The healthcare industry has always been open to new innovations and technology integrations. Some of the best examples would be the integration of cloud computing in healthcare, the telemedicine app trend, and the latest one in the line, Amazon Alexa skills for the healthcare industry.

The preceding year was fairly good for Amazon’s voice technology. Be it in terms of its expanded usability or the revenues Amazon has been getting with the Alexa devices.

Here it’s not important how much the technology is making in terms of revenues, but the remarkable fact is how much the voice technology has been in demand by the world for various purposes and industry sectors. Right from your kitchen to the hotel room, offices, and enterprises, Alexa is making its presence almost everywhere and chances are rare that the healthcare sector will remain behind to embrace it.

Each aspect incorporated in healthcare sectors like doctors, patients, nurses, and even pharmacists are now started using Alexa in their professional and personal lives.

The users of Alexa enabled devices have facilitated to inquire Alexa about their healthcare doubts or any essential information that lies in the healthcare area. Not just this, Alexa has more significant potentials in the healthcare area that are worth discovering.

So let’s explore how exactly Amazon Alexa is effective in healthcare:

Let’s first discuss,

The Importance Of Amazon Alexa For Healthcare

Since Alexa has the potential to both inform and entertain, there are certain areas of healthcare where Alexa plays an interesting and most helpful role for patients and healthcare providers as well.

More and more hospitals and healthcare providers constantly look for new convenient and time-saving technologies to make their daily essential work much easier, streamlined and swift.

By placing Alexa devices in the patient’s ward; hospitals can allow them to take help of Alexa for any inconvenience or to remember the health instructions. Some of the Best Alexa Commands for patients can be: “Alexa when I should take my medicines”? or “Alexa, am I needed to take my medication with food?”

Further, Alexa has the potential to convey imperative medical information to the seniors staying at home and elder patients just discharged from the hospital to decrease expensive re-admissions, together with an inclusive fundamental preoperative checklist.

Right from the usual tasks in hospitals to the patient’s home, Alexa can be very effective, providing the next level of convenience to the patients and doctors as well.

Best Benefits Alexa Serve To Hospital Industry

Here are some remarkable benefits of Amazon Alexa in Healthcare


  • Doctors can ask Alexa, to generate a complete healthcare report of a patient and Alexa will send a report to the doctor’s mobile device.
  • They can respond patients’ queries about their health condition or symptoms.
  • Can get information on a particular procedure or drug.
  • Get help with diagnosis and treatment
  • Get other hospital staff for assistance
Amazon Alexa for Doctors


  • Patients can send their health reports and medication to their physicians.
  • Patients can also send a message to the nurse, staff, or doctor.
  • With Alexa, they can also book an appointment
  • Patients can use Alexa to control the room lights, temperature, music, and TV.
  • Whenever any patient gets discharged from the hospital, he can ask Alexa to book a taxi to go home.
  • Using Amazon Echo patients can ask for help in emergency situations.
  • Alexa can also remind patients to have their scheduled food or medicines.
Amazon Alexa for Patients


  • Operate medical devices or software remotely while hands are dirty. With the help of the latest Medical App Development, healthcare providers can treat patients better.
  • The nurse can request Alexa to store the patient’s current health condition, like the temperature or fewer.
  • Nurses can also request a patient discharge.
Amazon Alexa for nurses

How Much Is Alexa Voice Service Important for Healthcare Sector?

Alexa doesn’t just care for the sick but also the healthy by not letting them fall sick. There are many workout routines added to Alexa which can make it into a digital fitness trainer for you. Besides enabling access with 3rd party apps like Fitbit and JEFIT, you can also access in-built routines like 7-minute routines, 4-minute routines, Zumba music collection, etc just with one voice command.

Existing Amazon Alexa Skills For Healthcare

Many of healthcare brands and healthcare service providers have developed some remarkable and useful Alexa skills with an aim of facilitating people to better manage and track their health.

KidsMD App Logo

KidsMD app

Boston Children’s Hospital has launched an Alexa app called KidsMD app. The app allows Alexa devices to inform parents about their kid’s fever and medication dosing. The Alexa-enabled device, such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot, and Amazon Fire TV, can install the app. After it’s installed, parents can ask Alexa whether symptoms like a cough, fever, rash, headache, sore throat, vomiting, fatigue, or diarrhea, need to a call to the physician.

They can also ask Alexa about age or weight-specific dosing guidelines.

Fitbit Logo


Fitbit has enabled people to keep track of their fitness goals by checking on their tracking device through the Alexa-enabled device. Alexa can enlighten users with a broad list of personal tracking stuff like steps taken, hours slept, calories burned, flights climbed, resting heart rate and much more.

Fitbit skill enabled users to get acquainted with their fitness information helping them to make informed decisions about their daily health.

Health Care Genius Logo

Health Care Genius

Most of the health issues are quite difficult to understand, in fact, the healthcare itself is a very vast and complicated industry. Health Care Genius skills help people to better understand some healthcare aspects by providing clear and understandable details of general healthcare questions or issues.

The user just needs to enable the Alexa skill and can ask any query such as, “Alexa, asks Health Care Genius what’s a deductible?”

Web-MD Healthcare Logo

Web-MD Healthcare Q&A

Web-MD an online publisher of human health information and news, has enabled people to use Echo Dot, Amazon’s Echo, and Fire TV for inquiring a list of quarries related health or any medical conditions, treatments, medications, and more. The Alexa integration offers an instant and seamless interaction between users and their required the healthcare details.

With Alexa-integrated device and commands a user can access WebMD’s huge medical database. User just need to ask “Alexa, ask WebMD to tell me the symptoms of the cold.”

Lenovo Health Apps Logo

Lenovo Health Apps

Lenovo was on the plan to build an Alexa-integrated platform for virtual patient care. This voice-based communication platform facilitates users to communicate with their healthcare providers in many new and interesting ways. For example, a user can ask their Alexa-enabled device, “Alexa, inform my care coordinator that I need a driver to pick me up.” Or “Alexa, I need a prescription refilled”.

HealthTap Logo


HealthTap an interactive health organization has launched its Doctor A.I skills, with the aim of providing patients with accurate solutions for their health-related queries. This voice-controlled service can provide health suggestions according to patient’s symptoms and also connect patients straight with physicians for a live virtual discussion.

HealthTap incorporates both a consumer version of the product and an enterprise offering for hospitals, clinics, governments and insurance companies.

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Since Alexa devices are hand free, you can interact with the voice assistant even when you are busy on another task. This great advantage of Alexa serves hospitals and physicians to streamline their workflow and better manage their patients in a convenient and systematic way.

Do you want to experience the same convenience at your clinic or health center? Contact us, to build Alexa skills as per your business requirement.

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