On Demand Dog Walking App
Accept the fact that we all are in constant search of great startup ideas and whenever we hear about a success story of any startup, it motivates us. Mobile apps are the most trending startups today with 2.8 million apps at the Google Play store and 2.2 million apps on Apple’s App Store.

The increasing popularity of on-demand apps has encouraged individuals to discover new business opportunity in their niche. These apps allow users to request service whenever they need it. Entrepreneurs are opting for on-demand food ordering app development, on-demand taxi booking development, on-demand laundry app development, on-demand package delivery, and on-demand grocery delivery.

Now, a new category is emerging “On-Demand Dog Walking App”. The app allows users to opt for dog care services like walking, grooming, and dog-sitting. If you are wondering what this category can’t be much beneficial then let me tell you an interesting fact:

Recently, On-Demand Dog Walking App “Wag” has raised $300 million from Softbank vision fund.

It all started in 2014 when Joshua Viner contacted Jason Meltzer. Jason was running a popular outfit for dog-walking when Miller discussed with him about the story of pinning for his childhood pet because of the lack of time. The discussion resulted in a popular Dog Walking Services on Demand startup: WAG.

How Does A Dog Walking App Works

Every on-demand app is the world works on the same ideology- connect needy to the contributors. The same thing works here, the app connects the dog owners with dog walkers. The dog owners can create their account and search for dog walkers in their locality. Whenever a dog walker is matched with a dog owner, both the parties will be notified. The matching will be based on their location, lifestyle, and priorities. Let’s check out the features of the app for dog owners and for dog walkers respectively.

For dog owners

search Icon

Search Option

The app should have a feature to allow the owner to look out for walker by using zip code.

In-person Meeting

The owners can contact the walkers and ask for a personal meeting to know more about the walker.

In-app Payment

A cashless payment option will be helpful to manage the process.

Real-time Scheduling

The owners can schedule the days of the week and timing when they believe that their dog needs a walk.

Reviews and ratings

True ratings will be beneficial to let the other owners know about the efficiency of the dog walker.

Dog Walkers


Portfolio creation

To showcase their abilities walkers can upload their portfolio to their profile which can be discovered by using the zip code.

Receive Requests

The owners can send requests to the walkers for their job.

Time Availability

Dog walkers can upload their availability on the calendar so that owners will be updated.

Let's Build A Dog Walking App For Your Locality.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of The Dog Walking App Development?


In-app messaging

A messaging platform will be useful for the communication; the users (owner and walkers) don’t have to share their personal details.


Dog owners can track the walker when they are out with the dog in real-time.

Push Notification

Timely alerts will be beneficial to keep the owner updated with the availability or changes in the schedule of the dog walker.

The Cost Of Developing An On-Demand Dog Walking App Like WAG

  • There must be lots of questions in your minds like
  • How much would it cost to develop an on-demand app?
  • What will be the cost of iOS dog walking app development?
  • How to calculate the cost of development of an app?

Well, the cost of app development depends on several factors like

  • What kind of app do you want to build? (Native, Hybrid or web app)
  • Kind of Functionality You Need. (API apps, simple app, multi-featured app)
  • Type of business model
  • The Approach You Choose to Build Your App ( app development company, freelancers etc)
Why don’t you try On-demand app development? You can be the next Uber or Wag. You can even build a Veterinary Telemedicine app – it is a popular startup these days.

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