How to Launch an app?

Before getting to the answer, have you ever explored the facts about app failures?

Surprisingly, after much research, we realised that 70% of the uninstalls were due to app crashes.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Moreover, the analysis performed by concludes that 94% of the users uninstall your app within 30 days from download. Also, most people are not even aware that your app exists.

Sadly, when exploring the reasons for the app’s failure, one finds common mistakes about how to launch an app  that hinders its growth and revenue.

You can plan everything right and still MISS hitting the mark, your app can be great but how to introduce the app in the market and avoid major mistakes.

Therefore, we curated these common mobile app launch mistakes to avoid. Note these reasons on a notepad, as it may seem familiar, but it can sometimes create significant hurdles for your app launch.

11 Mistakes to Avoid Before the App Launch: Read or Miss Out

Let’s understand in line what are the reasons that BLOCK your revenue.

1. Alert: Is Your Team on the Same Page?

Are you aware of that famous game? Chinese Whispers?

If you are aware of the game, you quickly get my point. You are clear about how to launch an app, but is every member working on the project through it?

Time and again, frequent meetings with the team can make bountiful benefits of a successful app development for startups and brands. Significant delays are due to mismanagement. Hence, such timely updates meetings can aid you with faster and error-free results.

2. Adding Catchy Features

Simply, ask yourself why one would be downloading your application? Look at the statistics of apps launched on the app store.

Average number of new iOS app releases per month as of November 2021.

New iOS App Releases Per Month

Source- Statista

For your app to hit the market, serve your users with something unique. Then and only then will you attract users to download your application.

Remember, with the introduction of the importance of IoT in our daily life; one can add necessary features in their application. Well, adding features that gel well with AR (Artificial Intelligence) and ML ( Machine Learning) seems to be the need of the hour.

3. Marketing Plans: Cherry on The Cake

According to a survey, 20% of the apps fail because the users have never heard of the application. Shattering to know, isn’t it?

Never underestimate the effects of marketing on the users. Many businesses assign a colossal budget to research and marketing. Solely because they are aware of its importance, they can plan smartly and avoid mobile app launch mistakes.

So how to launch an app? There are numerous ways to market your application.

Are you aware of the term ‘Viral Loop’?

Take a quick scan of the image…

Traditional and Viral Funal

Well, the image talks about the traditional funnel and viral funnel. Traditionally, marketing plans were about exposing one’s applications to an array of people. Therefore, more time, energy, and resources were wasted to market the launched application.

On the other hand, you only invest your time and resources to introduce the application to limited people with a viral funnel. So, now these people (target audience) share your application with their friends and family.

Usually, the company offers the users exciting coupons to provoke them to share with other target users.

Similarly, Podcasts, Events, Publicity stunts, Blogs, YouTube, Radio, Advertisements, Twitter, Hoardings are some of the brilliant ways to market your application.

4. Never Underestimate Colours

Most of the restaurant’s walls would be red or orange? Have you noticed?

The reason is that the colours red and orange often are related to hunger. The business courses also teach that colour plays a vital role in representing your brand image.

Your app developers did a fantastic job with your application’s colour, but your marketing campaigns chose different colours.

A big NO!

Understanding the minute details works wonders for your application. For instance, an entertainment app would always have brighter colours in its application, and Similarly, they would use the same colours in their marketing campaigns.

Colour impacts the user’s psychology; therefore, many businesses pay vital attention while choosing the colour in their marketing plans. Also, it is necessary for you to know the mobile app design trends.

5. Beta Testing: A game Changer Step

Did you perform all the vital steps for the app development process? Great!

Now, it’s time to launch your application, but wait, how many times did you test the application? Frankly, no one will use your application that has too many glitches.

Therefore, performing beta testing makes one aware of the application’s issues. For example, poor designs, security, lag issues, and much more can be found during these tests.

This step pays attention to mistakes to avoid before the app launch. Also, know about the latest mobile app frameworks to build the most intuitive apps.

Note: You can do beta testing by inviting people to test your application. Collect their feedback and make necessary changes.

6. App/ Play Store Page: A Magic Wand

The app icon gives the first impression to the users. But, the screenshots and the preview video become an essential key for gaining more downloads.

Your first two screenshots appear in the search result. This plays a significant role as if it is visually appealing to the users, and the users might be enticed to look for more screenshots.

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7. A seamless Landing Page of Your Application

Your application might work on the desktop but might not work on mobile phones. Sounds funny, isn’t it?

You create the landing page from your desktop. But your users are using all kinds of devices like mobile phones, tablets, Kindle, and many others. Hence, make sure to check your app’s landing page on all devices.

8. Create a Promotional Video- Bring your Idea to Life

The best channel to reach your target audience is by making a promotional video, and it’s a shorter and best way to convey your messages to your users.

On top of it, this video can be embedded on your social media page, landing page, and even you can attach the link in your promotional emails.

Instead of writing long messages explaining the aim of your application, this can be an intelligent way to reach them. However, make sure that the video length is one- minute or shorter as people avoid watching lengthy videos.

9. Define Metrics for your App- Monetization to Loyalty

Feedbacks throw light on the loopholes of your application. Positive feedback spreads the word in the app market, and your downloads get a boost. On the flip side, negative feedback does the same but reduces your app downloads.

Therefore, during the initial stage of launching your application, make sure to take care of these points. Start working on solving the issues as soon as possible.

  • Rating of application.
  • % of customer engagement
  • App’s uninstall
  • Message Quality
  • Return on Ad Spend

Thankfully, knowing this figure at the earlier stage of app development aids you in making necessary changes.

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10. App Maintenance – Always Stay Ahead in the Race

With the advancement of technology, new features, designs, technology and marketing strategy have to be updated timely. You might lose your current users as your app doesn’t support the latest technology.

So, it’s vital to timely update your application. An experienced and highly profiled app development company provides these facilities. So even when you reach the top of the charts, keep updating your app and never stop creating the buzz.

TIP – Use the tactics as described for eCommerce App Design and Website UI to increase your sales and make your ecommerce customers complete the checkout swiftly.

11. Feedbacks – A medicine of App’s Ache

With the tough competition in the app market, it’s vital to stay connected with your audience. Simply, to gain the trust of your users, reply to their queries.

When your users write a negative review on your application, try to respond and quickly resolve their issue. Well, this way, you won’t start losing on users who have already installed your application.

Well, these are some of the points that you should keep in mind while launching your application. The best strategies can aid you to win in the app market.

Ideas are everywhere. An app idea can make you earn millions. But again, you need to execute every step correctly and avoid the pre-launch app mistakes. It’s shattering to know that most of the best ideas that could have earned fortunes fail in the market.

Also, it’s essential to connect with the right app development company as they are well aware of the market scenarios and mobile app development trends. The app development company knows the development process and which marketing plan best suits your application.

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