Get the IIoT experts for your enterprise that have contributed to the Industry 4.0 revolution

Industrial IoT, or any IoT for that matter, begins with connectivity. The “things” in the industrial Internet of Things are made up of several elements like machines, tools, equipment, all used in a fully functioning enterprise. Although these elements are not digital-ready in the conventional sense, we can make them with custom industrial IoT solutions.

At Excellent Webworld, we present an innovative, custom solution to connect your enterprise machines, employees, and industrial processes under a data-driven industrial IoT umbrella. We help medium and large-scale industrial enterprises automate manufacturing processes with our state-of-the-art industrial innovations.

Our firm has helped several enterprises and OEMs across various industries automate their plant processes, keep track of all the resources and assets, and add smart capabilities to their existing analog equipment and machinery to improve work capacity with our innovative industrial IoT solutions.

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Our process for implementing custom IIoT solutions to your enterprise


Project discovery

Excellent Webworld brings vast experience and groundbreaking ideas while creating a custom, thought-out IIoT system tailored to your specific industry and enterprise working needs. We’ll hold a detailed discussion between you and our IoT team and specify your requirements at each level of the Industrial IoT ecosystem: machine connectivity, embedded software, and cloud.


Analyzing the ecosystem

Our IoT team will study the entire ecosystem (industrial plant, warehouse, construction site, etc.) and get all the factors into account that will interact with the planned industrial IoT solution for your enterprise. We define the individual IIoT application’s capabilities and establish its integration with all the other existing enterprise applications and systems at your intended worksite.


IIoT strategy planning

After analyzing your business objectives, studying the ecosystem, and determining the IIoT system capabilities, we create a detailed roadmap of the custom Industrial IoT system implementation. In this phase, we define the project scope and its complexity, and based on that; we provide a delivery schedule and a fixed project budget. Once the details are assessed and approved from your end, the development begins.


Developing the IIoT solution

Our IoT development team adheres to iterative development. We begin with the basic features and then expand the IIoT solution’s functionality as we move ahead with the development. This approach helps to get value faster and brings risks down to a minimum on large-scale implementation, especially if you plan to release an MVP first and build the complete solution parallelly.


Testing the solution

We collaborate with a large IoT team and multiple project stakeholders to convert your connected factory vision into reality. But an industrial IoT system has to be completely error-free, especially as it’s being used around heavy machinery and a large workforce. We make sure that your IIoT solution is built perfectly by rigorously testing the system with multiple industrial QA standards.


Implementing the IIoT solution to the ecosystem

Now comes the herculean task of implementing the IIoT system with your enterprise ecosystem and all its intricate elements, man and machine. We will be assisting you and your workforce throughout the process of implementing your new age IIoT system. It’s only after a successful implementation of the system with your enterprise that our delivery of the end-to-end IIoT solution completes.


Support & Maintenance

Wait! Our work is not done yet. Any digital system needs continuous support to ensure consistent working. An Industrial IoT solution working in a large industrial plant or construction site should be getting consistent support and maintenance. Excellent Webworld is willing to take this responsibility and continue our business relation.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Industries benefiting from our Industrial IoT Solutions

Every industry vertical is different, and every enterprise has different needs. We are fortunate enough to have served several of the top enterprises across the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Smart Cities
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • AgroTech
  • Construction

Our custom industrial IoT services for your visionary enterprise

Your search for the perfect technological partner to IoTify your industrial properties ends at one name, Excellent Webworld. You can choose from our large spectrum of IIoT services and get the guarantee of a reliable and scalable industrial IoT solution for your enterprise. We are ready to join your digital manufacturing initiative at any stage and take up the challenge to build the best possible IIoT solution based on your needs.

IIoT consulting & strategy planning

Looking for professional assistance with planning the technical aspects of building the IIoT solution and managing the IoT development team? You can get our senior-most IoT resource to lead the team or even opt for the CTO to lead the team with our “hire the CTO” service.

Rapid prototyping

An industrial IoT solution is quite a costly investment, and to ensure that your investment will bring a good return, we provide a rapid prototyping service. So before proceeding to the full-cycle IIoT development, you can test the concept with a prototype and also get important user feedback from your workforce to enhance the final IIoT solution.

Hardware designing

We have a proficient team of IoT experts capable of handling the complete IIoT solution development, even the hardware designing. All the hardware designing is done in the latest software, and simulations are run numerous times to test the hardware capabilities for several physical and performance factors.

Middleware development

Your industrial IoT system will need a standard program to connect the IoT devices, user applications, and data processing software. That’s where our IoT middleware development service comes into play. Our highly skilled IoT engineers understand your complete industrial IoT system and provide secure and stable middleware development with the best result.

Industrial IoT software development

The key element of interaction between the IIoT system and the user is the solution’s software. This solution can either be a robust admin dashboard or a more user-friendly industrial IoT mobile application, or both. All the data generated by the IoT hardware will be fed to this digital interactive platform via custom-built firmware and middleware for the users to access and command in the IIoT app.

IoT data warehousing & analytics

We can set up secure on-premise and cloud storage solutions to collect, store, and apply data to and from the IoT hardware. Our cloud specialists can design edge or fog cloud architectures as per your requirements, making it easier to send data to the cloud at larger intervals or process it locally, whichever approach seems good for you.

We Possess Expertise In These Embedded Technologies

Our product engineering firm has in-depth knowledge of the following embedded platforms, devices, tech stacks, and protocols.






Analog Devices









Raspberry Pi






Bare Metal

C & C++













Reactive Native

Hybrid app


Bluetooth (BLE)







Sub 1-GHz







802.11 a/b/g/n/ac



Sensor integration



Flash memory

SD card














MS Azure


Google Cloud Platform

IBM Watson Internet of Things


Ayla Networks



Platform IO

Amazon Echo

Google Home

Apple HomeKit




Our work

We use modern and time-tested technologies to extend and scale your product effectively.

One of our clients from Kenya approached us to build an all in car rental and taxi booking app. The prime goal of this application was let users book a taxi as well as rent the car from the same app. Peppea contains so many unique features that make it one of the best taxi apps in Kenya.

Eric - CEO, Maridady Motors

One of our clients from Kenya approached us to build an all in car rental and taxi booking app. The prime goal of this application was let users book a taxi as well as rent the car from the same app. Peppea contains so many unique features that make it one of the best taxi apps in Kenya.


A few months ago; we were approached by the client to build an application for the reference guide for using essential oils along with the powerful inventory management system. The aim was to help the sufferer of anxiety, stress, depression, and other health-related problems.

Darcy - CTO - Aromascense

I was impressed by their expertise in such a large number of technology platforms. They met our deadlines, and after successful launch the feedback of our users were overwhelmingly positive.


Schools and Colleges will also register in this reward system platform where they will receive a physical reward system card (similar to reward coupons) which they can show in affiliated business stores and get discounts and deals. Morgan wanted this mobile app-based reward system for the students of institutes that are part of some sports team.

Morgan Phelps - CEO

They helped recreate my website for me. I started working with them about six weeks ago. They were full of ideas regarding mobile apps, design, and a lot of suggestions whatever I asked them.


We all like to receive the gifts on special events like anniversary, birthday, and so on. But, sometimes we don’t get the gifts that we were expecting. Now think, what if there is an app wherein you can wishlist the gifts you’re expecting, and your connection will be notified for the same? Something similar was the concern of one of our B2B clients from the US, Kansas.

Vince Dean - CEO, MyLineup

I wanted to develop a Wishlist Application to help people get their desired gifts on their special occasions. So, I came across Excellent Webworld. I contacted them and talked to the development team. I was impressed with their ideas and suggestions they had for my project. I’d happily recommend Excellent Webworld to all looking to develop an app or website.