can’t get to the moon in a station wagon, so as your clients increase; you need to upgrade your business standards and practices too.

8. Educational Tutoring Experts

There are many tough exams around the world that people need help in clearing like IIT JEE, GRE, LNAT, CCIE, ICAI, etc. and many courses that many can’t afford. If you have cleared such exams or have the knowledge to teach such courses then this startup is a very lucrative and at the same time satisfying calling for your skills. Becoming an online tutor has all the benefits excluding the troubles of investment in renting coaching centers and other amenities. This is one of the top small online business ideas for 2019.
Pain Points of Tutors:
  • Constant juggling between teaching and administrative work

  • To find an optimum learning speed with respect to each student

  • Lack of financial and administrative support

  • Having a communication gap between teacher and students

User Expectations:
  • To get a very personalized education plan and study material

  • To have access to faculties at all times to clear their doubts

  • To learn topics in a simple yet quick way

Benefits of Online Tutoring Service:
  • Access to any faculty across the globe

  • Users learn everything at their own pace

  • The convenience of teaching and learning from anywhere

  • Using the latest technologies in teaching

Your Business’s Future

Udemy, edX, and Udacity are the top online learning platform aimed at professional education. Such startups don’t just provide creative experience but a very profitable startup business ideas in 2019 that is making millions each year. This field is still fresh and not many mouths for the whole pie so you can definitely carve a niche idea of business out for yourself.

9. Travel Consultancy

Traveling is the most human activity that all of us have to do. Some change places for education, some for a job, while others just to experience the world. But all of these people need someone who can guide them through the procedures. Travel consultancy is an evergreen market that will never go into recession. On the contrary, it may boom in such times. Learn how you can earn from such a business venture.
Pain Points of Travel Consultants:
  • Competing against big travel agencies

  • Losing clients over small online discounts

  • Designing a complete travel plan for a customer that leaves anyways

User Expectations:
  • Clearly understanding your customers’ needs

  • Providing personalized information about travel options

  • Creating travel plans that are cost-effective and best address customer’s needs

Benefits of Online Travel Consultancy Service:
  • Offer Real-time data access

  • 24/7 interaction with customers

  • Minimize office and processing costs

  • All the process become instantaneously

Your Business’s Future

Travel Agencies have become one of the biggest online business ideas of 2019 due to the recent technological revolution in the travel industry. People are more open to spending on holidays in exotic locations. This promises a steady income for such startups but with time you have to also improve your services and give the most user-friendly experience.

The Ultimate Solutions to improve your business

I’m New to this, what should I do?

Do you need social media branding for your services?

If you are new to the industry you’ll need a hands-on approach to learn. So try to get into a firm that is doing well and holds training programs. If you have sufficient knowledge to begin your own business, Do this:

  • 1. Start by creating a strong social media profile where people can see your works and contact you for your services. If you have no previous experience of the market, create a competitive profile of your services on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • 2. A professional approach is to register to LinkedIn and other professional social platforms as a freelancer.

  • 3. Start uploading videos of your services and tutorials on YouTube. Keep posting free video bytes and tutorials and give a glimpse of what your online service has to offer.

I’m a Semi-Professional, what should I do?

Will having an app and website help you reach more customers?

For the ones that have gained experience and wish to go solo now, you need to begin your startup and create a very impressive digital image that shows your skills. Remember to create an equally professional online profile of your startup.

  • 1. Get on Facebook & Instagram ASAP, not to make buddies and share memes but to expand your business reach. If you have good market credit then you can easily break the online market. Improve your skills a notch higher with small events and clients. You may have to begin for a minimal amount. Your goal should be to upgrade your clientele to more elite ones. For that, you need to keep innovating and create a solid portfolio and also a technically advanced website that will improve customer interaction.

  • 2. If you already have a website but not making good money, it’s time to improve your sales skills. Talk to expert professionals who can guide you on this. With years of experience and a team of efficient peers, you can create your own expert company.

I’m a Professional, what should I do?

Do your competitors have a website and app?

You are already raking in a huge customer base and you have a steady flow of users but still, something’s missing; time to upgrade your online business startup. You are just missing that one spark to become the A-listing company. You need to upgrade your workforce to the most elite individuals and resources.

  • 1. If you have a full team and are a local brand, start going global with live conferences and webinars and other means of social presence.

  • 2. Keep updating your website to the latest designs and technology.

  • 3. For the ones that get a lot of customers every month you can create an app for your users to let them access all your services via their Smartphone’s.

  • 4. If you wish to begin a startup that brings various expert services and products under one platform you can create a mobile app that anyone can use to hire or order.

I’m the Expert of my Industry, What should I do?

Do you have a customer loyalty program for your users?

You are the market leader and probably a monopoly of your industry. The only logical expansion is to become part of every other competitor firm.

  • 1. A service or product based app can earn you revenue from each order, subscription models, app add-ons, and advertisements.

  • 2. For startups who wish to dabble into new sources of income besides offline, web and app earnings, you are looking for a special product called SaaS, selling your own industry-specific Software as a SaaS Product to other firms. These companies will pay you on a subscription-based or commission-based model to use your SaaS product.

What’s next?

So these were our top picks for the top 9 online business ideas to start in 2019. Now for the small surprise that I had promised before, here I present to you a bonus round. A list of the most successful online business opportunities or online startup ideas that you can make a fortune from:
  • Investment Consultancy

  • Vocational Consultancy

  • Marketing Consultancy

  • Fashion Consultancy

  • Customer service Consultancy

  • Salon and Spa Service

  • Plumbing Expert

  • Carpentry Expert

  • Welding Expert

  • Childcare Expert

  • Grooming Expert

  • Pet Grooming Expert

  • Social Media Influencer Expert

  • Online Education Expert

  • Various Tutorials Expert

I’m sure after reading all these ways to start a business you have found out the importance of digitizing your company. What are you waiting for then? Upgrade your digital side of business ASAP.


You may have noticed that I have regularly pointed out to create a professional website or mobile app for your potential clients. It is solely because every major client that you will acquire will talk to you only after looking at your digital profile or website and if you have a service or product that will be used by a huge number of people then the best way to get to them is through a mobile app. In this age of digital revolution, you can’t go much further without the ladder of technology. So it is advisable to always keep the digital market as a key factor of your business plan and find a perfect digital support partner for your business.