One of the strongest senses that humans have is the sense of smell and touch. The startup is all about these 2 senses and a lot more.

The app is a one-stop solution for therapeutic oil based information, inventory management, oil therapy recipes, and much more. This app is useful for Spas, massage centers, physiotherapists and general users who wish to try oil therapies. Thanks to modern technological advancements, Aroma and oil therapy is not just for the luxurious A-class people. This amenity can be relished by anyone.

You can use the essential oil inventory app by creating your own profile with shopping list, inventory, and recipes. You can search for the oils from name or brand and access all its details. The app has a very easy to understand user interface with a minimalist design so that users of any age can use this app effortlessly. For people who wish to do their own therapies at home, it has more than 600 recipes with more adding every month.

The inventory feature will show you which oils need restocking and also what additional ingredients you need for certain recipes. The app will soon become a relaxing and healing element of Aroma and oil therapies in near future.

Essentials Oil App Development