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There is an Astrophile within each one of us. Some follow the stargazing hobby as children while some explore it later in life. With SkySafari app, you get a powerful planetarium that fits in your smartphone.

Access the entire universe at your fingertips with SkySafari App for iOS and Android.

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The new update of SkySafari version 6 has 100 million stars, 3+ million galaxies, and over 770,000+ solar system objects, with every comet and asteroid, discovered to date.
Skysafari Astronomy App

What is the SkySafari Astronomy App?

Imagine you are having a relaxing evening after a tiring long week at work. You’ve planned a beautiful night dinner and relaxation, how can you end the night perfectly? With stargazing under the dark sky with your child or your partner.

The Sky Safari app is really easy to use, just hold your mobile device towards the sky, and the app will quickly locate planets, constellations, satellites, and millions of stars. There’s a lot of amazing astronomical information with rich graphics, making SkySafari the best star gazing application in the market.

You can also use the app to see what the sky would’ve looked like hundreds of years ago or what it will look like thousands of years in the future. The app is also capable of running simulations of past meteor showers and also upcoming celestial events.

If you are more interested in the history and mythology behind the stars and other celestial objects, the app also provides that. The SkySafari astronomy app also provides a constellation illustration feature to help you visualize the zodiac castellations.

Screenshots of the SkySafari App

The SkySafari app has a user base of very large age groups, from school students to retired seniors trying
out a new hobby and everyone in-between. So, the app is designed in such a way that anyone
could easily use it and never feel overwhelmed by the astronomy and sky watching app’s capabilities.
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How Does SkySafari Astronomy App Work?

What the SkySafari app does is that it provides you an experience of viewing stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and other celestial objects in the sky using the app. One could say that it is like Google maps for the sky. Just move your phone pointing at the sky and as your phone moves around, the sky chart follows your motion and shows the real-time location of the celestial object in the sky.

The latest update on SkySafari 6, lets you (optionally) backup your data to the app’s server, secure cloud storage, syncing it across all your mobile devices. With the new update comes another exciting app feature, voice command feature for a wide range of operations. You can find astronomical objects by giving voice commands like “Search for Mars” or “Search for Titan.”

The best astronomy app for Android and iOS, SkySafari, uses the UCAC5 star catalog with 29 million stars accurate down to 15th magnitude. Further, by making an in-app purchase you can get a total 109 million stars to view through the sky watching app. The app also has a vast and prestigious photo gallery with hundreds of images from NASA space missions, Biggest Telescopes from around the world, and pieces from the world’s most popular astrophotographers.

With the SkySafari astronomy app, you can simulate the sky from anywhere on Earth. The simulation can go up to 10,000 years in the past or the future with high graphic animate transits, conjunctions, eclipses, and other events with a simple time control feature.

Skysafari Astronomy App Work

Top Features Of SkySafari Astronomy App

The primary goal of apps like SkySafari is to educate people willing to learn about astronomy and the
universe. The app is also very useful if you don’t want to learn anything but just wish to

see the night sky in all its awe.

Features Of SkySafari Astronomy App

Cost Breakdown of Astronomy App like SkySafari

Features Mobile App (Hours) Approx Cost
Working on Mobile Data & GPS Signal 25 $8000
News & Notifications 12 $2000
Light filters 35 $5000
Night vision 35 $5000
Schedule Events Based On Location 25 $4000
Using AR on Real Sky 80 $15,000
Alignment Between AR & Real Objects 40 $5000
Information Exchange from Database to Device 25 $4000
3D Touch Feature 60 $10,000

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There is a certain beauty in looking at the night sky and the entire universe beyond our Earth. The SkySafari app is more than just an astronomy app; it’s an escape from Earth and a view into something bigger.

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