Over the last two decades, technological development has played a vital role in the augmentation of the hospitality industry. Likewise the adoption of new voice user interface technologies such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc. has an exceptional contribution to the industry enhancement. Especially Amazon Alexa voice assistant, enabled with Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot devices, is greatly impacting hospitality services.

Recently Amazon has introduced the new Alexa system for Hotels named as Alexa for Hospitality. It is a special version of the Alexa which integrates into popular hotel software systems for guest. Alexa for Hospitality works on Echo devices installed in hotel rooms which will be customized for different hotels. Currently, the devices like Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Plus supports the new Alexa system for hospitality.

This new system allows guests to request services such as housekeeping or room service. Further, the guests can also play music and radio on iHeartRadio and TuneIn which can be set up to play music stations as per the hotel’s brand. Hotels can modify the system according to their requirements e.g to control diverse “smart home” features like the lights, blinds, thermostat, and TVs.

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Offer More Efficient Services

Amazon Alexa Skills makes the hotel operations and services more efficient and provide a handy and riveting approach for guests to access all the facilities

  • Place Alexa Enabled Device In a Room

Amazon Alexa in hotels brings comfort to the next level. The echo devices placed in the hotel rooms allows guest to control the room environment with the speech. Without getting out of their bed they can adjust the temperature, shut the lights off, or light the Do Not Disturb button outside the room door.

  • Streamline Staff Communication and Hotel Operations

Amazon Alexa integration in hotels not only serves the guest but help to make hotel staff more efficient with quick and seamless interaction. It tends to get rid of the traditional clipboards. Whether it is room cleaning or maintenance, guest just have to tell Alexa. The Alexa integrated solution makes it easier for hotel staff to keep more rooms in service and accomplish their work.

Efficient Services

Enhance the Guest Experience

Amazon Alexa integration in hotel, caters an outstanding, interesting and unique experience for guest to avail their services.

  • Welcome The Guests Personally

The Alexa echo devices let hoteliers greet their guest, even if they personally fail to do. Hotels can also put the Alexa echo devices in the guest rooms to welcome the guests on their entry in the room.

  • Pleasuring Guests With Music, Games, And Video

Hotels can provide Amazon Echo and Dot hardware to allow guests to access and play their desired music and can also offer their own branded music playlists.

  • Frictionless Services And Staff

Amazon Alexa integration in hotels reduces two of the main difficulties, dexterity, and proximity, by enabling improved and immediate access to the services and staff. Amazon You can create Alexa Skillsto bring nearness and speed for service response, diminishing the annoyance for listening to a phone ring and waiting on hold for an operator.

Guest Experience

Alexa Develops The Area Of Influence Of The Guest

  • Alexa as Concierge into The Guest Room

Guests turn frustrated for long waits for accessing to the concierge during peak times. Guest will be much satisfied if hotels bring the voice of the concierge into their room. Amazon Alexa Skills make it possible for hoteliers by performing a role of Concierge in the room.

  • Facilitate Local Control Of Special Offers

Hoteliers can build Alexa Skills to update, tweak and inform real-time offers and services to the guests. With Alexa voice-powered service, offers can be provided in contextually significant interactions, so that they will sound more like useful suggestions than marketing. This will indirectly encourage guest to avail the extra services and revisit the hotel.

Alexa Develops

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The Impact of Amazon Alexa Integration On Hotel KPIs

DDR (Direct Revenue Ratio)

Direct Revenue Ratio estimates the overall percentage of rooms’ revenue getting through the hotels as compared to the third-party platform. Hotels can offer their guests direct booking access to the incredible voice automated guest rooms and put hotel services at the tip of their tongue. The effect is quite notable in terms of DDR.

TRevPAR (Total Revenue Per Available Room)

TRevPar is an evaluation of the overall net revenue across the hotel over its number of available guest rooms. Amazon Alexa in hotels influences guests and encourage spending on the hotel services. With its interactive features, the In-Room Voice Automation motivates guests to exploit the high margin services giving the ability to access them at a particular moment in time. This highly affects the TRevPAR KPI of hotels.

Sentiment Scores

Sentiment Scores is the outcome of aggregated online reviews analysis and it is a key indicator of guest experience and the hotel’s achievement in delivering it. Whenever guest first experiences this new technology they are surely impressed and tend to record, and share it with others on the social media. This helps hoteliers to gather more customers as well as their reviews on the internet.

NPS (Net Promoter Scores)

Net Promoter Scores is the evaluation of guests’ tendency to recommend the hotel to a friend and it’s the most popular assessment of guest contentment. These scores are got from post-stay surveys of guests or an event during a stay or a single memorable interaction. The NPS will be best improved with Amazon Alexa integration, which will be new for most of the guests, thus serves a unique experience and makes them share and recommend the property to the colleagues or friends.

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Some Popular Hotels Experimenting Alexa Voice Powered Services

  • Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace a popular Chicago Hotel has been experimenting Alexa with the Amazon Dot as a tool for both guests and employees, the device greets the guest at the entrance to the room. Moreover, guests can also request it for other services.
  • Marriott Hotels which is the world’s largest hotel chain has implemented the Amazon’s Alexa in its Aloft Hotels that will facilitate guests, close drapes, turn on lights, television, and control temperature and do other usual stuff.
  • Wynn Resorts chose Wynn Alexa to power its 4,700 rooms in Las Vegas hotel. With Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant guests of Wynn will be able to control various room features like temperature, lights, and the television.
  • Pacifica Hotel chain now encompasses voice-activated “butlers” on staff, with Amazon Echo Dot speakers located in rooms at Santa Barbara’s Wayfarer and the classic Echo in the Marina del Rey Hotel. The Voice-Activated butler can be requested to play music, get extra towels, or confirm when guests are ready to leave.
Powered Services

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Competitors of Amazon Alexa

  • Other personal voice assistants like Apple Siri, Google Home and Cortana are also making their presence in hotels and the hospitality industry, giving rise to a voice assistants battle.
  • The Aloft Hotel in Boston’s Seaport is using Apple’s voice assistant Siri in living rooms, which allows guest to adjust the heat, stream internet content, find out the time or weather, and inform users about local attractions. Guests utilize the customer Aloft app that incorporates all of these smart-capable features.
  • Marriott Hotels, along with Amazon Alexa, leveraging Apple’s Siri in its rooms which facilitates the guests to control room environment and other the usual stuff.
  • Hotel Butler for Google Assistant which is currently in beta testing is soon going to launch. The Hotel Butler for Google Assistant will serve all the features that Alexa Hotel Butler has.

Amazon Alexa Skill Integration is becoming a game changer for the entire hospitality industry mainly for hotels. Amazon Echo voice commands set a fun experience for hotel guests and also facilitate hoteliers to achieve measurable and important business objectives. It is supposed to be one of the most powerful business tools for hotels and other hospitality businesses. If you want to see how much is Alexa voice service is capable to raise it a brand in the enormous competition in the hospitality industry, then adopting a voice technology solution such as Amazon Alexa Skill Integration is must for you.

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