Building an MVP App: The Key To Launch A Successful Startup

How many entrepreneurs and individuals dream of establishing a winning business with a great startup app idea? Even after spending months or even years, developing or improving their final product, they tend to fall short radically.

Up to two-thirds of the apps in the top consumer app store catalogs gets less than 1,000 downloads in their first year. The most common reason for this is they don’t converse with the potential audience to recognize how much they are interested in the product.

Directly releasing your final product would surely encounter many similar risks.

So, instead of releasing a fully-featured mobile app, you can opt for a comparatively low-cost option of building an MVP App. An MVP will save your app or website from future defeat by helping you find the risks associated with your MVP App Development cost.

What is an MVP?

MVP for startups is an adaptation of an original and basic product that allows you to gather a huge amount of validated knowledge about consumers with the slightest effort.

In simple terms, MVP means the app version with only the important features (core ones) of your future product. Such an app is made to test the app’s public appeal at a very low development budget. You can collect user feedback from the early adopters of your MVP app and later incorporate more features.

Basically, MVP product development incorporates only a core features set, good UI/UX, and standard MVP app design. It is created to demonstrate the product app idea, examine the key assumption about interactions with it, and determine customer reactions. Furthermore, its purpose is to set success criteria for the MVP application venture.

Even before we guide you on why you should opt for MVP app development, an MVP’s primary task is to develop a workable product that delivers immediate value quickly and reduces costs. Using the latest MVP can help you learn more about your target customer and the market where your company is interested.

An MVP also sets the stage for future iterations of development and clarifies the steps needed for each step. In other cases, the MVP can help to demonstrate business potential and gain stakeholders’ or crowdfunding platforms to raise funds.

A minimum viable product app development serves the best opportunity to analyze the final app-related risks. Developing an MVP mobile app is an economical approach to finding out market needs and critical issues. With an MVP startup app, you will be able to test customer behavior and ideas even ahead of completing full app development projects.

Make Earlier Funding

MVP App Development empowers you to offer a reflection of your end-to-end product to potential users. With MVP Product, you can convey helpful innovation functionally kit while assuring to bring more solutions in the future.

It is much inexpensive as compared to making the full-featured product; however, it will illustrate the market feasibility and make fund business so as to spend more on additional Website & app development.

Development Flexibility

This is the best part of the MVP mobile application. It incorporates only core features; other extra ones you decide to put in later can be modified to satisfy audience requirements or be avoided if not required.

By building a minimum viable product app, you can also acquire additional information about how your app works or what extra you can add to it in the future. Since the functionality and features of MVP are basic, the development process is quite easy and quick.

Cost Efficiency

Since the development of a full-featured product takes nearly a year, it may cost huge. Conversely, building an MVP reduces the app development cost significantly. MVP builds a fund basis and collects information in order to upgrade your product and make it better. Moreover, the MVP grants you control over product augmentation, enabling a polished user experience with each update.

Perks Of MVP App Development

Perks of MVP App Development

Why Create an MVP for Website?

Designing and developing a full-function website for your startup is surely going to cost more. MVP web development is the most viable choice if you have effective business thought but lack the budget to build a website as your brand. Your MVP business website will be the basic version of a planned website though it will address the requirements of the user and most notably help to get off the ground your startup.

Perks of Creating MVP for Website

best perks of MVP website development

How to plan a minimum viable product: A step-by-step guide

How does it become easy and inexpensive for someone just entering mobile app development if the MVP is not already known to you? A mobile app MVP helps validate a product’s idea and can guide your app features in the right way for achieving success. Tell me the meaning of everything? MVP consists in testing the product and finding the best ways to get your client to buy the product. This article is intended for beginners and provides an overview of developing an MVP.

The minimum viable mobile app development agency you hire will take care of all the steps to build an MVP solution:

1. UI/UX design

At this step, you will make a representation of how the minimum viable product should look and feel and how should be the interaction of potential users with your website.


This stage incorporates the conversion of design into code. In simple terms, the design is converted into interactive elements by coding.

3. Back-End Programming

Here you have to design databases, execute some important initial deployment scripts, and select configure back-end tools.

4. Front-End Programming

Front-end development is all about coding the part of the app and website that users see and interact with. The elements you see on screen.

5. Automation Tests

After the completion of the back-end and front-end of your MVP, certain automation tests need to be conducted so as to get rid of the greater part of bugs.

6. Manual Tests

This is the final stage of developing your MVP mobile app or website, which includes testing the flow and finishing with the bugs.

Don’t wait, take the first step in building your MVP and bring your idea to life.

What To Do After You Launch Your MVP?

After knowing how much does an MVP cost, there are three approaches you can consider post-development:

Continue Development and Perk Up

If your startup hypothesis worked out well, you could keep working on an original plan. That is – MVP application development and making improvements based on feedback and results.

Perform Amendments

If your MVP Mobile app fails to acquire enough customer satisfaction, you can try some other approaches. Finding out what’s wrong with your app at this step is quite viable.

End The Project

If an MVP Mobile apps turn your hypothesis erroneous at the root of it, your attempts to recover some functions are not going to change the fact. There may be a defect in your idea itself. Thus it is preferred to shift to other projects.

Important: Development Mistakes to Avoid While Building an MVP

The Survival of the Fittest is a fitting description of the modern digital commerce industry. Typically companies follow MVP-developing methods to evaluate the value of the product without spending too much time or resources. The development strategy must provide for preventing certain startups fail. For a MVP, however, a successful development approach must be avoided which can lead to catastrophic financial failure.

1. Confusion between qualitative and quantitative feedback

The Triangulation Method is aimed at understanding the depth of our behavior by examining it from different perspectives in order. Cohen and Manion use both quantitative feedback and qualitative methods when analyzing target user information. However, reliance or neglecting either could hinder a business from reaching a satisfactory conclusion. These two forms of user feedback are very different from each other and therefore, finding the right balance between these forms is critical for the resulting conclusion and the ability to influence logical change. Inform the design decision identified usability problems, and identify solutions.

2. Skip the prototype phase

Prototyping can be described as talking about an idea. – Tom Wujec Imagine building cars without using visual models. That’ll never happen, ok? It will be the easiest step in developing the product or service. A key component in the product design process is the conversion of the idea into a functional product or service. Between the ideas and the complete product is a prototype that focuses on the ‘how’ portion. Consider prototyping for MVPs as a means of building an MVP: a non-functional version, but a version that will help visualize users’ experiences in minimally viable products.

3. Choose the wrong problem to solve

The most important step to consider before starting to develop any product is assessing its merit. Once the business has assessed their pain at the beginning of the process they can then ask themselves the next question: Unless he aims toward all the potential customers he won’t get any. Start assembling keys for the doors. A nice key is useless without the proper door. Once you have gathered the appropriate audience, the company can easily juxtapose the problem and solution in a positive way with the answer to two of the three questions. Let’s try to put pressure on a concept.

4. Targeting the Wrong Segment of Persona

Many product failures occur when the product is not satisfying the needs of a consumer. When the company has the MVP prototype in hand, it will be tested by testing the product. At the moment, it is important to gather feedback from targeted audiences. There must be a reason for this to happen: not everyone will always be your target user. Tell no friend or neighbor to take part unless they are potential clients. It’s important that there be no irrelevant feedback that might result in a product being dropped or misrepresented.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A MVP Mobile App?

The major advantage of developing an MVP app in place of a dedicated mobile app is “the cost”. Before making any decision, you need to understand: How Much It Cost To Make A Mobile App and the factors on which the cost is calculated, then you will be able to understand the MVP app cost.

A freelance Android or iOS developer for hire would charge around $1000-1500 for two weeks in the development of the MVP app.

If you choose to hire an app development agency with a specialist, it can cost from $4000 to $6000 for two weeks, according to the scope of work. In general, the cost of MVP application development is calculated on an hourly basis.

Factors That Affect An MVP’s Cost

Best Perks of MVP app development

Why Go With A Trusted MVP Development Company?

Now a question arises: Freelancers are charging much less than established companies, so why should a person opt for MVP Product Development Company?

The answer is The higher risk factors.

You cannot trace a freelancer sitting miles away from you; you will not have any contact details, except the mobile number and maybe a Skype id. But this can’t be enough, how will you contact the person when the number is not reachable, and the Skype Id is not available?

There are many instances where freelancers disappear for months without informing. They will leave you hanging while in the middle of developing an MVP. However, a minimum viable app development agency will be more professional; even if one contact is not working, you will have details of other persons along with a registered address on the website, so there is no need to worry.

This is just one reason why you should hire a mobile app development service company instead of freelancers; the list is quite long.

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Conclusion – Go For The MVP Approach!

In order to prevent your precious business from any future failure, you must go for minimum viable product development.

Building an MVP Mobile app or website for your startup is an excellent approach to analyzing your idea, and checking the risks, and hypotheses ahead of investing in the actual full-scale product development. This has proven to be a real game-changer for many.

It is the most appropriate alternative to save money and time as well. Hence, determine to make an MVP for your startup and gear up to achieve huge business success by partnering with the best mobile app development company.

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